Nowhere To Go But UP! — Gaia News Brief 21 January 2016 by Reiki Doc

One of my favorite memories is the day when I was three, and my mom took me to the Long Beach Arena to see the Ice Capades perform on ice.  I was seated in my chair, which was near the front row, if not in the very front, and a man skated over to us.  He was a performer in full costume.  He asked my mom for permission, and he picked me up and skated all the way to a ‘balloon’ that was on the ice, and sat me inside the little basket.

Many children but not all by some strange twist of good fortune, were being put into similar ‘baskets’ across the ice.

Then the music began to play, and all the skaters were pushing us in our balloons across the ice in patterns to the music!

I couldn’t believe my eyes or my ears or the wind at how fast we went, which was both exciting and at the same time, safe–because I knew all of it was for fun and our mothers would never let us do anything that wasn’t safe–even though to be honest this was the fastest anything anywhere I had ever been!

My trike could only pedal so fast, you know? I tried it to go faster but it always had a limit…

Here is the song, Up Up and Away in my Beautiful Balloon:

This song is always in my heart, and in my soul. It is in the very fiber of my being…and yet, as I type these words, I marvel at the title and the name of the group,as it has meaning too, as I write this message to the world…
God is great!
Creator is wonderful!
And Ross really, really loves me, with all his heart! How else could all of these wonderful things be happening???
Yesterday as a gift, out of the kindness of his heart, he introduced me to Niccolite.  (blush). I bought a cabochon for reasonable price on Etsy.
Online, we had amazing ‘disclosures’:
It is almost eerie, how at work everyone is so nice! We are enjoying each other, and working together to heal the sick. People are relaxed, and let their guard down, when in the past they didn’t and everything was about the cliques.
One of the most financially-driven docs I know, actually helped me out three ways–there have been some unusual gaps due to the cleaning of equipment. I had five hours unpaid while they kept saying ‘one more hour, one more hour’. She said, ‘You go HERE! It was your lineup to begin with. I will help you with the lines to save time.’  I was so grateful.
The patient had terrible i.v. access, tiny tiny veins. The PICC line nurse was tied up for two hours in the ICU. The nurses in PreOp were scared to even try. They wanted to dig in the antecubital fossa (inside the elbow) but I didn’t want that because in positioning the arm would be bent. One nurse had a swing and a miss.
I found one vein on a pinky finger, and asked out loud for Jesus to help me. I said, ‘I need Jesus for this line to go in.’ and as I was getting ready, my nurse had her alarm go off on her phone. It was time for her to read her affirmation. She did while I paused in respect. It was beautiful, about asking Spirit to help us in our work and giving thanks for our chance to work with people who are sick. (fortunately our patient spoke only Spanish, but she smiled when the i.v. when in, on the first try, and I said, THANK YOU JESUS! with a smile.)
I had felt him. His energy, behind me, like a Reiki guide.  He seemed to enjoy the activity in the O.R. too. It was busy, with the intubation, the lines, and all the tasks I needed to do. I had a pile of needles and syringes and packaging really huge on my workspace. But patiently, as best as I could, I cleaned it up and brought order and tidiness to my area again, while taking care of a very sick patient.


I trust Ross more and more each day that I am incarnate.

Last night I told him how I’ve ‘had a good run’ as ‘Carla’, and if I need to move someplace in order to be with him, as much as I love this home I’m okay with it. I’m also okay if I need to go back ‘up’ and start doing whatever it is I do up there when I am asleep, and roll up my sleeves and get to work if I am needed.

That was huge.

I let go of my entire identity, everything I have ever known, in all of my incarnations, and said gently, with my heart, ‘Ross? Whatever I have to do next, I am okay with it, even if it means humungous (slang here for very large–ed) changes in life as I know it for me.’

He appreciated it very much.

Last night he made sure I ate. I had leftovers and also a little bit of cake. It sure was delicious.

He had me drink the goat milk with it, which is smart because I didn’t know it but the expiration date is today.

But Ross knew.

That’s how I know he always is guiding me, through these wonderful experiences in Life.

I called him on it. Right as I started to eat.

I was alone at my table, for I worked late and Anthony was with his dad. I said, ‘Ross, I KNOW you are here! I KNOW you are with me. I know even though I can’t see you with my eyes at the moment, my heart knows you are always at my side. You don’t have to show yourself to me, for me to love you. Your love has been with me every day of my life, and I KNOW.’

He was surprised at my candidness, and the incredible growth of both my faith and my trust in him.

For The Benefit of All

Don’t get what you want?

Don’t sweat it!

We are all together in this, and everything is going to work out!

Yesterday through a snafu– a colleague lost his wife, there were not one but TWO people who got signed up to cover for him today–I got pushed off the schedule.

I have a day off I didn’t want to take! I already took Tuesday off to tend to the needs of my house!

