The Truth Fits — Gaia News Brief 17 February 2016 by Reiki Doc

Manifesting In Action

Yesterday I was scheduled to go to work to do one very small case. Already I had Monday off. I needed more work.

Again I was relaxed, let go of the outcome (this is the critical part), and let whatever was to happen, happen.

In other words, I accepted however it may turn out as being for the highest good, for me.

Guess what?

My relief was stuck over in the surgery center. I got one more case!

But then he came back…I didn’t get the next one in the line-up. I was a little disappointed, but then, the charge nurse said, ‘So and so is delayed, and can’t come over to do this case. You will need to do it.’

I was like, ‘Okay!’

But once I got the patient asleep and put in the tube, the ‘so and so’ walked in. They were surprised. I explained the situation, and what I did.  She said, ‘this OTHER person should have come in my room and I should have had their lineup–with ‘other’ as call four (better position)–and her as call eight’.

She announced, ‘I give you one half hour (before I relieve you)!’

I was like, ‘Okay’ and scrambled to catch up on the charting.

Laster…she texted me…would you like to keep the case and be call 8?

I called the front desk–‘if I keep this may I go home after?’


So I texted ‘sure’.

And it was done.

I had time to pick up Anthony. I went home and made a special bracelet to control the blood sugar of a very close friend.

Spirit designed it. ‘lots of pearls’ and one more stone. They were beautiful faceted rondelles in a nice pink color…

The other day I had looked longingly at the sushi place with the little belt I used to visit when Anthony was with his dad. Only lately, Anthony doesn’t like sushi or want to go.

My very dear friends who are visiting here from out of town posted a photo from there, and I was like, oh well, I guess I won’t get to go.  We had dinner plans for yesterday.

Who would want to go two nights in a row to the same place?

THEY did!

The sushi belt is upgraded. Now instead of a waiter, the top belt brings your special order items to you, and it rings.

They even have a plate chute, and you get special films and awards when you have enough plates. A giant ‘gumboil machine’ gives you one ‘shell’–we got a tiny sushi plate and a squid keychain…Our group had over fifty plates.

I Asked For It
Ross is soothing me right now. I have to write something very uncomfortable. He is playing me Time In A Bottle, by Jim Croce…it helps…
Yesterday morning I wanted to read up on the Grammy Awards. I wanted to see the latest videos of what they were really doing with that ‘ceremony’.
As you very well know, I have been awake and aware to the actions of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart since I read this article and every hyperlink attached to it, when it was first posted in July 2012.
I have educated myself by watching videos, mostly of the ‘stories from survivors of  ritual abuse’ kind.
I know a survivor who has gone on to become a Christian minister/counselor–this person work in the area but I won’t expose the identity. She was a multiple personality disorder, who said her father used to impregnate her and then sacrifice the baby at birth. She has been pregnant MANY times, and no one ever suspected a thing because she was a big girl–people thought it was just the weight.
I like to think of myself as ‘on the same team as Jesus’.
I learned of him when I was seven. My mother taught me to pray every night. We went to Bible school, at a local church. Our family was catholic, but we went there. When Pastor Peek started to talk politics, daddy stopped going.
He said church and politics shouldn’t mix.
Mom tried valiantly to keep us going to church, but it was hard all by herself. We were little.
We stopped going.
I went to mass on Easter with my cousins in Morongo Desert when our family was there. zWe stayed at my Aunt Jean’s cabin, and all of us rode motorcycles in the day and slept on the floor in sleeping bags at night.)
I wanted to take communion like them, but I couldn’t. I never had the education to do it–neither did my sister.
But when she was seven and her friend took the catechism, mom signed us both up, bless her, and I was one of the oldest first communions ever.
It was one of the happiest days of my life.
I went to mass every week for the rest of my life until July 2012 when I read that article.  (It says where the headquarters of the church of satan is. ) I didn’t want one penny going to the deep pockets of that organization.
Once I made Karuna Reiki level, I began to work closely with my Karuna Reiki guides. I have two. This is highly unusual. I have the Buddha, and also, Jesus, too.  I see them, I talk with them. I also talk with the Archangels.  Divine Mother and Divine Father too. Many advanced Reiki students work with these Divine Guides. How do you think Jesus did his miracles? Legend has it Mikao Usui spent thirty years of his life researching original documents in Greek, Tibetan, and Japanese to answer the question posed to him by a student–‘how did Jesus do the miraculous healings of the body?’
I always love my guides.
I always strive to be their hands and hearts incarnate on earth for them. You know? To help OUR team, for Heaven.
Yesterday I saw three videos:
What kind of freaked me out is I had a dream about Lady Gaga and Carrie Underwood. At 0700 February 15, 2016, I wrote in my journal how I had dreamed of an apartment full of roommates. Then I took Lady Gaga and Carrie Underwood to get their hair done by my stylist Ed. It was for something. And I was able to take my mom in to meet them. My mom embraced Lady Gaga and was very happy, delighted. I didn’t know the two had such a connection. (both are Italian, but for mom it was the happiest she had ever been in her life, and I told Gaga).
Gaga didn’t like that. She also didn’t like me. She acted afraid of me, and was openly annoyed.
I woke up.
I don’t watch T.V., and I didn’t KNOW she was in the Grammy awards. And I usually never dream!
But I spoke with Parmahansa Yogananda immediately after Gaga in the dream. I have completed his two volumes, ‘The Second Coming of Christ’.  We had an interesting exchange, in my dream/spirit, as it was early morning. I let him know who I am, openly, and asked him what he did for me in his book? (completely ignored my role in his discussion on ‘salvation’).  He took responsibility. Then I had this energy flowing out from my core–it is the Gaia Consciousness. It feels wonderful, like Nature and Life is in complete and total harmony on earth. Ross came behind me, and he has the Christ Consciousness coming from his core–and he embraced me, wrapping his arms from behind.
This energy is incredibly soothing, and now, blended, and going out to humanity since just before  0700 on Monday.
Well back to Tuesday morning…at the computer…when I innocently ‘clicked’ a ‘like this page’ on FB as requested by the channel person narrating the video, because as DWR I wanted to support their work.
Well, out of the blue, someone made a comment to a Reiki Request from last August–about how–(Ross wants me to post it word for word and all of our interactions)
Reader:  Reiki is not healing from the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob, it is new age healing and not good! Read, meditate and speak the healing scriptures out loud! Something worse might come on you later if you get into new ave healing! Chrystal’s nonsense from evil! God heals through chosen vessels, prayer and his Holy Word!

