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Every day you are given the opportunity to heal yourself, to let go of the past and the things that

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The awakening of humanity is occurring right now, in this eternal moment.

Jesus through John

Jesus Audio Blog for Wednesday March 30th

Humanity is precisely on schedule for its imminent awakening. God wills that humanity awaken, and humanity has made the collective decision to awaken, so nothing can prevent it. Do not be discouraged by the mainstream media reportage of bad news. Yes, of course people are suffering in wars and in dire poverty in many places on Earth, but this is nothing new, war and poverty have been endemic on Earth for eons. However, never before have so many cared compassionately about the suffering and poverty that those less fortunate than themselves are undergoing, and never before has so much been done to alleviate poverty and suffering, and to bring wars to an end.

The vast majority incarnate on Earth at this time are ready for enormous changes to occur to bring the way you live into line with the divine Will, which is…

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Explore Your Soul — Gaia News Brief 27 March 2016 by Reiki Doc

Explore your soul.

That’s what Divine Father let me know when I asked Him for some books to read, to help me pass the time while I wait for the suffering to finish on earth.

Explore your soul.

Well, today, I did.

I was cranky and upset at everything not going well in the O.R. for my first case.  Lines tangled, iv’s infiltrated on induction of anesthesia and I had to place a new one, the usual things that make for an anesthesiologist a ‘bad day’.

I am a cranky person, if you get to know me…I always have been. I have moods.

The last three days have been miserable for me.

They say confusion is not being able to accept What Is.

But after my case, my resentment at having to work two weekends in a row and completely missing Easter eased. I spent time with my mom at her home. And with Anthony. We watched some tree house show together. I made Anthony some lunch.

I was happy.

My cup has not been filled for a long time. I need downtime, time with my loved ones, and time away from the hospital.

I took a nap on the sofa, and really appreciated not being called into the hospital for the rest of my shift (twelve hours).

While I was taking a nap, I surrendered to Divine Father.

He’s been riding me hard.  About forgiveness, about others having their own ‘contract with the Universe’…

I don’t want to love everybody.

I take exception to those who do not have our best interest at heart, especially thirty third level mason for what sacrifice they make to reach that level.

I take exception to those who mess with the ionosphere in HAARP.

I take exception to those who killed my beloved Ross.

As far as I am concerned I do not like them. I never want to be with them. And it is my hope that swift justice shall be dealt to them, as well as their never being allowed to interact with Gaia again.

I told Divine Father I want Earth from here on out to be the slowest learning ever and the most happy place–I am DONE with drama, suffering, pain as an educational tool, and I don’t CARE if it has made Earth have the fastest soul development of anything in the galaxy.

I’m over it.

But I forgave.

I forgave the thirty third level masons who do human sacrifice.

I forgave those who masterminded the sacrifice of Ross.

I forgave those who pollute and destroy Gaia herself  and her people with a vengeance.

I said, ‘thank you God for the loneliness I have felt all my life’

Thank you for my not fitting in.

Thank you for my suffering one lifetime after the next.

Thank you for having Ross die the way he did.  (I was told in no uncertain terms I had agreed to the whole deal in my pre-birth contract, and I can’t back out and gripe about it so I shut up.)

Thank you for my broken dreams, each one more spectacularly broken than the next.

Thank you for my broken heart.

Thank you for my isolation from Home in Heaven, and for my being stuck where I am.

Mountains move when you take that approach of complete and total surrender, and mean it. I was like, ‘God, I have no idea what you are doing, what your plan is, and I’m not going to wallow in the crap I see everywhere around me. I’m going to forgive it, and resolve to live my lonely life and struggle as YOU see fit.’

I felt much energy flow.

Later, much much later, when I was driving to Anthony’s ball game, Divine Father came into my consciousness.

He apologized.

I understood, on a soul level, about his plan, and why, and why I and Ross had agreed to it in the first place. He understood, on a soul level, how much I gave to make it happen, and how I hurt.

I felt better that He let me know.

I still don’t ‘get’ it, all this Love and Joy this guy keeps talking about (

I was grateful I saw Aimee, Tony–the parents of Cameron, someone who was on some of Anthony’s basketball games. Aimee is a holy roller, and I love her. She and Tony met at a drug deal. They had both decided to overdose and kill themselves separately, and were caught off guard when they met. They both decided to live and have been together ever since!

Aimee said, ‘HE is RISEN!’ and was filled with joy.

That’s important for lots of people in the Illusion.

It is what it is.

