Bring Out The Good — Gaia News Brief 11 February 2016 by Reiki Doc

Ash Wednesday

Spirit invited me to go to 6:30 a.m. mass.  I haven’t been in two years. Our church is all new. The places I used to go with Anthony, the building where he was baptized, is now a parking lot.

Some of the words have changed in the mass. I went since I was fourteen, every week, and now that I’m over fifty, they change the words. You are supposed to say ‘my fault’ three times, and also, instead of ‘also with you’ it is ‘and with your spirit’.

They also told me to repent and believe in the gospel, when the ashes were applied.

I had made a request of Creator, when I first woke up at 5:00 a.m., for all who were given the ashes on their third eye–to have it OPEN.  So they can see clearly, and have spiritual information given the way it is supposed to be.

This is why I was called to mass. To get the ashes. And to show my sincerity of my heart.

I fasted.

I took communion. It was a million years ago it seemed, where I counted on the blood and body of Christ to give me strength!  I would stop a priest in the halls of the hospital, and ask him for some on the spot!

It felt good to take communion again.

I realized the people present were doing the best they can. They have no clue of the corruption besides the sex scandals (by the way, the three in the area were all Jesuits, who were in lawsuits back in the day…).  Together with Ross, we gave the symbol to resolve karma to everyone there. He said they will do great things, these souls who were at the mass where I was today.

More or less, the system ‘works’, to help people find their way Home–to give them a place to practice their faith, their spirituality…but it could be a whole lot better, you know? It’s not great.

However, I really looked forward to the meditation after communion. It was my favorite part. I saw Ross smiling.

Behind him were some guys I didn’t recognize. I asked him ‘who are they and why are they here?’

They were the apostles.

I said, ‘I thought they hated me?’ and was caught off guard. They were all smiling, and had never once treated me with kindness and love when we were incarnate. I was the enemy, the woman, the ‘side kick’ that wouldn’t go away…

This was the first time they acknowledged my place in the grand scheme of things, and offered me full respect and acceptance in their hearts.  I was deeply moved, and filled with gratitude that at least a part of my nightmare is ended.

I also was delighted to see the eucharist on display at the end of mass. I moved to the very front, and spent time in adoration.  Tears rolled down my face.  It is one of my favorite things I loved to do, adoration of the eucharist. I would sign up for an hour, so He would never be alone. There was a schedule. Lent was one of my favorite times of year…a drawing closer to things that count. Today I offered my complete and full acceptance and approval, of the mysterious plan our Creator has, and although for me personally my part was quite painful, it is complete, and I can focus on what’s right and good from here on out.

There Is No Magic

I bought a book of Houdini’s secrets, along with drawings…but that’s not what I am talking about.

My Aunt Edna used to make all kinds of jello desserts for family gatherings.  My favorite was the one with layers and layers like a rainbow, with each color separated by cream cheese.

I want you to have a picture of that in your mind as I start to talk about the spiritual ‘stuff’.

We are on surface Gaia, in the Illusion, are we not?  Are you still with me? Good.

Then on top of us, in energy, where we can’t see, are the astral planes. I supposed another similar layer is the etheric plane. I’m not sure exactly what layer is where, but above us there is the place we go between lives which is very similar to here.

Above it are all the many dimensions and layers possible of Heaven.

So–starting from our feet, which we know and see and experience, there are finer and finer ‘layers’ of what we can’t see, but can experience, and ‘sense’ as we go ‘up’.

Those who work with magic, both from the ‘Light’ or ‘White’ side, as well as the ‘Dark’ or ‘Black’ side (the latter being Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart)–have figured out the way the system works in the layer or two above ours, and also within ours.

As far as we can ‘see’ from our perspective, it ‘works’…

However, it is not without consequence in the karma of the soul.  Good deeds elevate the vibration of the soul. And ‘bad choices’ lower it. It might LOOK like one ‘gets away with it’ for an incarnation or so, but the time will come  where someone who has hurt others, and enjoyed it, is going to have their due.

How can there be ‘no magic’, you might ask?


Creator gives the life force to everyone. Just like the rain, it falls on the just, and the unjust just the same.

Creator doesn’t have to give it.

In a pinch, on a whim, Creator has the potential to take away not the life breath of the incarnate, but the very substance which creates the soul itself.

Everything else, including ‘the dark side’, is a testament to the eternal love of Creator–to let ‘all things play out’ so we may evolve as souls with our Consciousness.

Sooner or later, each soul is going to figure it out, and find their way home.

For the very few, who are unwilling to change–and have refused all offers of rehabilitation–souls who are so deep into hurting innocent ones–so much so that they are angry and resentful at The Divine–then, their soul is stripped of all the life force that is holding it together, and it merges with Creator–to the sadness of everyone who knows and understands what is going on.

Therefore, on a ‘larger’ scale, this ‘magic’–light or dark–and ‘powerful’, is in Reality, nothing more than an Illusion,  just like with Houdini and his great escapes…

What To Do?

I spent time today at the ‘Land’, a local ‘resort’ where I had my first job. I’m sure if you’ve ever been to Southern California, you have visited it. It is a total tourist place.

Why am I not naming it? To be under the radar from all those web engineering things where large companies look things about themselves up…for ‘market research’…

For four years now, I have done clearings of this place and seen things with my third eye you wouldn’t imagine. Just today, I was on a ride, um, the pirate one, and into my consciousness flashed the images of what happened behind the wall –people in red and white robes in like a circle, chanting, doing horrible things, and seeing flaming torches.

