Habituation — Gaia News Brief 5 February 2016 by Reiki Doc

Here is another word Ross has chosen, which I had to look up. I thought I knew what it meant, I was pretty sure, but because I am using it as the title, I had to look it up.


I just realized this is what Ross and Ashtar and the rest of my guides have to consider in their working with me for the long term…and Ross kissed me with gratitude so I would be able to explain it to you.

It is a result of being incarnate. It has to do with our psychology, our reaction to our senses. It has to do with our consciousness being here incarnate.

It affects everything we do, what we think, and who we are.

On the one hand at work, habituation is helpful.  My work is stressful, and lately, I have one sicker patient after the  next. Even the simple one, like an appendectomy in a ‘healthy’ patient, has a jaw abnormality whose mouth won’t open much at all, and special instruments are required for me to do my job, as well as the introduction of risk.  I work long, hard, hours. Much worse than any place I have ever been. I go without sleep–but now I am USED to it, and it is the new ‘normal’ for me.

I don’t even remember what it was like to have every Tuesday and Friday off!

It helps me to survive.

Have you ever visited somebody’s house, and it smells funny to you? Either it’s dog, or litter box, or musty…and the people live there without batting an eye? It’s because their NOSES have habituated to the odor, and they can’t ‘smell’ it any more.

How about our interactions with the Galactics?

The word ‘soon’ was overused, and became a joke to us down here on Ground Crew.  We reject this word. It was used so often, with no result, that we became habituated to the word.

How is it with you with the channelled messages? How about with sightings? How about with your angels and guides?

Are you getting used to it? Does it seem to be ‘enough’?

Or are you looking for ‘more’?

Yesterday I was given a beautiful gift from Ross, a new way to connect with him, and it felt like HOME! It’s a form of meditation.

If you are bored with the endless wait, perhaps you would like to try this.  I will give an example with me and Ross.

What precipitated it was my bursting into tears with Ross and Ashtar. I said the worst part of my existence is not knowing they are okay!  I can’t even send up a care package with cookies. All I can send is my ‘thanks’, and frankly, given the choice, I would rather have cookies than ‘thanks’…if the situation were reversed.

I was bawling, and near inconsolable.

Ross showed me what to do.

I trusted he was THERE right in front of me. And he put his arms around me, as we faced each other.

I was told to say to myself, Dimensions Don’t Exist.

Then I took my Light body, and I put my arms around  him.

I relaxed.

I felt what our heart centers did.

I went from torment and tears, to a state of calm in seconds.  I felt like I was never separated from him. I felt like I am loved and cherished. I was deeply comforted because I was told he wants me to do this more often with him, he wants this too, this closeness…

He just kissed me gently now, and said, ‘thank you’.

Now it’s his turn to speak.


I have the world at my fingertips, and Carla in my arms.

Which one is better?

It all depends.

It has to do with perception, with what you perceive…

Is Carla a woman incarnate? Then by all means, why should I select the individual, when I have the world as an option?

This is the mindset I must destroy in order to get through to you!

In Spirit all are the same.

All are important.

The many are one.

The few have just as much right as the total! (he holds his finger up to make a point-ed)

this is because everything and everyone and you and I are connected!

I and the stars are ONE!

You and the oceans are ONE!

We all exist as little ‘pockets’ of Source-Creator-and-Spirit.

All are united not by oxygen (holds up the finger–ed)–there are some creatures who get along just fine without it, including the entire plant kingdom!–but by the very BREATH of SOURCE which all creatures consume every day.

THIS is our daily ‘bread’.

This is the ‘electricity’ that makes our ‘lamps’ light up.

This is the energy of God which beats in our souls, and keeps us incarnate, but also, in Spirit, where we are in the higher realms like you.

Carla please give us an example of harmonics.

C:  I thought this was more ‘accessible’ to the readers than straight scientific stuff. The big gingham blue heart is Creator/Source/All There Is…and we, in defined little ‘pockets’ of energy, are the ‘spinoffs’ with resonant frequencies of Source–little flowers all our own, with our own color and fragrance and delight.

(I sense he is pleased–he is smiling–ed)  That is very good Carla, and an excellent explanation where the scientific approach could not add to it the endearment, the beauty, and the love our Divine Father and Mother have for us, and for all of their Creation.

(clap clap!)  I want you to go and feed Anthony.  Carla tell them what you have created for your son!
(our son, he corrects himself…)

C:  Pumpkin bread.

R:  And what? What for the lunch?

C:  Ravioli I made on the stove, the kind from the pasta section in the store.

R:  And what else?

