My Gift To You — Gaia News Brief 23 December 2015 by Reiki Doc

The PreAmble

Today’s Reiki Healing is about nourishment.

Man does not live by bread alone.

So together, we sent out Healing in the form of what the soul needs, what is important to body, mind and soul…whatever that may be.

For me, later in the day, it was a cup of organic herbal tea after a vegan meal for lunch.

It was also having extra time to buy and wrap gifts (more on that later)…

And finally getting someone to listen about the concerns over the safety of my home.

Shopping With Ross

He planned it!

He planned the entire day, I could tell! It was an absolute total surprise!

He told me what mall to go.

For Anthony and I, there are new pajamas to wear on Christmas.  He selected them.

For me, long needed new underwear from Victoria’s Secret. I only get the five for twenty-something. It’s been years since I’ve been.

For Ross, he asked for two odd things, both quirky and romantic.

First, he wanted a pair of socks that were ridiculously UGLY.  Then he wanted a similar pair for Anthony.  (I also found on sale the holiday socks for Anthony, and also, a pair like my old ‘lucky socks’ I wore for all my tests through High School, College and Medical School…even my boards!).

Second, he wanted a fragrance for him.

He told me to buy the smallest bottle. I saw a four sample size set from Calvin Klein.  But it didn’t ‘feel’ right. Why would he want four? I paused, and contemplated what to do next.

Some fragrance lady came out of nowhere to help. The right one is a new release, brand new, and I loved the scent. I tried two, and the one that was newest was the best. I picked with my nose.

It’s name?

Eternity Now.

Ross wants me to feel him close to me, and smell it.

I bought a lot of other very small gifts for Anthony, and wrapped them up, each with a bow. I wrapped for a solid hour.

And you know what?

Ross was really ‘into’ experiencing this Christmas gift thing. To him, the writing names, and wrapping, was really ‘neat’.  Something exciting. Something to them up where he is, totally ‘fresh’ and ‘new’.

I started writing just ‘to Ross’ or ‘to Carla’ or ‘to Anthony’ on them. But later, it was both ‘to’ and ‘from’ and he REALLY liked that a lot. Those little tags that stick on with the TO and FROM already written.

He even surprised me with a special gift–a luminary ‘candle’ holder for tea lights, that says, ‘Too Sassy’ with a little heart on it. ❤ It came with free tea lights. I picked the scent Vanilla-Orange ❤

I love it.

Update on the House

Today has even more cracks.  The plan is in effect. I just wait to see if the home is a safety risk or not.

Wrapping It Up

I told Anthony all the wrapping stuff was out because ‘he needed to wrap his father’s presents and I got all the stuff out for him’. LOL ; )

He bought it.

Anyhow, I enjoyed teaching him how to wrap the gifts.

Together we took care of his dad’s family.

He confessed although now he knows about Santa, he’s okay with it that people give the gifts anyway to each other, and how Christmas with ‘Santa’  is for little kids. He’s not as bitter, and he is enjoying getting to know people well enough to buy them their gifts.

I was surprised at how much I had squirreled away for people. I only have two to buy for. Actually three. And it’s gift card things.

Of note, I gave my sitter a Ross and Carla bracelet–she is grieving her mom this Christmas and I told her it will soothe. It will. Linda Dunn’s bracelets are designed by Ross and me. They are unisex. A rhodochrosite is flanked by two sterling silver beads, and the rest is smokey quartz. They are very affordable, and are gentle ‘awakeners’ to support the wearer’s energy as they Ascend.  It smoothes out the ‘bumps’ from all the cleaning and releasing. I highly recommend it.

I also gave a special one to Brian, who is experiencing great difficulty over the loss of vision in one eye due to a retinal tear. It was Italian marble, that’s it, and is very healing for him.

Tomorrow is an early day., I will go.


Our gift to you is a happy life.

We offer Healing 24/7 at Team Doctors With Reiki, a closed group, but anyone may join. An administrator will let you in.  It’s free.

We offer two healings a day, Reiki and Divine Peace Healing, to anyone who ever reads these words or follows us online at any of our websites.  This is 365 days a year.  And also free.

For those of you who wish to experience more, we have the Lady Gaia Sophia Study Hall–for people who demonstrate a strong interest in exploring their spirituality in a safe, supportive setting online.  Tuition is ten dollars a month, and to have your application considered it is a one time ten dollar fee to have it processed.

Online, we have our own youtube channel, 77picklehead, with a variety of keys and attunements which are available to all.

Included are both Galactic Reiki and Agarthan Reiki, each one new to surface Gaia.  (The attunement to the first is available through myself and one other incarnate Archangel. The second is available only through me. Both are free, and attunement is by distance, unless I am in the area, so I may do it in person.–ed)

Then there are the Divine Healing Codes, which speak for themselves.

At Doctors With Reiki, every day is Christmas!

We want you to enjoy life in the Higher Realms.

And when Ascension is getting you down?  Try a stop in our refreshing Spa 5D, an online group for loving support and open discussion. Advanced souls may request to join this closed group.

We wish you the best for a powerful 2016!  And every blessing we can possibly give, we continue to sent to support you in your efforts and enrich your daily life.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc couple
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I am not only a single mom but also a sirian starseed and a lightwarrior, incarnated on Earth for this time to help Gaia and Humankind during Ascension. I know my true origins, that I am the true incarnations of Lady Maria and Archangel Gabrielle. As my beloved Twin Flame said in his message, the time for me to be hidden is over.

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