The Energy Of Change — Gaia News Brief 21 December 2015 by Reiki Doc

Sometimes Change Is Good
This is how we think of change–for example, the tire needs to be exchanged for a new one, so the automobile can continue to run.  For a race car driver, it is important for this to be done as swiftly as possible, by experts on their team, in order to win the race.
What we have here is 1) something commonly understood   2) something being changed to continue working in the paradigm of ‘modern life’  and 3) something readily transparent every step of the way.
It’s not painful in the least, and welcome, as a low-risk, possibly expensive but ‘worth it’ change.
The value is apparent to all.
Another Type Of Change
This too, is a type of change that is ‘obvious’ to everyone who looks at the picture. Pollution is bad. Rainbows are good.
Everyone chooses the rainbow when confronted with a possibility for change that is as obvious as this, right?
Not necessarily.
What if it is a new mother, who knows in her heart the damage due to disposable diapers in landfills, yet is in conflict because her own mother used disposable diapers on her, and they are ‘clean’ and ‘less messy’ and ‘more convenient’ than the kind you launder at home?
It’s a tough call, isn’t it?
Sometimes the promise of rainbows, and the clear need to change, isn’t something that ‘just happens’; sometimes we need to closely examine our beliefs, and perhaps, make an effort that is uncomfortable for us, but in a way, what is best for the group as a whole.
Please Save Us
Many, many-many-many-many-many people who are ‘welcoming and accepting the energies of the Higher Realms’ are secretly, in their heart, wishing someone would make the changes for them, all at once, with Grace and Ease.
As humans in our social ‘experiment’ which has been created by ‘those who build and do not have our best interest at heart’–we have been CONDITIONED to stand in line, to wait, to pay for just about everything that is needed to live…and we look to an AUTHORITY to ‘fix it’.
From the tenant to the landlord when the roof leaks, which is a common business deal, to the customer and the server who brings the food we eat, to the person like me who is having serious issues with the walls and cracks in her home–we look to someone who knows the situation, and what to do about it…the ‘expert’…does this make sense?  If you have a problem, throw money at it, and the problem will go away, isn’t that right?
In the first case, the tenant doesn’t understand how leaks happen, and will never really push to figure it out, or to try to fix it. They don’t want to know. And that’s why they pay rent in the first place.
In the second, perhaps someone is unwilling or unable to cook for themselves, but…he doesn’t think once about the possibly deplorable working conditions the servers and cooks endure to bring them that affordable plate of food to satisfy their hunger.
And for me, after having had MANY ‘experts’ come to the home, all of whom reaching the agreement that ‘yes, there is movement’ and ‘it is settling’–no one would be willing to make the call on how to fix it.   I was dealing with something as a trained engineer myself–who is well accustomed to the laws of physics–I couldn’t ‘see’.  I felt blind in every way, and totally powerless. I was at the mercy of geologic forces on the structure of my home.
Yesterday I did. I figured it out. And it make a huge world of difference.
Now I get to explain it to Anthony.
Anthony thinks the house is safe.  Anthony is ten. Anthony is in denial.
There is no way in his mind that anyone could A) build on shoddy ground and sell it, B) know the house is moving but lie about it in order for me to buy it  and C) have changes happen so slow they are almost imperceptible.
We had the house shift when we were downstairs, like a mini-earthquake, and the entire structure above us rattled. This was the first time.
He rationalized it was the worker next door, slamming something really hard.
Anthony has no concept the entire structure could fall if it is unstable.
To him, I am just a nag, telling him things he doesn’t want to hear, and he just wants to focus on the holidays and deal with it ‘later’.  He said, ‘to be honest mom, I really don’t like coming home to you these days because all you talk about is the house, and it’s really annoying.’
He’s only known of this for about five days now. And although he sees the cracks, he is like, ‘mom? I know, I know…can we just talk about something else?’
It’s difficult, to be in a situation where you understand more than someone else, and you both were complacent–hoping for the best, or the problem would go away–and then one wakes up, isn’t it?
It wasn’t until last night we had our first conversation that was on the same basic level of understanding as to what is going on. Why our safety is worth the expense and disruption. And I spelled out for him our plan A, our plan B, our plan C…he is open to ‘downsizing’…and even suggests a neighborhood for us to live.