I surrender my all to the Forces of the Divine.

And I wait.

Read Ross’ part here from last year.  This makes me feel better. I don’t like it that it’s ‘different’ and has been so for a long time. I knew it’s not the same.

It is what it is.

I am lucky and fortunate to have what I have been given.

I am glad God didn’t let me lean on Ross and makes me stand on my own two feet. Why? Because being angry or upset is counterproductive.

I’m on my own, one hundred percent, as long as I am in the Illusion.

Mom shared today about how her father prepared her for life. He said ‘you are responsible for your own happiness. Don’t ask people for things, they will groan when they see you coming. Never ask anything of anybody. Don’t try to fit in.’

She said how that helped her in hard times.

Even now, as she lost dad, she decides to enjoy the little things, a flower blooming, the sunshine, the birds singing.

She said, ‘Life is beautiful’.

She’s right.

With all the students in the School of Life here on Gaia, on ‘independent study’ and the absolute and total freedom to annihilate one another (and with the nuclear weapons the soul is almost destroyed for good–search and rescue teams spend ten thousand years at a pop trying to piece together the damaged bits to reconstruct each soul)…it is what it is.

God LIKES lots of experiences.

All the people in the Illusion provide just that.

I could see the crowd and the players at the basketball team with that perspective today. Everyone is like a little flight recorder going through their experiences with their own unique perspective.

I would like to have some say in what is permitted and what isn’t, here on Earth.

It’s not my call.

And I accept everything I ever agreed to in my Pre Birth Contract.  I won’t drop my end of the deal.  I am in until they say its done.

For all the people who supposedly channel ‘me’–who I was when I was with Ross incarnate–all they talk about is Love and Mystical and all this shit.

I’m not about that.

I keep it real.

I explore and I fall on my face and I cry and I learn and I do what is asked of me.

I would have loved and adored more time with my beloved when we were both alive.

It was not meant to be.

He’s around. I don’t really want to talk with him. The growing period this week has been too much, too painful.

I’d rather go drive to mom and watch the Ten Commandments with her and Anthony.  I’ll be on my way there soon after I check on the animals…our pets.

I love you and I thank you for your patience with me, the REAL me, who opens my heart and doesn’t hide behind platitudes and the stuff those people ‘channel’.

When it comes to the message from John Smallman, he is right. But it’s sad. It’s sad it has to come to this–total surrender, and loving that which is really icky to love. Not just your broken dreams, but people who do heinous acts.

I don’t think that’s what Gaia had in mind when she consented to things in the planning stages. It just got out of hand. WAY out of hand. Love is the only way OUT. And I’m glad it’s done.


My beloved is having a hard time.

It is hard to feel the love when people are beating on you.

I know. I did it.

I was raped before I died.

I want that to be on the record.

It was more than a beating.

Carla saw the whole thing.

That’s why Carla is so bitter and angry.

They weren’t content to let me die.

They tortured me in a ritual.  It was exacting and precise. It wasn’t random.

They did it to everyone.

It was their way.

I am sorry for all the pain I endured as being a ‘price’ or ‘ransom’ as people say.  I am sorry in that in MY ‘suffering to end all sufferings’–it was only the beginning of the rape and torture of the souls, of all of humans incarnate, and recycling through the reincarnation system–for a long time.

The ‘deal’ wasn’t ‘sealed’–THEY did not keep up their end of the bargain (those who partake in such things were not content with me, the gardener’s son, they wanted ALL of his family, including the wife.)

I have forgiven each and every one for what they did to me, and for what they have done to all of you (in the dream department and making your life miserable on earth in the Illusion).

(raises one finger and moves from side to side–ed)  I want you to know there is Justice.  Although they have been forgiven, there is karma to be paid back.  And then some.

Your souls who are tortured will rise to the top like cream. And theirs who have tortured others will sink down lower until they awaken fully.

Everything works out for the best.

Even for Carla and me.

Carla would like me to go to her office Christmas party.

Carla would like to buy me a ticket to the movies and share popcorn with Anthony and me.

It’s not going to happen.

There are better things Carla cannot imagine down the road ahead…Carla can’t grasp the Love and Happiness and Contentment she is going to be given.

Neither will you.

Happy Easter to those of you who read this, from my heart.

