Change — Gaia News Brief 30 December 2015 by Reiki Doc

Be the change you wish to see in the world.

We’ve all heard that one.

Today is the first day I heard how my change is influencing others at my work.

‘Dr. (me)’ a pre-op nurse took me aside by the elbow, ‘I’d like to speak to you.’

She had heard from the surgeon who wrote Conquering Cancer, that I am a Reiki Master, and she wants to learn more. ‘What IS Reiki?’ she asked?  I guided her to Doctors With Reiki, my Facebook page. She was very interested. She shared how she went to Agape church in L.A. somewhere, and her experience. She FELT something. And she wants to know why she’s drawn to Rose Quartz, and showed me her bracelet.

Ladies and gentleman, this woman is waking up.

She is starting to get these experiences and wanting to know what to do about it.

And I am there for her. This makes four who would like to learn Reiki 1 at my work. Although I haven’t taught in two years, I just may consider it.

This isn’t the only change.

There”s more. There is change going on as we speak, and I welcome it because I want the other person’s happiness more than my own. Someone I know and love has a chance to go Home. For the first time I am like, ‘Next time they offer it to you, TAKE it! Save yourself, and don’t worry or think about us!’.

That’s HUGE as in HUUUUUUGE change on my part, within.

Yet another change is talking to someone at my work, kind of like the cubicle to cubicle ‘shhhh!’ talk. There is great disparity in our anesthesia group. Everyone is nice to your face, but many are all about number one.  There is no plan for the future of the group, no direction, only very old school to staff the cases and get the work done. But, as the doc summarized it, ‘sometimes the bad you know is better than the one you don’t’.

I told this doctor that the only thing that’s really happened in the last six years here, is that I finally stopped thinking this treatment had something to do with me, that there was something wrong with me. I realized it’s not me, it’s THEM, and it’s not my fault any of it. It is, and I can decide what to do about it, but it would be happening to anyone in my position.

I have the Gayatri Mantra in my head, 24/7 now.  It helps when things aren’t going well at work. I had someone almost die (blood pressure systolic was 40–I kid you not) and I worked hard through the whole case to keep the patient perfusing vital organs.

I almost got exposed to a prion disease, like a Mad Cow, but fortunately, the protocol book for the hospital is really thick, and just caused a cancellation. I’ve done it once, a brain biopsy on one of those ‘catchy’ diseases that are very slow. There is a protein that they can’t destroy with heat used in normal cleaning. So…everything must be disposed after use. Everything goes straight to the incinerator. All the surgical instruments of steel. All of my equipment. They put paper all over the walls of the operating room. Then they take it off and everything sits in contact with bleach for three hours after.

I spoke about the decision to proceed with the surgeon, and what impact would that have on care. I recommended since the prognosis is poor, to have discussion with the family about palliation, and perhaps to get the ethics committee involved.

We also had a case cancellation due to surgical integrity. The scrub tech found that the instrument had not been taken apart properly before cleaning, it was a ‘loaner’ set, not our own–so these things happen–but a huge blood clot was inside from another patient. The tech told the nurse, who told administration/management. We delayed for two hours, and got rid of all the set up (instruments, drapes) while the dirty instrument was cleaned properly and sterilized again.

This meant I had no compensation while I was at work from noon until four. I wanted to go home. But a colleague wouldn’t do the case and let me go home. I accepted this, called my sitter and Anthony. I met the patient. Guess what? A college had done all of the orders and the pre-op evaluation–and had never ONCE seen the patient! They hadn’t met. This is possible with computerized medical records–except for the history and examination. With the computer, you can ‘guess, sign the draft, and update it later. It was awkward at the beside for a moment there…

So I went home!

Here’s another change–Anthony had plans. He wanted to eat here, go with me to the post office (the parcel drop bin was broken, I have to go back tomorrow when it’s open in the main area), then to exercise! I did just enough, and to be honest, it felt REALLY good to be in exercise clothes and at the gym dribbling a basketball. I made the first five shots in a row!

Here’s the last change–wait, let’s make it the next to last!–I saw a bunch of 5’s, and I also had some unusual connections to Australia, and to Budapest, of all places recently. I couldn’t understand why I was working so hard on the day before Christmas Eve. I was in desperate need of sleep, and had to skip my plans. Well…guess what? Alexandra was working again. This is the real deal

Well, THAT explains things! And the message from Adama ❤

The last change, is within myself, on some very deep levels. Ross and I did a gazing session with one another, for the deepest soul healing between us as a Twin pair. I recalled the truth. How I was treated by the crowds, and the neighbors. Remember how a prophet isn’t respected in his hometown? Think about the wife who is left behind while he travels to the other towns that will listen to him.


It won’t happen again. But it was a total nightmare in every way, with no husband to protect me.

I think the foundation, and MY foundation of my soul, have been shifting and unstable for a long time. Now it is shored up.

My house still has the cracks in it. And we had a 4.6 earthquake not far from where I live. The house shook! Side to side!  But guess what? There were no new cracks. It didn’t fall! The gas line didn’t leak. My mom and Anthony said, ‘what if it put everything into the right place again?!’  It’s happened once already with an earthquake at Easter in 2013 or 2014…a door that stuck got fixed!  So the plan is still–see if home passes inspection, determine long range plans, talk with those who are in the know, the experts, and make a decision.

Then go for it!


I taught here. At this place in this photo. That was a long time ago, a very long time ago.

Now for today it is Carla who teaches us.


Divine Father.

Divine Mother.

And You.

All of us are equal, all five of us–we are souls, and we each have powerful lessons.  It is like playing ‘classroom’ when someone takes a turn at being the teacher, then the student.

What I have learned is how important it is to Carla that people know I am her partner and friend. Carla was stopped in the hall by a man who fixes the equipment in the hospital. He was very fond of her, and has since married someone who looks like Carla very much, and is Italian. Although he would have liked it to have Carla show an interest in him, back at the time he was interested in her, alas it was not meant to be (he puts his hands up and shrugs as if you both know it wasn’t an ‘accident’–Ross didn’t want it–lol ed)

He asked Carla about her ‘top secret spy guy’ and how the relationship was going. Carla was honest and said, ‘it’s all about the timing’ and gestured with her hands like it’s really complex. Her friend asked, ‘Is he the ONE?’ and Carla at once both blushed and smiled, and said, ‘I’m good!’

I saw her. In her heart.

Carla is very tired of dodging and hedging and trying to show she has a commitment to my heart (you should have seen Gianna notice her wedding band–as if it was new!–Carla has worn this as a sign between us for most of the year. The actual ring was inherited by Carla, as her mom got it from her Nana Angelina in 1967, and Nicki wore it most of Carla’s childhood.  It is a beautiful gold band, some of you have seen it. So–when people ask, Carla says the story. But for those who are in the know, it is between me and her, and Carla and I are very happy.

Well how to explain this?

For the first time in her heart today, I saw Carla’s anguish in how difficult an inter dimensional relationship is to explain. Some of you have disincarnate twins, Ming from Reiki Fur Babies with her Phillip being the most prominent, along with Isabel and her two twins (read the book in order to find out–the one available through kindle and is written by Golden Star )…

It’s coming.

The time for change is set.

It’s also time for Carla to get her life back on track, and spend more time doing things that give her pleasure…from her artwork, to her bracelet-making, to teaching, to embroidery, to reading just for fun…to hiking, to enjoying her family, to spending time with me (he touches his chest and smiles-ed)–it’s arrival is imminent!

I want you to look at your life, and understand the change that is taking place right under your nose! And how your future world is going to transform, in 2016.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple
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