Vulnerable Story — Gaia News Brief 12 February 2016 by Reiki Doc

There was an excellent article on discernment (click here for article) and I thought you might like to hear my story of when I was vulnerable and going through my first divorce.

It was April.

I had wanted a divorce since Thanksgiving. And right before Christmas, my beloved Nannu Filippo died.  Although Mark had said I have every reason to ask for a divorce, he changed his mind, drove five hundred miles here from the Bay Area, came to the funeral uninvited, sat next to me (the extended family didn’t know) and brought blue and gold carnations to try to win me back (our school colors). My uncle told him the situation, and was in cahoots with him. I left Mark because of emotional abuse that was severe. It was a long day, but after that I didn’t want to stir the pot.

I just let it sit, and didn’t call him.

I think in March, my friend Andrea took me to a place to learn my rights and how to get a divorce. Some free legal clinic or women’s shelter or something.

But in April, I found the courage to go to a crystal shop I’d never been to before. It was called the Crystal Shard. You could see it where the 8 freeway meets the 5, on the right.

There was an old school bus with paint on it to advertise the business.

I had a funny feeling when I went in. But I was curious and wanted to know what was inside.

There weren’t many crystals!

I told them I wanted a spiritual divorce.  I wanted to cut the energy ties to help me in the process of my legal divorce.

On the good side, they gave me a referral to a lawyer, who did the divorce for three thousand dollars. I never once met him. We communicated by phone, and I was instructed to leave papers in a mail box and come pick them up. He was a scary lawyer, and did the trick with Mark. I think her overcharged me by a lot–it was a straightforward divorce with no assets or children…

But the women at the place had me lie with a crystal on my chest, on my back on the floor, for one hour, so I would get my ‘spiritual divorce’.

Then they told me I had to come back.

I had to bring them pink toilet paper (they used to dye it back in the 1990’s still). One roll.

I went home, and next chance I had, I brought it back.

Then they told me–they were creepy the whole time–I had to buy a necklace of amethyst (graduated faceted rondelles) for ‘my new life’–for three hundred dollars.

I did, but I hated the energy of it.

At this point I would do ANYTHING for a divorce, no matter how unpleasant.

Then they called and said they gave me the necklace but ‘it wasn’t right for me’ and I had to give it back.

So I went back.

Then they said, ‘You are very psychic and need to go with us to Sedona’ for THREE thousand dollars.  They wanted me to meet them early in the morning on a certain day.  I wrote the check.

I called my mom to explain the situation and say goodbye to her.

I was in medical school at the time.

Mom freaked out and said, ‘You are not going anywhere with those people!’

She told me to stop payment on the check, which I did.

Well, those people came to the house while I was at medical school. The apartment management building told me.

They also came to the SCHOOL looking for me, even to the auditorium.

Fortunately, I wasn’t  there! I was out for a swim with my friends Townson and Madhav (Buddhist and Hindu).  When we came back to my next lecture, the school admissions office was kind of freaked out those people were searching for me.

Townson and Madhav looked at each other, and said, ‘Carla, you can’t go home. Not yet. This has to blow over.’

They went with me to my house, and I got a few things. I think I brought with me my turtle, the only pet I had.

And I stayed with them.

I lived with Madhav and Townson for about six weeks.

They never charged me rent. I slept on the floor. I had a key to their apartment.

Their apartment wasn’t the best location. Although their unit was bright and airy–I walked by some creepy middle east type folks’ apartments to get there. (it later turned out these were the ‘cells’ for the 911, according to the news).

But the times I spent with them were very pleasant. We spoke of spiritual things. Townson taught me how according to Buddhist tradition, everyone has a little flag on their shoulder that says how they are going to die. They were different colors. I recall the red one was a traumatic, early death…

Madhav was vegan. Very devout. Super firm in his faith. He did a research to India project over the summer on how people who sell their kidneys for transplant DO financially after selling their body part.

They stay poor.

They don’t know how to manage the money…

I foresaw he would meet a woman there on his trip who would become his wife. I was correct…

Once the ‘coast was clear’ I never had any trouble from these metaphysical people again.

And I went to the school lawyer, who DIDN’T do divorces, to write a letter to that legal counsel of mine–to make sure he went away, kept in line. This lawyer ALSO wrote a ‘letter of no contact’ for me to the Crystal Shard, so I could sue if they ever contacted me again.