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Doctors With Reiki
Doctors With Reiki Ross and I thank you for your share. We do read, and live, what is in the Bible in all we do. We love everyone. Aloha and mahalos, Namaste, Peace.

Doctors With Reiki's photo.
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 Do you charge money for this reiki filth!

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Reader: I bet these 6000 likes that maybe using reiki are sicker than me!
With love and gratitude to you for your honesty, we send you our heartfelt blessings in Peace. You are beautiful an perfect the way you are. Forever. Namaste. This is from Ross for you with so very much love: John 14:6New International Version (NIV) 6 Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”
I am showing you love in telling you that if you are either practicing reiki or engaged in it yourself, you are engaged in the demonic! You have been forwarded in Jesus mighty name!

Satan can quote scripture too! It doesn’t mean he is for Jesus Christ! If you are getting money to open up the doors to the demonic, well I feel sorry for you and who you treat!

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 Ross told me not to say anything more.
All the interactions described in the book by Paramahansa Yogananda about the end of Jesus’ life suddenly made sense!
All the miracles.
All the refusal to believe.
The attack on Jesus that WAS from satan–there was no other way to describe it. The people were in a frenzy to crucify him. Even Pilate couldn’t get them to calm down, saying, ‘he is innocent’.
I realized at once WHY Ross has been guiding me to move to my friend’s home all this time–there is a courtyard, and a gated community. The entire house and back yard is extremely private.
I wished I had spoken up and accepted the offer to purchase it a long time ago.
Even if it is far away from everything, and we have to let go of all of our community we love.
This person is just the tip of the iceberg!
Their hate is overwhelming!
Because ‘their Jesus’ is ‘what they were taught’ and ‘what they have believed’ and ‘this is perceived as an attack’.
My good friends were so wonderful to see last night. I love them like family, she is my sister, and I am too embarrassed to talk about these things. But SHE ‘feels energy’ too–and she is the one who explained to me why this man was attacking me for my ‘Reiki Filth’.
She also said that at CERN, they are ‘trying to find data to prove there are multiverses’.
When she said that, I went, ‘Oh my GOD! so THAT is to CREATE that which has never been CREATED that Gaga was talking about!’
They wanted to make a new Universe for the Dark!
Fortunately, I KNOW in my bones, that Creator of All That Is, and my uncles, Creators Of The Multiverses–Uncle Belu, Uncle Wawa, Uncle Marty, and Uncle Sid are way too smart for any of that.
And besides, people are getting bored.
Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart are dependent on two things to survive–the attention of the public–and MONEY. Lots of it.
Remember how with the super bowl people just said, ‘It’s fixed’?
The young people are just higher evolved souls.
And as the vibrations on surface Gaia go UP, the dark ones will lose their hold on the public.
It is happening as we speak.
I wish to thank everyone personally who responded to my Reiki Request for me and Ross with this reader–to help us endure and to turn the other cheek.  Around three p.m. I felt it, and I felt a calm washing over me.
I know everything is going to be okay…
It finally arrived, too. My pre-ordered Doreen Virtue card decks, ‘The Loving Words From Jesus’.  I had ordered three.
I got the one that was Fear Not…
I am not angry at this ‘reader’ who harassed Carla and accused her in mistake.
Neither is Carla.
We are both shocked and upset by the hatred that was exposed to Carla at this time.
Carla understands who she is, and totally accepts it.
As do I, when I was incarnate and walked upon the Earth.
If anything were to happen to either of us, LOVE.
I want you to love everything and everyone, with your heart.
It is the only way to achieve independence from those who do not have our best interest at heart. (please note I do not capitalize it–nothing is capitalized for me–he smiles)
Aloha and Mahalo,
Ross and Carla