In God’s Hands — A Lesson In Trust– Gaia News Brief 25 January 2016 by Reiki Doc

Today was a hard day on both of us. Anthony had his ‘trifold pamphlet’ project due on The Northeast, something like a travel brochure. I helped him with it yesterday. And I had an executive appearance with the Board of my Homeowner’s Association about the condition of my house.

We had a nice breakfast–I added fresh blackberries and Acai/protein powder to the smoothies. Anthony said, ‘It’s not bad, mom…’   We had oatmeal too. I find it easier and easier with him to throw in meals with no meat. (Last night we had butternut squash soup from the crockpot, with nice boule of rosemary French Bread. He didn’t even have the butter on it!  We sprinkled on creole seasoning from The Gumbo Shop…and we were both very happy.)

The woman who opens the school was late. By seven minutes. I was dying because I was in my street clothes (sometimes I wear clean scrubs from home, ones I took from work the night before), and had assignment at the surgicenter–where they are real strict on time.

We stood outside the door, and waited for the teacher to open it.

I almost took Anthony to my work to sit around, and have him miss a whole day, because there wasn’t TIME to take him anywhere else, and I couldn’t leave him alone.  I almost succumbed to drama–but I didn’t.

I calmly told the teacher, who apologized profusely over the red lights she caught–I have an assignment at the surgicenter, they are strict on time, and I get in trouble too…and smiled with love, for ‘we’ve all been there’…

On the way to work I got a song in my head. It was Supertramp. I even turned on KRTH 101 to see if Ross would play it for me.



Work had me sweating bullets because I had a double assignment–after the surgicenter, I had GI cases in the hospital until four! But the MEETING was at five-thirty, and there would be TRAFFIC!

A surgeon got sick.

Their whole lineup cancelled in the main O.R.

Someone else, much to my delight!–took over the GI cases and I could go home…

Ross guided me to the crystal shop. I found a beautiful polished Lemurian crystal to keep on my person at the meeting. And as I was in the store–by the way, I’m WAY beyond earrings and pendants in my ‘crystal needs’ : )   —  I noticed when I stood in a particular location, I buzzed so much with energy I couldn’t feel my face! It was hot and then numb.

So I scanned with my ‘senses’ the display…WHAT WAS IT?

It was an unlabeled stone.

I didn’t know what it was, although I suspected green tourmaline was in it.  The clerk didn’t know either. But I chose to wait even though Brandon was right outside the store for him to come in.

Sure enough, it was clevlandite with LEPIDOLITE and green tourmaline.

Look that one up in your Crystal book.  All three. Together in one stone. Yes.

Perfect for my meeting.

I had also been guided to two books–by loyalty points were enough–YWEH–and Resurrecting Jesus. These are like crack for someone who is on my ‘fast track’ for spiritual development. The TWELVE KEYS of Enoch are in one of those books! There was a little diagram in the back that explained who the Essenes were, kind of like a chart that shows who reports to who–in the grand scheme of things. There were other similar sects too…and I understood!

I spoke with Brandon about my citrine Lemurian crystal I brought with me to New York. How I got it through TSA not once but twice! And the LOOKS I got! LOL.

I also told him how I sleep on it, and ask it to ‘download’ into me everything about who I am and why I am here and all the esoteric ‘stuff’ I need to know. I’ve been ‘downloading’ now for one week.

Then I shared how my ‘sagenite’ I bought turned out to be purple sage agate I bought on the internet, and I knew the difference.  He had never heard of sagenite, and he’s the owner of the best crystal shop I know!  His associate–I don’t know who she was, but I don’t think his wife–tried to correct me and I waved my hand and said, ‘no no! I am WAY out there, I am in the top five percent out there on that bell curve!’  (Under my breath I told Brandon I am like finding things on erocks and auctioning to get the really esoteric rare ‘stuff’)

I said, ‘I LIKE my vibration WAY UP THERE!’ and gestured. And Brandon said, ‘You are like that guy with the eyes, I KNOW!’ (it’s Braco)…

He said he had one of the citrine Lemurians, and they are amazing, and he had wanted to take the big one for himself but he knew it was for somebody. I shared I took the other Lemurian wands–two–and again he said, ‘those are AMAZING stones!’  I know, because the clerk bought one too. They were good, and sold ‘quickly’.

I asked Brandon about another stone–I picked up the beat up citrine, priced much lower than the citrine Lemurians, and I said, ‘THIS is from the other stones! It’s a Lemurian too!’

I shared how I had wanted to buy it, but I couldn’t, it had to go to a ‘good home’…I told him how lately I like the busted up, cracked and broken crystals. I also used to buy up all the Larimar I could, just to ‘give it a good home’…

Brandon dropped the price to fifty dollars on a stone that was worth about two fifty–a crazy low price he said, so I could buy it. And he put his thumb on the triangle, and said, ‘This one is a total record keeper’.  I already knew.

As I was pulling into the garage, that song by Supertramp was on! It was Ross!!!

I never forget an energy signature.  Combine it with a face, and I’m golden!  Something funny happened to me the night I was reading the latest message from Saul.  I looked at the face of John Smallman, and I remembered! And it totally makes sense! Who else to trust for the messages from Jesus, than the incarnation of Saul of Tarsus himself? The beloved apostle Paul?!!!
I updated my list.
We have two MORE additions, who have given permission.   I will write their names next opportunity I get.