I was a little annoyed because they are messing with the schedule, and the person who was up all night, and the number two person, have work, but I who was at number three and should have higher ranking today than them both, am at home!

Deep inside, I knew in my bones, there must be ‘some reason’–and I will work harder than every today and this weekend to prepare for the board meeting with the association to discuss my house.  I need to put together a presentation. I sort of worried about it last night.

Ross is helping me with this too, in the outline.

If you lose a battle, or a skirmish, as you go about living your life, remember there is a bigger goal, in this example, ‘the war’–and it is the ‘war’ you want to win.  My father, bless his heart, always spoke to me in such terms so I would learn not to get sidetracked or overcome by worry and fear.

Eternity is on our side.

I have a feeling, and it’s difficult to explain, but it goes like this:  The veil may separate us from our perception of Creator, but it DOESN’T separate us from our ability to ‘sense’ the spark of Creator from each other while we are incarnate upon the Earth.

In a way, Heaven on Earth is not from something on the outside–but is generating itself stronger and stronger each day–from the ‘grassroots’–amongst ourselves.

It’s like a ‘Veil Bypass’–an alternate route–and appears to be working with amazing results! Would you like an example? How about the way the teams are cooperating with love and respect during the very high stress cases in the O.R. at my work? (I raise my eyebrows and smile)

Nowhere To Go But UP!

This is what is asked of you:

  • do your work–your preparation for your assignment–by acknowledging and releasing any ‘junk’ you have ‘picked up somewhere’ in your many incarnations. Acknowledge, accept, release and allow. And the funny thing is, once you do this, it’s like a memory gun erases your old pains from it. I know–I can barely think of the things Ross did that had me so very deeply upset last weekend or so…I’ve moved on and my brain for some reason (I look at Ross who has his arms folded, some device like on Men In Black in his hand, and he’s just smiling–ed)…
  • raise your vibration (there’s one article I can’t find, but use the SEARCH box at the top right for older posts to discuss this)
  • rest and relax often to allow for energy upgrades and downloads to your energy system. You will feel a tingling sensation. I kind of like it. (the TV and Radio must be OFF)
  • follow your heart!  If something makes you feel nurturing, warmth, love and compassion, then do more of it. Your happiness and highest vibration are contagious! The energy transmits through the aura to aura contact, and there is no defense against this. Highest vibration–and strongest one–wins!
  • stay connected! Nature, animals and pets, loved ones, great books and ‘online alternative media’ are available to help you on your path. You have guides who are unseen, but always present, too. Let go of all judgement, and go along with the flow. It will carry you someplace amazing!
I had a very nice birthday, both with my family incarnate (Anthony and Carla) and with all of my extended family (our readers and friends).
I thank you.  (he puts a his closet fist of his right arm near his heart with slow reverence and takes it back to his side, like a salute–ed).
What are we going to do next? (spreads his arms almost as if in a shrug-ed)
We are going to watch and wait (puts his hand over his eyes and scans from his left to right sloooowly, then he stops in the middle and pretends he has binoculars, and then–this one makes me laugh–he puts his finger to his lips and says–ed)  be very very quiet! we’re hunting Elmers! (just like Bugs Bunny-ed)
I am a handful! Carla is totally cracking up! I can tell she has her hands full with me, and is LOVING every minute of it! (it’s true Ross, I am!-ed)
(He drops his voice, now that the joke is over, and is straightforward-ed)
Everything will happen for the best.  Not to worry. For all the changes are for the better, like an upgrade, or a new iPhone, (not that he sponsors them or has any connection, in particular–but it’s to make a teaching point–ed)–who would want to go back to the old one? The iPhone 4S? Anyone? Are there any takers?
THAT is how it is going to be once the changes emerge, once they hit.
Everyone is going to embrace the new–and NO ONE is going to want to go back to their old iPhone 4S after they’ve had the 6 or the 6S.
Creator is even going to transfer the pictures from your old ‘phone’ to the new one, and your ‘contacts’ and everything you have set up, and all your apps…
Do you ‘get my drift’?
All of these upgrades have a reason…it is to better your life experience, it is to save Carla and her people (our beloved Lady Gaia Sophia) from dire extinction and planetary death (not to be grim, but it is being averted from it’s due course by ‘outside influence’ (he smiles and pops his collar–ed)…)
Everything will have a glorious outcome!
For some reason I wanted to say ‘Happy Ending’ and Carla wouldn’t let me? (he looks puzzled, shakes his head, smiles and accepts, and I’m not explaining to him anything about the use of that term in Southern California massage parlors…ed)
(he pats his hands on his thighs as if to stand up, and he stands up-ed)  It’s all good! No matter how you say it, it’s ALL  A GOOD THING! And I’m really looking forward to it.
It’s been a long ‘night’, the reign of darkness. It’s time for sunrise.
(clap! clap!)
Aloha and Mahalos,
Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple
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