The very ride itself, is structured according to their ‘religion’–including the burnt offering at the end. Have you ever wondered why every ride has some explosion or fire thing in it? It’s like a ‘sacrifice’ that really isn’t one, but is symbolic.

So on a deeper level, one that most people are completely unaware–this place gives homage to The Other Team, if you get my drift. Every ride. Every restaurant. Every everything…

If you don’t believe me, next time you go to the Ben-Gah-L Barbecue, look up at the design over the ‘oven’ thing you can see that cooks the meat. It’s a modified star, two points up.  This restaurant is a ‘holocaust’–not to be confused with the one in world war 2–but an ‘offering’ that is used in their ‘faith’.

So Carla, you might ask, why do you even GO?

Because it’s a place many people go to celebrate birthdays. Today was a special day. So I went.

Also with the amount of ‘cleansing’ I have done on this place, it’s good to keep tabs on it.

I was delighted to see how few really scary things the people were wearing. Six months ago it was all Maleficent and worse. Even the tattoos. Today, the people were much higher vibration in the crowd. There was only one crying child–and his mother was soothing him. We had the special needs people there, and really nice family members and caregivers today too.

Which brings me to the same thing as the mass…people are doing the best they can, and mean well. They bring their families to be together and have fun.

I was praying the whole time! I never stop. But this time it was prayers of gratitude and blessing for what I saw, and with hope for Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart to stop their practices far beneath the surface, and also, what they do with the astral planes, around that place.

It’s time to stop.

Many times a very ‘happy’ place will overlay a very ‘dark’ place, to escape detection. People pick up a ‘vibe’ when things are extremely low vibration. They get the ‘chills’ or the ‘creeps’. With all the activity, and the emotion, going on in the actual amusement park–above–where below is found the number two headquarters for this religion (second only one place which if you have your thinking caps on you might figure it out where it is.)–which has gone completely unnoticed.

This brings me to the last part–I’m sorry, but people are making the hand gestures for Team Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart ‘cool’.  I’ve seen a little girl in a car commercial do it. I’ve seen Bindi Irwin do it on her big ‘win’. At the Super Bowl, Gaga and Beyonce and Bruno all made that sign.

When you know what to look for, their Team is flashing their ‘gang signs’ all over the place, to each other, on the buildings…it’s so totally obvious! It’s blatant.

So here we are souls totally surrounded by these ‘magicians’, souls of the ‘light side’ who are Awakening and by doing so, are being released from the control. of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.

This is good.

And although I would have LOVED for people to clue in on the Halftime Show and the Super Bowl and the Commercials–all with an ‘agenda’–I was pleased by how many just said about the game, ‘it was fixed’.  Their emotional investment was like, not even a blip.

Remember, Energy Flows where ATTENTION Goes is a maxim for any type of ‘magic’, light or dark.

And also, The STRONGEST energy ‘wins’.

So by people saying ‘it was fixed’ and not caring–poof!–there goes the driving power in one big fizzle…

So, when we step back, and look at the BIG picture:

  • Creator is all-loving but is not unaware of the situation down here.
  • We have Ross and all the many teams who are highly advanced to help us break free of the control of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart
  • People ARE waking up enough to raise the vibration in the collective
  • Other things like vaccines and GMO and Roundup are really not fooling anyone at this point.
  • We are all brothers and sisters, worthy of love of Creator and one another–even people on ‘the other team’. Unfortunately, dealing with them is best handled by souls with experience and expertise in this delicate work of rehabilitation. So just love in general sent their way is a good thing. We don’t need to roll up our sleeves and do the work for THAT one! Isn’t that great?
What we have is an organization who took control by taking advantage of our weaknesses. They kept changes to just under the threshold where we would take notice or panic. They kept the changes SLOW, as in one a generation…planning things out for their children’s children to carry out for them after they die.  They appealed to our senses and our emotions, making us lulled into thinking ‘everything is hunky-dory’ when in fact, it was the opposite. So we were ‘tricked’…
But on a karmic level, we can’t plead ‘ignorance’ to the whole plan of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.  Yes we were tricked. But as a collective, we did not have the moral fiber to stand up and call them on it for tricking us.  Anyone who was deeply close to spirit, would make the call a long time ago. And since most people are not exactly ‘deeply close to spirit’ like Yogurt Peanuts (see two days ago’s blog) is…there will be something owed by us all, all of humanity, for not stopping the torture and abuse that went on at the hands of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart for as long as it did.
Forgiveness is important.
So is having trust in our teams, and in the plan, and in your heart.
Carla has written a lot here. It is all starting to coalesce in her mind, in her Consciousness, about ‘how things work’.
You might not be ready to hear it.
You might not be ready for what she has to say.
If you read this, and blow it off, it is because you just ‘haven’t got there yet’.
That is why I am here.  To help in this department. I have and I did and I do…all I can…to take on the karma for those who know not what is going on, in a higher sense.
Just read it, and allow it, even if you are not understanding it at first glance, to let the information soak in.
Carla planted the seeds.
Your Guides and our teams are going to water them.
And stand back!
These are going to make Jack in The Beanstalk seeds’ results look TINY! (he smiles and rubs his hands together not flat but bent–ed)
(clap clap!)  I know you were waiting for me to do this! (he smiles)
Aloha and Mahalos,
Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Conflagrates
P.S. ROSS came up with that word! LOL. It fits! We are seraphim. ❤ xoxoxox
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