Disruptive Change

I have been through hell on this house.

Ross has been marginally supportive (he’s laughing over my phrase I just coined for him–ed)

I couldn’t understand it.

I experienced the dark night of the soul, a thousand fears from many, many, many a lifetime that are buried in my little ‘flight recorder’ of ‘soul memories’ which I cannot access except through my emotional body and feelings.

I, too, have been through steps A, B, C as for Anthony above.

I have struggled with that I couldn’t ‘see’–only the changes but not the ‘process’–which affect just about everything from my finances, to where I live, and all my belongings, and furthermore my free time to enjoy the things I want to do.

When the house is set, and the work hours are as long as mine, you can go and have fun.

When the house is a disaster, and the work hours are the same, you are a slave in every way, shape, and form–always working–as you struggle to contend with the house.

And as you heal, deep within, and learn new things:

  • it’s only a house–and this is Illusion–our real home is UP, outside of the physical ‘reality’
  • it might be something better, for example, Ross has a gift he wants for me, something more ‘suitable’ for my lifestyle, kind of like the new cage he told me to buy for Harry a few years back.
  • there is time, and no rush to deal with things, even if they are pressing. Fear and panic will not help.
  • there are helpful people in your path.
But the most important lesson of all?
Thank you for the air I breathe, for the bathroom in my house that works, for my pets and family…
Thank you for my health, which may be worse than it was when I was twenty, but is still good compared to when I will be ninety-eight…
Thank you for my loved ones.
Thank you for the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree–it’s a complete replica of the one in the cartoon, and fake–we could use for our ‘tree’ this year, to save money and time.  To be honest, this living room is so crowded with the drum set there is no room for a tree. So this little one is on the ottoman between the sofa and the chairs, so we may place presents.
Thank you for the lights and decorations Anthony and I put up–which are free, almost, because we already own them…and for the festive feelings, and memories…to connect us Now to Christmas Past.
Sometimes it takes perception TIME to come around to seeing how ‘marginally supportive’ is ‘educational’ in some way that DOESN’T hurt–after the breakthroughs and realizations of the Higher Realms transcend through us, through a stormy and painful step by step processing with our emotional body in which to ANCHOR this understanding to our soul…
Here We Are
The last few weeks have been emotional turmoil for me, because all of my ‘security’, my mental, emotional, financial, and physical–all of what helps me to navigate my life in 3D–has been stripped away.
I have been working my ‘lesson’ until I needed anesthetic for my SOUL–and rest–then getting back to it again–working as hard as a soul can possibly work, to bring this example, and this Fully Conscious realization to you.
I lay it at your feet, like a dog, with a stick.
I am not going to fetch it.
You are not going to throw it, to me.
You are going to have the courage and strength, to go forth, and experience YOUR personal loss of ‘that which is stable’ in YOUR life–the health, the finances, whatever….and as you work YOUR lesson, will one day bring your stick to share with me.
Here is the example I would like to set before you–Frater Pio of the order near us, who sat next to me on the plane ride back–is very ‘plugged in’ to ‘what has been told to him’.  Spiritually, he is lulled into a sense of ‘what is right’, and although he openly acknowledges that in Canada where the last few years of training has been–the curriculum is decided by the country of Canada and NOT the Church or the Order!–it’s the peace of the whole process that makes giving up his cell phone and personal life ‘worth it’…
But what is going to happen when he and all his brothers learn that the Church is just as ‘built’ by the very same ‘builders’ who also created ‘One World Tower’?!
His world is going to fall apart with all the pain and suffering because just like me with my home–I invested time and money into it in exchange for the ‘security’ of owning my own house.
And for him, it’s going to be even WORSE because he didn’t ‘see that one coming’.
How do I know?
