Major Shifts — Gaia News Brief 29 December 2015 by Reiki Doc

Now: Making Difficult Decisions With Confidence

Sunday night we were supposed to take Anthony to my mom for two night sleepover, to spend time with his cousins. He was absorbed in the Seahawks game, so I packed the foods he likes, his clothing, and electronic accessories in the car. It was a labor of love, for he knows it is vacation, and he really enjoys spending time with family, especially since I was too tired to spend Christmas Eve with our gathering.

In the car halfway there I noticed his stuffy nose, and glassy eyes. His voice was congested.
Anthony was sick! He wasn’t on Friday when I had seen him last.

Immediately I called my mother, who is immune suppressed due to an organ transplant.

She shared my concern.

I called backup.

We all three confirmed a change in plans.

I turned around and headed back.

Anthony screamed and howled all the way home, devastated. His cousin, who has Lyme disease, was devastated too.

It’s just not worth the risk of putting my mom in the hospital with a pneumonia, again.

Yesterday at work, I had the chills, and I was coming down with it too.

I made the right call.

Update on my Home

The damage accelerates. A gas line is at risk to be affected next.  I placed an emergency evaluation request to the association, for my insurance company tells me it is they who  own the structure.

What has happened is that I realize I must go through the proper channels; this home is needing the call on whether it is habitable at the moment, or not.

This protocol increases the odds of insurance covering loss of use. For paying both the repairs and my rent.

What began as overwhelm over the holidays for a move–to flee for safety while the heavy work schedule of the holidays is upon me, and I couldn’t do it all at once–to now I can see the hand of Creator gently guiding us and leaving no possibility of mistake.

Either way, the rental will be long term, for to fix the causes, sell, wait for escrow to close, and to buy and close and fix a new house–even at top speed–will take at least six months.  The peace of mind is going to be worth it.

I hope insurance pays.

