YP — Gaia New Brief 9 February 2016 by Reiki Doc

It was a long day, much like usual.

It was a long case, much like usual.

The gap before the case began was even longer, the surgeon was one hour late.

I read–as my neurosurgeon  (the assist who sat next to me in the doctor’s lounge) said, ‘A non-digital book’.

It made me sad.

I read it to feel close to Ross.

It’s by ‘him’ (see photo) whom I will refer to–to stay under the ‘radar’–of the ‘self-reel-iz-ation’ folks, as Yogurt Peanuts:

The reason I am sad is that the tradition which produced Yogurt Peanuts, is the same which ultimately trained my husband Ross…has a thousands of years long-standing tradition which is completely devoid of women.

When it comes to the topic of ‘renouncing’ worldly things, I am vexed.

Who fed him?

Who fed Ross?

The brothers?

Or was it the women who knew they were holy men and felt obligation/kindness to them, and donated food?

It’s the same old Martha and Mary story, which to me is one of the worst in the bible. Martha speaks up–HEY! I kind of need some help over here! And Mary is just sitting here listening…we are the hosts–HELLO????

In my view, Martha was smartly slapped in the face and continues to be slapped in the face for all time.

Why didn’t the fucking MEN get off their lazy ASSES and wash a stupid dish when they were in Martha’s house?!

Couldn’t it WAIT, the damn lecture?!

Were  women REALLY chattel?

I think not.

In the Essene tradition women were EQUAL.

Mary, who was a Virgin–was a political title to mean a woman who was free and had financial and political ‘weight’….

It didn’t have anything to do with sexual relations. A Virgin was, in my understanding, the equivalent of a Freeman–a freed slave. She owned property and didn’t have to be married to anyone to keep it.

I don’t care about the culture for Yogurt Peanuts and Martha and Mary!

What I care about is that Divine Father let women SUFFER for all these years!!!


Even in this day and age women SUFFER!  With all the baby daddies and the baby mamas–life is cruel…filled with harsh realities.

And what gets me is that Yogurt Peanuts died a SAINT.

He didn’t rot.

It was ‘most unusual’ according to the mortuary. No signs of decomposition.

He saw Jesus and they hung out.  That’s why he wrote the book. (I’m on the second volume).  In their meditation thing the big JC would just pop right in, like I have heard he does with the high-ranking people in LSD (on purpose, again, to stay under the radar–a VERY political and powerful religious organization)…

I was pretty upset with Yogurt Peanuts, all of the ‘tradition’ Swamis before him, and I asked, ‘show me ONE woman! ONE! Where is she???’

That women, because of their sex, would be DENIED spiritual training is beyond my comprehension!!!

It is the lowest of the lowest of the low…

And yet, he died a saint.

He left his body at will.

And it didn’t rot.

I rattled the cages of a whole lot of holy people today in Spirit.

My demand? (I was asked, what do you want?)

I want an amend.

I want lots and lot and lots of them from everyone who ever took advantage of a seamstress for her talents, of a cook, of a nurse, of a cleaning woman, of anyone who ever helped their Ashram things run smoothly and was denied a piece of bread (spiritual teaching and encouragement).

I ask this for all time, for all dimensions, for all universes, for all of Creation!

Yogurt Peanuts might have made the ‘jump’  from his hierarchy and legacy to include women here in Los Angeles, where there is freedom, and for this, I thank him.

But for all the rest?

Meh. (I shrug)

And yes, I have forgiven them for being assholes and denying human beings ‘bread’.

I also give great appreciation to the traditions handed down by women, from the hula, to wise women of every walk of life–who kept the ways of old alive for us both men and women to enjoy today.

This part of Full Consciousness is excruciatingly painful to my heart.

With mindfulness, one can achieve both the divine and the mundane all with an open heart and very close connection to Creator.

Look at myself, I never stop praying!

After the ecstasy, the laundry, I think it was Jack Cornfield or someone said it…

Please give a moment, in your meditation, to give thanks as an ‘amend’ to all the women who were denied education, spiritual training, and the opportunity to grow with their souls–because of the status quo of ‘the times’.

Your Lady Gaia Sophia thanks you.



I wash the dishes.

So does Anthony.

I also take out the trash, when I am home with Carla.

All of us pitch in…because we know as Galactic Citizens that ‘many hands make light work’ and ‘no one is better than the other’.

When there is resentment, whether it is rightful or not, the vibration is lowered for all of the collective.

Carla is coming to terms with our past, in a ‘finer sense’.

Her anger is appropriate given her eyes of her training, and where she is now, deeming something ‘intolerable’ when there simply was no other way in our time when I was incarnate with her.

Everyone has a trigger point.

Everyone has a ‘sore spot’ and in Ascension, no matter how much we grow, there is always a little part that is lagging.

It is the last bit of the ego, the survival, the ‘fairness’…to go.

There is a judgement.

When there is love, when there is Bliss, when there is union with God 24/7–it is like water rolling off a duck’s back, for Carla to find injustice in the way I was trained, and also, my colleague Yogananda Paramahansa, who wrote a book about me.

I am calm.

I am always calm, now that I am in Spirit.

Oh, I blasted several times with my light to calm and sedate her while Carla was in her ‘rant’ at the stars above and all of us Ascended Masters for our ‘elitist ways’…yet it is Carla who has blocked out all of the holy Goddesses, with the exception of those incarnate she knows, and perhaps a little of Lakshmi.

Is Carla right and I am wrong?  Or vise versa?

The answer is this–we are not even on the same page when it comes to this issue!

I see the big picture, the whole, and how it fits.

Carla’s log in her eye, is that she doesn’t enjoy to work with the Divine Feminine in the form of the Goddesses (hence the term, Godette )…and here she is crying out over a little ‘speck’ in all of history, over what is passed.

What is now, is that Carla has an opportunity to learn with the best of us, both masculine and feminine embodiments of Light.

All of us are available.

What went on with Carla and Haniel is only the tip of the ‘problem’…or…as Mother Teresa would say, of the ‘gift’…

I wish Carla a good night, rest, and much happiness once she relieves herself of this blockage.

I will admit, it is difficult to be on the outside looking in, incarnation after incarnation.

It makes one a little testy and upset.

Carla is the most vocal one I know, who is willing to speak her mind, especially for the downtrodden.

This I admire in her.

(clap! clap! –ed)

That is enough of our ‘dirty laundry’ in spirit for tonight. (he smiles, to know our slang–ed)

Carla try to get some rest. You are working all too hard honey. I can feel your frustration where I am honey.

I love you.

No matter what.

Good night.

I am sorry for the unfairness to the women who have born all these uncaring and unattached spiritual men, who in turn denied them their birthright, their knowledge of the soul.(mystic esoteric education).

This was not the way for the mysteries that were guarded by the women–they taught both the women and the men, in the old ways…which are Blessed and shall always BE Blessed.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

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