He entertained angels unawares, playing the card game Uno with Anthony and me–and never once having an idea who we actually are!!  His vibration is way outside the ‘bandwidth’ that is needed to ‘figure that one out’ on a soul level, through claircognizance…
Does this make sense?
So…as you look around, and as you work your way through YOUR struggles, try to imagine what is going to happen next, when the likes of Frater Pio, your extended family, your coworkers…start to ‘figure it out’ about the ‘builders’, about the lies and deception that has been put into basically EVERYTHING…
I want to leave you with the general concept that TRUTH is coming out.  I know for my house, it is.
I know for another, who can’t afford a washing machine–and had to tell the family about it, that what was not ‘hidden’ but ‘not exactly in plain sight and openly transparent’ about the family finances is coming to the surface. The children are surprisingly supportive and understanding, too.
So…watch for your own ‘dark night of the soul’, and hang in there, working every drop of the lesson you can, until it’s at least making sense to you enough to deal with it and gain the knowledge from the lesson…
Watch for the ‘truth coming out’ in little ways, and gauge your own response to it, and other’s response, and act accordingly.
Edit down your ‘world’ mentally, to ‘what is important’…be ready to let go of the rest. Even if your physical body, at some point, is something to ‘let go of’–in order to enjoy the new bodies which are promised us from Heaven, the ones like Ross and Ashtar have, the perfect bodies that never get sick and die…
There you have it.
From a ‘marginally supportive’ husband…to you  (he laughs…ed…and he flashes a picture to you of me yesterday, limping and leaning on him to help me cross the finish line, just like two soldiers in battle where one carries the other…because I was so exhausted from my learning efforts. It’s true, and that’s how I survived the last twenty-four hours, just doing what Ross said, and leaning on him with everything I’ve got in my heart and soul…ed)
(he laces his fingers together in front on him, and sets them on the table in front of where he sits, and he looks at you. He looks at you with the eyes of Braco–you might want to look that one up, Braco the healer who looks at you–and doesn’t say a word. There is an air of expectation…patience…subtle challenge to inspire you to do what you were sent here to do….your Life Purpose is going to be kicking in ‘high gear’ as he calls it.–ed)
I want you to do your best.
And if you fall, I or any or my coworkers will emotionally help you, carrying you like with did with Carla here.
Her problem with her house isn’t over. But at least she UNDERSTANDS the steps that are needed, and as she puts it, ‘Anthony, I am going to include you just enough so that one day out of the blue you own’t have me saying ‘let’s move!’ and ‘we’re moving!’…
We want you to be part of the process. Your process. And ours, the awakening of humanity, who is sleeping.
Some people say it is wiser to ‘let sleeping dogs lie’…but..what if the house is on fire? Does it warrant the risk of waking them?
Energetically, for all of surface Gaia who ‘rests’ or ‘deeply is slumbering in the Illusion’–I and my party where I sit, have LITERALLY scorched the Earth on the ‘reality’ of ‘everything that has been constructed by Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart’.
(he leans back–ed)  I pulled the trigger.
Everything will crumble. It is just as tenuous as the strength of Carla’s house. They are trying to repair what they built, to shore it up–the ‘builders’.
I can assure you, unlike Carla’s home–nothing that they attempt is going to work on this one, the situation.
And everything is going to arrive after all the reactions with the emotional bodies of humanity–to a place of comfort, nurturing, warmth, love and compassion.
YOU are the flight attendants. You are on the same flight, and experience the turbulence that they are–the entire plane is jumping!–, but have the knowledge to interpret the ‘put on your seatbelt’ light when it is turned on, and assist everyone in your section, to make sure it is low and tight, and functioning, and sit down to ride it out yourself.  You are going to know just enough of the ways of spirit to give the people ‘what to expect’ and ‘that is it okay’ and ‘often a common experience in flight’…
(he taps the console next to him, his ship–ed)  At least not when you are flying something like this. (he smiles–ed)  You will work your way up to it! (he winks! –ed)
Aloha and Mahalos,
Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple
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