The Tour Of The Gaia Consciousness — Gaia News Brief 15 February 2016 by Reiki Doc

Why a Tour?

Yesterday I was backup and work called me in. I had one case to do. At ten forty-five. I enjoyed my morning, had a nice breakfast, and brought Anthony to work with me. I had him stay in the nurse’s lounge. It was only a five minute case, but the preparations take longer. We were separated about an hour.Another case moved up. I needed to stay. It was only a half-hour case.

I bought Anthony lunch in the hospital cafeteria. We got little cupcakes for Valentine’s day. Then…I made him comfortable in the Doctor’s lounge, and did my case. Much to my surprise, the family said it was a two hour case! So I warned Anthony not to worry, and gave him a phone number to call for the recovery room nurse, just in case.

The case went well, and did take two hours.

Anthony was so patient. I found him lying on the couch with two pillows and blankets, watching a movie. The nurses had brought him the pillows and warm blankets.

So I offered him a tour of the Operating Room.

I got him the fake scrubs that are disposable and go over the clothes. I got him the REAL surgeon’s had, not the bouffant one. And the shoe covers.

I showed him pre-op, the sink where surgeons scrub their hands, and one of the operating rooms. I had him help me check the anesthesia machine. He saw how the OR table moves and pushed the buttons. He saw every drawer of my cart and asked what everything is. The drug tray REALLY impressed him! And he turned on the big OR lights too.

I showed him our anesthesia workroom, with all the equipment, and I told him I know what each item is, and how it works.

I also stopped by the window to the room where they clean and store all the instruments.

He didn’t want to go home. He wanted to finish his movie. I made us each a cinnamon coffee in the coffee maker that brews one cup at a time. We take milk in it to cool it.

There sometimes is no other way to show a loved one what we DO all those hours when we are away from the home, except to take them on a tour of it. To experience it first-hand…

What Is The Gaia Consciousness?

I have been needing Ross big time. Like a child needs their mom.

I can now experience the feeling of being in his arms at will. I just have to concentrate. I’m still somewhat ‘blind’ –but I can ‘find my way’ ENOUGH to really feel his love through the veil, and get to that total relaxation and submission to your partner and best friend, and in our case, Twin.

Then Saul published THIS:

I also have been having some problems with Yogurt Peanut’s philosophy. As I fell asleep I told Divine Father I don’t WANT to have to ‘meditate hard’ and ‘give everything up’ only to ‘find my way out through the top of my head to experience The Divine’.

Divine Father said, ‘Carla, you do that ALREADY–you just come and go! You don’t have to do what he says…’ (I call it ‘that holy shit’ to Ross and Divine Father, by the way, just so you ‘feel me’.)

Then Yogurt Peanuts showed up.

And the funniest thing happened!

This new energy started to flow through my being, and it felt warm and nice like with Ross, only it was coming from me. I was emitting it.

I told him who I am. He was a little unsettled, and stepped back.

I asked him how did you mention me in your work?  (we both knew he didn’t, not for who I am, my true role).

I told him how the way of nature, the Divine Feminine, IS holy. Nature is holy, perfect, Divine. There are some attachments that are healthy, and meant to exist to allow the Divine Feminine to flow…

Then Ross came, and embraced me from behind.

Our Consciousness emitted as a form of joy that was blended!  There was his, and mine, flowing out from both of us in spirals.  It is OURS when it is in combination.

Both are important for the healing of Ascension.

Yogurt Peanuts got the point. There was no anger, blame or defense.  He has been asked to contact his own people, to correct any mistakes in the ‘official story’, and both of us thanked him profusely for his love and sacrifice to produce his fine work that he did while he was incarnate.

The Status Quo

I am going to provide you a series of articles, if you choose to read them. I have a few comments for each:

  • This one REALLY bothered me. A lot. So did the comments. We don’t do this in a Sicilian household. There is an invisible line you just don’t cross. The parents will take it and take it and take it and then BAM–that’s it! Disowned forever. You always show courtesy and respect to your parents. I actually didn’t disagree with my mom and dad, ever. The one time I spoke up father stopped talking to me for three days. I told him it was unfair for him to take vacations expensive by himself when mom works as hard as you and never gets to enjoy any vacations herself. Yup.  The reason I mention it here at all, is that this RESPONSE just ‘might’ have something to do with all the ‘programming’ by Children’s Media. In Monarch Mind Control Disney is encouraged. The children are allowed to watch lots and lots of their work. There are hidden symbols/words to reinforce the programming. Just like with Lilo, Brit-Knee, or Hanna Monta-nah, the girls IDENTIFY with the wholesome ‘role model’, then are helpless and torn to WATCH as their ‘heroine’ goes um, ‘grows up’ kind of ‘unwholesome’ before their eyes.  The common denominator of all these films is an absent parent or joke of a parental figure…from Bambi all the way up to Jesse…
  • This article arrived in my news feed and I don’t think it was by accident. It supports the first one. And it is generic for ALL kinds of abuse children experienced growing up.
  • This blog post is delightful and refreshing after the other two LOL. You need a break!
  • I usually don’t post this author but it really explains well the situation we are in: karmically our society is ‘on the hook’ for permitting this abuse to happen. Generations of karma have racked up. And someone needs to ‘step up to the plate to fix it! (BTW tonight’s Grand-ma-y music ‘awards’ are actually a ‘ritual’ if you know where to look at what ‘symbols’)
  • This video in the link is about a man who is a descendent of plantation owners who has spent eight million dollars of his own to fight ignorance on slavery, and to raise the consciousness of the horrible travesty that happened to the African-America people.
  • Another author I rarely post came up with this article on St. German for how to manifest. I enjoyed it because it is happening to me. I stay calm, in the moment, and BOOM! Things just fall right in my lap. For example, today I have off, and there is no school. I was scheduled to work, but it just ‘happened’.  It also explains how I can ‘enjoy’ Ross, here and now, with my Consciousness–which I suspect is all there really ‘is’ of me in the big picture…
  • Just in case you missed this as a P.S. on an older post. It’s true. LOL. Look up at the title of this post!
  • Lastly, I had another ‘I am a seraphim!’ because ‘so and so told me so’ comment submitted to the Known Incarnations of Angels. I deleted it. The energy signature didn’t match, and I checked with Divine Mother, who asked Divine Father. A week ago, incarnate Divine Mother really was upset over a ‘false one’ posting. We have this all the time now, with people taking my work from the codes and not crediting me. And people saying they are me, too. I realized that some are much worse than the paid ‘trolls’ who are hired to ‘disrupt’ the flow of information on the internet–SOME–are truly ‘programmed’ by the Monarch Method to ‘believe’ who they are. It is best to let this go, and not confront these individuals.  MY children know my voice, and they will answer my call. I am not interested in everyone, only those who know me, and remember me from past lives. Any extras are a total blessing! And WELCOME! But I know why I was sent, what I was sent to do, and I am doing it. End of story.
Now Divine Mother wants me to give the ‘pictures’. I have selected many from my photo site–123RTF–where I purchase the images I share always here with you.
I stand with my wife, my Twin.
Aloha and Mahalos,
Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple
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I am not only a single mom but also a sirian starseed and a lightwarrior, incarnated on Earth for this time to help Gaia and Humankind during Ascension. I know my true origins, that I am the true incarnations of Lady Maria and Archangel Gabrielle. As my beloved Twin Flame said in his message, the time for me to be hidden is over.

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