Healing Grid Project 15 January 2016 by Reiki Doc

Note: You are heartily invited to join us with your own grid if you share a picture of it or not. These grids are helping the whole of humanity especially those who have nothing or only a bit to survive.

Thank you ❤


Our Team has begun a project of making grids…with the Intention of bringing Abundance and Prosperity to humanity. The new twist to this one with the energy is: make it in order to help someone you know who is struggling and worse off than you so they get their financial deficits met, and can be free to experience their basic needs fulfilled… 
Be sure to use something new with fresh energy and not something in your house you already have–when you make it–it can be crystals, rocks, sticks, cut out photos. Don’t copy this–create your own, and please share it with the group.
You can make it for animals who are suffering too…
from SMR, Montana, USA
from LW, Arizona, USA
from MIH, Germany
from SGR, Montana, USA
from AC, location unspecified
from KM, location unspecified
from CD, location unspecified
from SL, Montana, USA
from VM, California, USA (grid 1 of 2)
from BAJ, Mississippi, USA
from KH, location unspecified
from JH, California
from MLL, Philippines (grid 1 of 2)
from GB, New Zealand (grid 2 of 2)
from MLL, Philippines (grid 2 of 2)
from JLG and AL, Utah, USA (grid 1 of 2)
from GL, USA (grid 1 of 2)
from LY, Wyoming, USA
from VM, California, USA (grid 2 of 2)
from LG, Tennessee, USA
from RG, California, USA
from RC, Virginia, USA
from DS, Wisconsin, USA
from DJ, Texas, USA
from NK, Ohio, USA
from VDP, location unspecified
from GB, New Zealand (grid 1 of 2)
from JH, Indiana
from JLG and AL, Utah, USA (grid 2 of 2)
from LAF, location unspecified
from MJ, location unspecified
from CA, location unspecified
from DHS, Tennessee, USA
from GL, location unspecified, (grid 2 of 2)
from MAS, Illinois, USA
from CAS, Wisconsin, USA
from KE, location unspecified
fron MP, location unspecified
from DY, location unspecified–grid shared to my personal page
  • 5,892 people reached–‘saw it’ on FB
  • 740 clicked the ‘like’ button on FB
  • 154 people ‘shared’ the post
  • 98 people made ‘comments’ (with more ‘replying’ to each of the comments)
  • 39 people made grids and shared the photo with the group
  • 2 people wanted to know more before they made the grid, and never made one
  • 1 comment was so offensive it had to be blocked
  • cost in new materials to make the grid I originally posted, including the board–$200
  • cost to ‘promote’ this post so all of my readers on FB could see it–$340 paid ‘reach’ was 3,331
  • FB reports 1,462 ‘actions’ due to the promotion
  • FB reports 785 ‘likes’ due to the promotion (some are on the shares)
  • FB reports 325 photo ‘clicks’
  • FB reports 9 link clicks
Reflections on the Project
  • I was pleased with the demonstration of mutual love and support with the grid makers.
  • I ‘felt’ the energy of each grid, and the intention.
  • The ones with NEW items in it had energy that leapt off the page.
  • The purer the intention, the stronger the energy too (spiritual ‘effort’)
  • Many new people, much to my delight, are new to grids and really enjoyed the participation
  • We reached out across the world with our hope for those who are really struggling to survive
  • Some people wanted the benefits of the grid without any interest in helping another–this disappointed me greatly, and made me sad to see the entitlement in our community.
  • Not one of my blood relatives participated, and both are struggling financially; many of my star family did not hesitate and helped at once.
  • I was surprised how some people needed to think about it for a while before offering to help
  • I am going to let this project take its course–FB will unpin it–in about a week.  It is in the hands of The Divine
  • Thank you everyone who participated, and shared this message.
Aloha and Mahalos,
Reiki Doc

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