Less is More — Gaia News Brief 4 January 2016 by Reiki Doc

Yesterday was one of those days where  you just stay in your pajamas and veg out for Anthony. It’s been three weeks off from his routine, and he wanted to squeeze every inch of it out before he goes back.

I let him.

I realized when I was not ‘awakened’, I used to get myself sick to be able to do this. To lie in bed, and to heal.

Healing is important.

He apologized to me at the end of the day, and I turned it around, and thanked him for doing this before he got sick and needed to stay home. Sometimes deep relaxation and nurturing are important.

I, on the other hand, have experienced a clearing of sorts in the last four days–which for me in my busy practice at work is like four weeks! LOL.

On New Year’s Eve  afternoon, I cleaned the refrigerator, every surface, every drawer, and threw out anything that was expired.

It was liberating!

Anthony was astonished at the results! (can you read between the lines when I say I am a busy mom? LOL)

Yesterday I put away all the Christmas ornaments and decorations, taking care to keep what I like and to toss the rest. Our garbage can is full. I swept the front and the garage, too. And also planted some flowers, darling little primroses, because it looks bare and needs some color.

I needed time to ‘get my life in order’, at least the parts I could! LOL. There are still cracks, there’s still the gas line , there’s a lot of inner strength I am going to need to tap into, as I face the Association.

The only thing that has changed, I can explain, is my sense of gratitude just about went up an order of magnitude. I went to sleep giving thanks for everything and everybody, even my people I will work with today, and the patients too.

It will be long, but not overnight.

Anthony’s team won, by the way, It was a blowout and they stopped televising it right after the halftime. It was touted for the other team to win and not show mercy to Anthony’s team.

At dinner–which was all our leftovers from the weekend heated up in the oven–I gently asked Anthony what he thought about Ross and the game?

Remember, Ross had TOLD him to TiVO it the day before?

Anthony couldn’t make the connection; he couldn’t figure if Ross helped or Ross saw the future.

Anthony didn’t even think to thank Ross!  He just sort of mumbled, and kept eating, but Ross was at HIS place setting and very pleased.

He is so very loving, Ross, and a good father too.

I think this is the ‘ice’ where the breakthrough in mass consciousness is going to have to ‘thaw’ a bit.

Remember we are ‘mind controlled’ –even though we don’t think it, we have been born through generations of ancestors in 3D, and what we think is ‘normal’–‘media broadcast entertainment’ and ‘the music industry’, ‘the fashion industry’ and ‘the film industry’–heck, even income taxes weren’t here in the years before 1913!, and people didn’t need passports then either!—we have as a collective been subject to the education systems and societies that have been ‘supervised’ or ‘built’ or however you wish to call it–by ‘Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart’.

It’s not permanent! It’s not a permanent condition! Not by any means! Look at the Galactics! They are doing just fine, and are fixing to help us Awaken completely.

What is ‘telling’ is that Anthony, at ten, who has direct communication with Ross, and a ‘miracle’ in his pocket from his football team–still can’t make the connection that there is Divine Intervention or Advanced Capability (knowing the future) involved.

He even erased the TiVo, ‘because it was only half a game’.

Yup, Ross ASKED him to record it, and Anthony ERASED IT.

I want to bring up the images of  a cloud I posted two days ago. It was striking, very unusual formation of cirrus clouds ‘bending’ as if they were a blanket around some hidden object.

The point was, ‘are these clouds ‘normal’ to you?’

Just like Anthony’s reaction to Ross, I was taken aback by all the people ‘seeing things’ in the shapes of the clouds. They ‘saw’ faces, and spirits, and all kinds of things, and commented on it!

I posted the photo.

I asked, ‘Is this normal to you? Do you SEE a bend?’

This was a FORM of DISCLOSURE!!!

Do you see what I see, and does it ‘seem right’ to you?

Or is it ‘weird’?

Do you see it?

The answer is no.

People DIDN’T see it.

It all has to do with the Consciousness.

People saw what they wanted to see.

People saw what is socially acceptable as Lightworkers ‘see’.

People saw–within the framework and the context of where they ‘are at’–beauty and clouds and shapes and feelings and emotions and all this telepathic ‘stuff’ –which I might have asked in different situations, but not in this one.

That is the Ice.

The perception that is frozen somewhere between Galactic and Human.

It got ‘stuck’ there with the willful intent of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.

When the Ice ‘melts’—the reaction will be:

  • Anthony will be like, ‘Wow! Ross helped me to see a big win! He cared enough to share it with me! Ahead of time!”
  • my readers will be like, ‘Dang! Look at that! The Light Ship is BARELY CLOAKED!  Look at that cloud bending like that! Disclosure is right around the bend! Bring it on!!!’
  • All of humanity will be aware of the important role Spirit plays in each of our lives, and be grateful, as well as smiling and feeling loved.
(He smiles)
R:  Carla talk about Liliuokalani.
Not sure how I feel.
R:  It is okay to disclose.
C:  I was her. That’s why I cried so much when I went to Hawaii the first time. It’s why the menehunes showed themselves to me, and gave me the gift of the lava and the coral meditation stones. It is why at the festival at the Place of Refuge, when I got in a canoe and went on the bay in 1996, I started seeing all kinds of things from the past and had that uncanny feeling I had been there before. I even tried to explain it to the tour people, but they didn’t really ‘get it’.  That’s why when I was married to Frank I started bawling when I heard IZ for the first time ever at the little boutique by the grocery store, and needed to go back Home–on that trip it was Maui.  We booked it that night!  Both my marriages failed on the islands, and I had terrible fights with my sister Vanessa who stayed on the phone the whole trip when I brought her! It was so bad I thought I had a curse, until 2004.. That’s why I have Kamehameha as a guide, and see David Kalakaua. It’s even why I went to Kalapaki Beach on Kauai this fall–I didn’t know it but I stayed there once at the Johnson residence, in that incarnation. The memories came back and I didn’t tell anybody because I didn’t think it mattered, or that anyone would care. It’s my own growth. My own lessons. When I was in Oahu in 2004, I never for a second once wanted to see the Iolani Palace, and I didn’t understand why. But now, with eyes open, after two years of house arrest there, it makes good sense and good reason. I have had many past lives, my Beloved.  It is also where You and Blessed Mother asked me, right there in my room at the W Hotel, right before I woke up, if I wanted to have a child?  And I said, ‘if it pleases God, Yes!’. Why is it so important for me to share this one with the public here and now?
R:  I rest my case.
C:  Isn’t there anything else you are going to say?
R:  (shakes head no. Clap clap–it’s time to wake up Anthony to take his shower, and make a nice breakfast before school.–ed)
Aloha and Mahalos,
Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Family
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