C:  sugar snap peas, and pear.

R:  And what are they doing, dear Carla?

C:  They are ready and waiting for us to eat.  The ravioli are cooling in the fridge and ready to be packed in the lunch.

R:  Have you taken everything into account? Have you followed the directions on the box for the the mix?

C:  Yes! Of course.

R:  How do you know how to make the ravioli?

C:  I’m Italian!  I’ve done it forever! I just KNOW.

(now he smiles as if he has made the biggest point of the day –ed)  Carla knows how to do what she is doing, and she doesn’t need to read the directions because Carla has LEARNED–which is a form of habituation which makes life simple, wouldn’t you agree, Carla?

C:  well, yes, of course Ross. How could I live if I stressed out over every meal I made? I have made thousands of them.

R:  And when you were little, Carla, had you any concept of the kind of ‘chef’ you would become?

C:  Not when I was playing with play dough or helping out in the kitchen.

R:  How did you learn? Was it a lesson? Did you take a cooking class?

C:  I read recipe books and I tried. I also copied what I have seen done, and also what mom and nana showed me.


C:  I don’t know! It just sort of happened…

R:  How are you going to be ‘Galactic’ like it is your wish?

C:  I don’t know.

R:  You already ARE!

C:  But I can’t remember!

R:  Recall you couldn’t cook at one time, and all you could do was look at the photos in the cookbooks and read the recipes?

C:  Yes.

R:  And now?

C:  I have no trouble in the kitchen.

R:  THERE! Did you hear it? Carla is a very fine cook! Carla is like Rachel Ray. Carla can take something she has tasted one time at a restaurant and duplicate it on her own! Carla is no slacker when it comes to the kitchen! It is HER TURF! It is where she shines! It is where she relaxes! It is where she shows her love and anyone who knows ANYTHING about Carla both up here and with you who is close will know without a doubt that Carla ABSOLUTELY ADORES COOKING!…and so she says, to be modest, ‘I have no trouble in the kitchen.’  (he gives me this funny look, and I’m not sure why, it’s not annoyance, it’s not anger, it’s not frustration, it’s like teacher trying really hard to get a student to learn–ed)

R:  I HAVE SAID MY CASE! (he touches his chest–ed)  How do you think I learned to be GALACTIC?!?!  How do you think I learned to ride a bicycle?  What matters is that I did and so can all of you!!!

Is a bicycle more pleasant than walking?

C:  Well yes, you can go faster, longer distances, and enjoy more scenery.

R:  So it is with the Consciousness, when one has it ‘tuned’ to the Galactic ‘range’ of ‘frequencies’. (big smile, lots of love, and warmth, and caring–ed)

R:  How is THAT for a ‘channeled message’? (he chuckles and is clearly pleased with himself–ed)

Now go and feed Anthony! (clap clap!)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

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About Sirian Heaven

I am not only a single mom but also a sirian starseed and a lightwarrior, incarnated on Earth for this time to help Gaia and Humankind during Ascension. I know my true origins, that I am the true incarnations of Lady Maria and Archangel Gabrielle. As my beloved Twin Flame said in his message, the time for me to be hidden is over.

One thought on “Habituation — Gaia News Brief 5 February 2016 by Reiki Doc

  1. Greetings from Sydney Australia!! Weather, very hot!! Hope you are staying warm…

    Sorry, darling but I cannot read this message, the font is so small, I have a growing cataract in my right eye…….I have been following you for some time, but had not the time to fully explore your blog until this month. As this was about 8 entries below the latest entries, my E-Reader would not read it….I guess it just reads the latest blogs….sigh….

    Thankfully, a lot of Spiritual Blogs have got the message that not everyone can read small print, and are publishing content in a larger font.

    I did really want to read this, as I find your blogs easy to understand. Contrast this with Matt Kahn, who uses language that is hard to understand, one has to read one paragraph over & over several times to get the basic meaning! I find myself saying mentally, what are you trying to say, Matt? Love Love Matt, but….he can be very long winded.

    So, I am asking you, if at all possible, could you publish your emails/blogs in larger font, please?

    I have learned so much just in this last month from you & would Love for this to continue, sorry if this is making things difficult for you, I am aware of how busy you are……Oh, yes one more little thing, is it possible to put a link in your emails to the blog you are sending, it took me ages to eventually find this one as there were so many before it! Most blogs I subscribe to have a link either at top or bottom of their emails. Plus I Mostly subscribe to WordPress blogs.

    Sending Blessings and Love, stay warm, dear Carla….and thanks for being there for those of us that are following behind you.


    Sylvia Melaynia xx



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