You Will Have Joy — Gaia News Brief 7 January 2016 by Reiki Doc

You will have joy.

Ross promised me this today while I was taking my nap.

I count on it.

I have a joy deficit.  I realize it by two things–I planned my whole trip to the conference in New York City, because a very deep and personal part of me wanted to experience the joy that I felt when Anthony was ten months old, he was in my arms, and we both saw our first look at this, the Rockefeller Christmas Tree with its magnificent lights. My father, rest in peace, was at our side on that day, too.

We had lots of fun while we were in New York, riding on the elevators, trying new food, being tourists, and above all, seeing the Rockettes.

It was bittersweet, because all of the fun contrasts the backdrop of the situation in my home, and I thought about it the whole trip.

Today I did something about it.

I called the people I’m supposed to call. I trusted in God for giving me the day off (It was a fluke, seriously–because one room closed and there was no heart case in the cardiac suite.)–I kept Anthony home, who is sick–and I took care of business I had to do.

I made many phone calls today. Thankfully, the right people seem to ‘get it’.

Mind you, there have been not one but two 4.5 earthquakes which shook the house since I first sent an email to the contact person on 12/28/2015.  There was one this morning at 6:42 a.m., I felt it.

The concern is that by the time the gas leaks it is going to be too late, for in winter both the water heater and the furnace have their pilot lights on in the same room as the gas line to the dryer.

So I am going by my angels, trusting Archangel Michael and Ross, and doing what I must do.

It rained hard today. I made borscht, and Anthony enjoyed it.  I’ve done Reiki nonstop on both me and Anthony since our illnesses started, it hasn’t budged one bit. And I know it is because it is a Life Lesson for me. So I pray that I go through it gracefully and with ease.  His teacher wants a bowl of the borscht. I stopped by the school so he could keep up with his workbooks. I really like the school. They are a part of our family by now. It’s a wonderful thing.

The Second thing–I hadn’t forgotten, is I saw Ross in my mind’s eye, with a Maile Lei–an open one–and one of those nice Filipino Formal Shirts all embroidered in white. It was at Kona Village, which I love, and with a wave of his hand, Ross showed me it was not broken and in decay, but vibrant and lively like always! Only it was for the two of us, and our families. He said we could stay in any hale (individual ‘huts’) we like, even a different one every night! He had me imagine us on the bay, kayaking, snorkeling. and even, for the first time because I never did it when I was there–stand up paddling.  I was overwhelmed at the tenderness of the emotions in my heart, and the delight to know that with Ross, all this could be, it could happen, any time, any place, anywhere…

Here are some links to help you read between the lines of my lessons for today:

The video was posted by my favorite vegan, Evita Ochel, on FB. I knew these things to be true, but for Anthony, he had no clue. He wanted the facts. So we found them. I personally was shocked to discover our ‘happy milk’ had endless pregnancies, and downed exhausted dairy cows sold for beef, even when it is certified organic.  We watcher Erin’s video on Cecil the lion, to see if she was reputable–because Anthony was convinced she is a spokesperson for all the nut milk companies. I didn’t think she was. But at the end of THAT video was even MORE horrifying depiction of slaughter and mistreatment of the animals, including the shotgun thing on the cow’s head, and the cow trying to run away turning around in the stall, and the cow drops. I covered Anthony’s eyes…
I don’t think shock is good for anyone’s aura. There is truth. I’m glad I see it and I know it. Today we were meat and dairy free, just by accident.
Our solution is to only drink one brand of dairy–Anthony picked Clover Organic because it’s certified humane–and hopefully to drink much less.
Anthony is starting to enjoy his vegetables. His favorite snack is guacamole with sliced red pepper. He also liked my borscht. I think the last thing to go will be the eggs.
Anthony had a good point. He said, ‘If you have a cow in your yard, and it is free, and you don’t keep it pregnant all the time, and you want to milk it, that should be okay. And if you have a boy cow, then that’s okay too.’
It is our hope that this horrible agribusiness will go away.  I want nutrition for all, and for healthy lives for all beings  incarnate, be they animal, human, insect or even protozoa!!!
Today I had a ‘wish list’ and a ‘honey do’ list that was so long…I only did half of it. But it was the most important half, for the safety of our home.
Ross just said, ‘Can I have a chance to talk honey?’
(((big smile))) Of course, Ross, yes!
Cows know what they are doing when they incarnate on Earth.
They are not stupid.
They know and fully understand why their experience is the way it is.
Why would they pick suffering?
For the most part, cows–in spirit–are very loving and giving, much in the way they are down there when they are with you on Earth. The only difference is, cows are aware of the carnage, and yet (he holds his index finger up to make a point–ed) cows are excellent at maintaining a vibration of Lovingkindess when they are stationed where they are placed on Surface Gaia.
They are to lead the way to assist all humanity by the very fact that in the presence of being eaten and milked and impregnated in the way they are, their hearts are OPEN, and GENTLE and LOVING–even when their young are taken away from them at a very early age and the cows cry for them for days.
Are YOU able to hold the vibration of LOVE in extenuating circumstances?
Are you able to judge not your captor, and call him your friend?
This is what the cows do.
The cows who are in need of help, with illness, know and trust that food and water, and also medicine will be given to them. (he waves the finger from side to side again–ed)..even when it isn’t!
Cows know the difference between right and wrong, and always expect what it right.
They would never consider doing–as a collective, although some individual cows there may be exceptions due to the captivity–actual HARM to anyone, or to anything for that matter.
It’s all about LOVE for them.
And also about their connection to Creator, and to those they are with, those they know, both livestock and human.
Anthony is right! (he waves the finger again, gently, from side to side–ed) As long as an animal is well-loved, and well tended, they are happy to give to help the family with their milk, and also with their life, if need be, as it is written in the Life Contract.
All the cows accept.
All the rabbits and bunnies know they will one day end up under a car on the road or in the stomach of a predator!  That is the nature of their birth! To live the experience!
(palm open, side to side, as if erasing a blackboard–ed)  All this is on its way out.
The ‘experience’ is done.
We have no need for this type of ‘experience’ as souls who are incarnate up here.
The answer to the ‘who is going to feed the population?’ and ‘who is going to tend to the pastures?’ is right in the bag, right here (pats a small pouch right below the right side of his seat–ed)
It’s in the books, and is part of the plan for the Next Phase!
(I get the sudden flash of the image of a replicator–ed)  It is REAL! It is POSSIBLE! (he smiles big–ed)  As are MANY THINGS!!!
(clap clap–ed)  That is enough for today. Carla, will you please with kindness attach the link Ming so graciously sent to you about the horse who could actually SEE Reiki?
Aloha and Mahalos,
Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple
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