It was REALLY embarrassing to tell the school lawyer and my friends what happened.

Now, though the lens of time, I saw I was vulnerable.

I was DOUBLY vulnerable because I was spiritually a baby in this incarnation. I knew just enough to get myself into trouble.

This was because there were people who were ready to take advantage of me.

It reminds me of the birds who wait for the baby turtles to hatch and run to the sea–very ‘opportunistic’…

Now today, as I write this, I see my tale might be of use to some of you who are ‘just waking up’…

I was protected by Source in this lesson, and also by my friends and family, and my medical school.

But it wasn’t easy.

Our community here with Doctors With Reiki, is one of lovingkindness,  and available gratis for mutual support.  Once you get to know people, you will ‘sense’ their intentions.

And everything is going to be okay.

I can’t promise this for the people who sell things or even promote the special ‘deals’ on the internet or in person. I saw an ugly interchange between a ‘Metatron’ who debuked Divine Mother herself online yesterday…

I want you to know these people who are CONVINCED they ‘are something’ and are the first to tell you probably aren’t.

Real Masters won’t tell you, even when asked. Their energy signature will announce itself–their identity.

But also, in these desperate times, there are a lot of Monarch-raised individuals, who have been programmed to think they are ‘so and so’ too. The internet is full of people of dubious reputation, much like those I met at the Crystal Shard–as well as those who are brought up to believe something that ins’t true.  They are tricky, these folks, and not insurmountable.

Every time I hear a performer or politician say, ‘God bless America’, I wonder to myself,
is THEIR God the same thing as MY God?’. I know by their actions, their hand gestures, their history (if you look things up on alternate news)–it is not the Creator of All That Is they are asking to ‘give the blessing’…

It is what it is.

Be gentle, loving and kind to yourself as we enter this phase of Ascension.

And love.


Plant seeds of kindness.

Everything is going to be okay…


Carla read about me last night.

She manifested it.

Although her line-up had her doing a large case at the end of the day, one where there would be electronic music blaring, much interaction with the surgeon, and a loud O.R.–that case was assigned to another room.

She got one where she was concerned she would have to remind the patient to breathe for hours in a twilight sleep prone. But it was a general anesthetic! She could easily monitor vital functions AND read.

She finished the book by Yogananda Parmahansa.

And realized two things–NO, he didn’t ‘see’ me ‘pop in’ in a physical body. (taps the forehead–ed) It was through his mind’s eye!

And she learned of what I did to escape reincarnation. The yoga meditation protocol is spelled out, right there at the end.

Carla was very glad she read that.

Carla has been sad, in her own heart.

Carla feels like ‘she never had enough time’ to love me with her heart.  Carla feels rejected from our past life, with what happened between us, and how I lived my life at the end, and died for it.

Carla knew all along that in laying down my body, I will never come back! It’s not the same. Even though I did, in my own way, and I ate, and I showed myself to her first, I wouldn’t even permit her to touch me, my ‘apparition’.

Carla knows and Carla trusts that this is Illusion, all of this.

But Carla is making a running commentary to Divine Father the whole time she reads! This SUCKS! This isn’t right. Of all the cray cray things…and shakes her head inwardly…

So Carla has the unique insight in reading the book to know what is in alignment with her memories, what is a ‘spin’ due to what Yogurt Peanuts could be ‘told’ by me, and how much Hindu influence is in it too.

Carla critiques.

But at the same time, Carla accepts and allows.

Carla is not going to fight What Is.

She did go several times to Divine Father, directly, to speak her heart, and to ask for assistant in her coping with it.

I actually appeared to Carla to caution her not to read the end of the book. Are you sure? I asked.

Her courage is strong, and Carla applied it in reading this book to the end.

She also manifested her dinner. Pizza and pasta provided by the hospital to the O.R.

Today is a late start-that one was manifested too–and a short day, which is good because Anthony has no school. A friend will watch him.

For you who are in any of the stages of Awakening, in today’s blog article, you have a beginning, a middle, and an end.

You have Carla’s awakening and running for her life!  You have the resolution of her divorce with the help of friends and family. You have our example at the end of which I describe.

So, no matter what, no matter WHERE you are in your awakening journey, (points to his head–ed) apply discernment!

(clap clap!–ed)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twin Souls

P.S. I also approve of this article. This is a first, and very rare, so I thought I’d mention it. Carla