There’s no word to describe it better–it’s how I felt all day waiting for that Board meeting.

I did what Ross said to do.

He guided me to get Anthony five new booster packs from a New Release of Magic The Gathering cards.

Earlier, I invented Tang Jello.  I made it in fancy cups using unflavored gelatin and Tang powder, hoping with the whipped cream to make a fifty-fifty creamsicle bar effect.

Then I went to the meeting place.  (I mailed a package first, I recall, and nope–nothing in my DWR PO box…next time!)..

In the women’s bathroom, nervous,  Ross coached me about the next-door-neighbor. He said, ‘treat her like she’s your sister’.

I did.

I spoke and I shared with the group.  I didn’t like their ‘legal counsel’ sitting in on the executive board meeting. I showed my pictures and explained the work I’ve done. I even had prices from the man who could fix it with a guarantee, which by comparison, were MUCH CHEAPER than a lawyer to fix the whole problem for everybody.  I got everyone’s attention with that remark, and for the first time, the lawyer present respected me.  I could feel it.

I was a little stressed when I went to pick up Anthony.

To calm me down, Ross played the song I tried out to be a drill team cheerleader with on KRTH.

Anthony is deeply disappointed I can’t go with the class on a field trip tomorrow. We are short at work. But he squealed with delight at the gifts Ross so thoughtfully arranged for him, and opened them in the car with the light on, with so much joy!

I realized this is all Illusion. I hope I had done my job well. And also, out of the corner of my mind’s eye, I saw Joseph waving his tools with a knowing smile.

Unbeknownst to me, but later, Anthony shared he had seen God for the first time in the car on the way back home. It was Divine Father, and he had a smile and nodded but didn’t say anything.  He said he didn’t have white hair and look old…

Pretty cool, huh?  Anthony wouldn’t recognize Joseph, but I think Anthony saw what I saw too, at the same time.

Once we got home, Ross said, ‘Life is uncertain! Eat dessert first!’

Originally Ross had told me to eat dinner at Taco Bell alone. Anthony eats with the sitter. But on the drive back, I just wanted to go home. I couldn’t think what to eat. We’d had all our leftovers. A sandwich?

So we had the jello in the parfait glasses, and Anthony said ‘Mom you are a scientific genius!’

Then I remembered!  I had left over stir fry with kelp noodle from Saturday night!  So I heated that up.

Let me tell you, the kelp noodle is man’s best friend–it hardly bumps the glycemic index! All that noodle goodness, and no problem for blood sugar! I learned that one from Mai two years ago. Now they have it at the grocery store. Before only she could get them.

And as we drove–what was on the radio for Anthony and me?

For me, the veil is melting left and right. Today, as I ate lunch, I put together two and two:  I missed my nannu Filippo SO much, I paid over five hundred dollars a year for ten years to give him a fresh bouquet of flowers every week of the year on his grave. It was a simple one, a single white carnation (for him) and one white rose (for me).—that Ross had him come back to me as Anthony!
What kindness! What LOVE!!! What mercy!!!!!
Ross let me see that when Nana left to go to Heaven, I had Anthony who she loved very much too (ne never met Nannu, obviously)–and also, Ross introduced himself ‘officially’ shortly thereafter.
I am putting things together, watching them falling into place, and I am utterly delighted and blessed to witness it.
I hope you are too.


Heaven is Real.

Carla, I want you to share what you did for your mediumship this morning.

C:  yes honey. Let me go find it.

Carla be sure you change the names for privacy too. It is a very special message.

C:  absolutely.  Honey? Let me put it in the back. Sometimes with this I get little technical glitches. I will say goodnight for us here?

(nods yes–ed)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

(read the part after okay? )

P.S. Ross also wants you to know I did this for free, this reading, on the spot once asked.

I lost my mom a week ago. Is there a way to connect with her?Please guide me. Thanks and much love .


Doctors With Reiki
Our condolences for your loss. There are many ways to connect with her, both in your heart (you will ‘sense’ her’) and through a medium. I am a medium, and she is standing over your shoulder and talking to me. She says, ‘tell Mehnaz I am all right.’ She looks about twenty five to thirty five, possibly forty, but in good health and has a smile. I see long dark hair, and she is waving a little bit of it from her left side to you, to send you a message I don’t understand. It’s something personal between you too. She also says she is happy with you and you make her proud, and she is sorry for any pain that might have passed between you. She also points to heaven (and the afterlife) and nods yes. I ‘sense’ she is communicating ‘It’s real’ but she’s not using words. I think she’s not supposed to tell you that (the rules) but she puts her finger up to say shhhh! She also says thank you to me for communicating this to you. With a recently deceased, it usually takes three to five months for the Loved One to figure out all that is expected of them in Heaven. Then they can come start talking to mediums in general. I am different. I’m the type that helps souls cross to the light–I see them sooner. Either way, it is a blessing that she talked with us today, with a message for you, and she seems pleased with what she has communicated, and will go. She is in good hands, and Ross says ‘the very best are taking GOOD care of her’ right now. Namasté
Bless you ….you are a good soul…..I feel so so good bow.
I am overwhelmed by love…..
Thanks you. Please send healing to my three sisters and dad also.
Love you
Doctors With Reiki
We will. We love you too. Sending healing now to those left behind.
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