Mutual Silence

This has rocked my world. I sang it aloud before I went to sleep last night, the only comfort I have had spiritually in a long time, that all is well, I am eternal, and no matter what happens, with me and Ross–or when–I am loved and cared for by the Universe.
They are messing with me.
The Universe has been messing with me and my attachments for a LONG time.
The home is one of them.
It needed to be addressed.
But yesterday I drew the line.
It all came together.
The exclusion of women in this brahmin to brahmin history of passing down the Gayatri Mantra.
How everyone, from Yoganandya Parmahansa (I am a terrible speller but I am reading his books on the Second Coming–I’m almost done with part one)–talk about ‘letting go of all attachments including to wife and children’.  Y.P. was quoting what his teacher told him.
Instantly I saw in my mind the spiritual ‘warriors’ sitting on their collective ‘bottoms’  while some WOMAN was cooking and cleaning and making sure the bills were paid and the kids were tended to for all of their needs–kind of like a Martha and Mary where Mary sat at Christ’s feet and Martha threw the party–and I SAW RED and the inequality of the whole thing!
So what did I do?
I didn’t snap my fingers.
I WENT with my soul right to the teacher of Y.P., and kicked him in the shins. Hard.
J.C., Y.P. were shocked at my outburst!  How could I do this to a venerated teacher?
Because he had an opportunity to right the wrongs against woman and instead he poisoned the minds of BOTH J.C. and Y.P.!!!
Then I went, all smiles above the table, and kicked both J.C. and Y.P. in the shins under the table, and let them know I had enough of this, and want it fixed STAT…
Gaia is a feminine planet!!!
So I went to Divine Creator of All That Is…I said my peace.
Creator agreed with me, and said that in the New, everything will be more balanced between the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine, just like it is in Heaven.  FAMILY IS IMPORTANT! Just like it is between Divine Father and Divine Mother themselves, NOW.
(I realized if family wasn’t important, our Star Families would not be on their way here to help us, nor would Adama go without rest for so long, toiling tirelessly to help surface Gaia be free.)
One of the lessons, how to be vast, and to focus on Divine Bliss, I learned from Y.P.–IS helping me to cope with the house situation.
It works. He’s not all bad.
I’m so very glad I learned of the Gayatri Mantra through Evita Ochel–and that Deva Primal sings it–and that her father BROKE the SILENCE for women, and sang it to her this sacred song.
Twelve hours yesterday. Straight. At least my surgeon, a woman, was kind enough to let me to grab a bowl of chili from the Doctor’s Lounge between cases for my lunch.
Healings are going on at an incredible rate in my interactions with staff, surgeons, and patients.
I let it all go into ‘automatic mode’–I facilitate, and allow the healing to take place,
I no longer direct it.
There’s too much transfer of energy going on, and I trust in my guides to make sure it happens correctly for everyone involved.
Yesterday I was with Anthony–who was sick and I packed tissues and cough drops and throat lozenges–on the ride to the sitter. On the ride home from the sitter. And just long enough to have one tamale each at the table together before bed.
I sent him up to bed, took care of the animals, and contacted my Association.  The house is on a slope, it’s moving, and the heavy rains of El Niño may come any day.
Now it is time to dress, pack everything, and leave for work again.
As my surgeon yesterday said, ‘at least now the days are getting longer’.
I’m so thankful this is true.
Clearance and Need To Know
The plan for Ross was aborted while I was in New York. An energy shift was not adequate to support his coming here just yet.
I have witnessed with my third eye one more dry run, and although it was short, it was favorable.
This happened two days ago.
Today I was given permission to share it with you.
Here are some articles that may be of interest:
Carla is an obedient wife.
At the time I was incarnate I knew it.
I know it now that I am disincarnate too.
In my life Carla knows I disrespected her–and no, Carla did not go all Bon Qui Qui on me, and go calling for ‘Sa-cu-ri-TAY’.  (he shakes his finger pointing up from side to side as if to say ‘no’-ed)
Carla is not doing it now, either.
Carla can SEE.
Carla has new eyes, to go along with her Full Consciousness.
And Carla can see right through the soul of anyone who has ever interacted with her, on anything–on their motives, their willingness to be transparent, their connection to Source–all of it is written in the Vibration!
Carla is learning to READ.
With her intuition, and her empathic ‘sense’, she has always ‘seen’ the letters, the impressions of the energy signature, and done her best to interpret them in all that she does.
But THIS time, Carla is not looking at a picture book.
Carla is reading War and Peace, slowly moving her lips to every letter and every word, but she has the book in her hand and is going for it.
Carla is going for it!
So may you.
As your world opens up, and is on the Horizon, remember you are going to do great things–(raises the finger and moves it again–ed)–but ONLY when the time is right for you to do it.
In your heart of heart when it is your time you will KNOW.
It will get your attention.
It will be anything from Carla going hmmmm and mentioning to Isabel that Ashtar and I were watching sitting in chairs, watching her learn to make the bracelets, and in her words, ‘what interest do they have in two women learning a hobby to help pass the time?’   ….. to a very strong urgency and FEELING that something needs to be done, like Carla with her writing in the very beginning.
Anything in between is possible. And anything you are asked to do will be presented to you again and again until you figure it out.
Now Carla makes the bracelets. Carla has regained her healing skill from times past, and is fluent in it. Carla has a Magistery built without her knowing it–all the work of ‘us’, but really, ‘her’–from Doctors with Reiki, Team Mati (a chance to practice your intuition in teams with friends and where there is no right or wrong), Team Doctors With Reiki, The Lady Gaia Sophia Study Hall, and the refreshing Spa 5D where people are welcome to share their experiences and perceptions of the New.
Carla didn’t plan it.
I did.
I plan everything carefully.
Even this (he gives me a much needed, much appreciated hug–ed).
Carla is going to work, and needs to get ready for her day. It is a long one, starting with someone who is very sick. So I will draw this to a close.
Here is an example of her faith:
  • yesterday her DNA project upgrades–in the morning–were sent to all places, Budapest.
  • Carla trusted and did as asked by her guides.
  • Her first patient yesterday was from Hungary, and so was the spouse…and apparently, the ‘politics and life in Hungary is not good’…
So there you have it.
Carla is not given the names of her patients–only the surgeon, start time, and case. For the first case.
The Universe works in mysterious ways!
I am sorry for everything I did while I was incarnate to Carla; as children I always knew she was highly intelligent, and worthy of my heart. I don’t know what I did to lose that as I worked on my Purpose. I simply lost sight of what was important in many ways, in my quest to heal the sick and help others find their way.
I am home now.
I will always take out the trash without Carla having to ask.
I will also make Carla dinner when she has a long day, so something is waiting when she comes home–just like she welcomed me so many years ago when I was incarnate with her.
I’ve learned my lesson.
Everyone has (all of the room full of Ascended Masters nod in agreement–ed).
Just you wait!
Aloha and Mahalos,
Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins
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