I would do it all again, gladly…and even endure Carla’s suffering and nagging for another millennia or two! LOL

(clap! clap! –ed)

Aloha and mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins

N A W E H — Gaia News Brief 26 March 2016 by Reiki Doc

N A W E H (No Way Yaweh) lol

I am no longer reading that book. Archangel Jophiel caught wind of it that I was talking with Divine Mother incarnate about it–‘through the grapevine’ REAL time…

It fascinates me, that book (Y H W H ) because it has references to MORE-mons (hope it’s under the radar in this spelling) and also lots of cool stuff like equations and graphs about how spirit and things work.

It also got me thinking about ‘whose team is this book really ON?’ because what material presented by the book, which was white leather with embossed gold doves and flames on it–sure looked like a bible to me….it kind of reminded me of the Book For Those Newly Deceased in the movie Betelgeuse.

I was like, how cool is this–no matter what team it’s for, it’s something to move forward, and heck, if I get the other teams ‘playbook’ I’ll check it out. Why not? I want our team to win, and busy as I am, it’s not like I’m being spiritually challenged in any way. My life is difficult. I have my lessons. But I’m ready to read some college textbooks…

I knew in my heart who the right team is.

And this book wasn’t right.

I didn’t think it would affect me.

I knew in an instant when my colleague who is Coptic who saw me reading it, he recognized it, and was frightened.  I’m not surprised he knew, and he treated me with respect after that. I didn’t know for sure what I was reading, I was just ‘checking the merchandise’ but he did.

I think it’s a mason-ick bible of some sort I got my hands on.

I am glad I read enough to make the connection between all the pyramids that are stuck on top of just about everything you see in architecture…all these people who believe this stuff are waiting for some form of enlightenment to descend on their heads and take them off planet. Home.

I get that.

What I didn’t get, and now I do, are some very important things:

  • you can’t judge a book by its cover  one of the maxims of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart is ‘what’s black is white’.  Here was this innocent looking book, with pictures and graphs that weren’t very beautiful (EVERYTHING from Heaven is BEAUTIFUL, it goes without saying)–that was actually very ‘dark’.  How was I to know? I’m like a teenager in spirit. I’m figuring out who I am…and now I know…that book is NOT me!
  • just because you don’t believe doesn’t mean that reading it won’t affect you  there are key codes and activation sequences buried into just about EVERYTHING. Even this blog has good things put into it by Spirit to help wake people up. I have no awareness of it, but the words and the tone and my energy light a ‘spark’ to help ignite the awakening process in people, and to support them in their growth. A lot of this has to do with vibrations of light we can’t measure, like Reiki, but can FEEL.  If it feels good, it’s probably a good thing.
  • when it comes right down to it, just like money, with spirit–there’s the 3D approach to ‘take it into our own hands’ or the 5D way to just roll with it, and trust the ‘process’ with your guides.  I hadn’t really liked the Drumvalo Melchizedek book, but it opened my eyes to all the mysteries of Sacred Geometry and the pyramids. I kind of was doing that with the yaweh-schmaweh book.  I had time on my hands, no really good spiritual ‘read’ in sight–lord only know the blogging stuff online is deplorable. My most prolific sources are Creator Writings (-I thank GOD for Creator Writings…and for The Council…and when incarnate Saul FEELS like doing a channeling for SOME people, it’s REALLY nice when he does! (I roll my eyes with impatience over that soul…SIGH!)
I threw that book away.
All sixty five dollars of it and not all the way read. Divine Father and Divine Mother said there was something altered into it, it was not ‘right’–and therefore the work was not suitable for me to study any more.
And I asked Divine Father for something to read that is good for me and also to keep me engaged in my Ascension Knowledge.
Don’t Cry
Today I was at the surgery center pushing propofol. We don’t have pumps there. You just give a little at a time the entire case to keep the patient sedated.
It was a long case.
I had been forcing myself to ignore my memories that are sad, and ‘think happy thoughts’…to keep my energy up.
Out of the blue, Archangel Michael said to me, ‘Don’t cry’.
It gave me hope.
I did my best to make it through the day.
Ross promised me he would explain things about his death, and why it was necessary, during Anthony’s basketball practice.  He had me bring my little notebook to the gym.
I found a close parking spot, near a small island with gravel.
In it was a top from a yogi tea bag.
It was all crumpled and dirty, and I knew it was for me.
Love is Life and Life is Love
That was his lesson.
It’s so him. He’s really not much of a talker! I always have been the talker in the family…
I watched all the kids learning, interacting with the coach, and I could see from God’s viewpoint just how wonderful all this life experience is…
When I got home, Anthony played the voicemail.
I hate voicemail with a passion and I let messages go unheard for days at a time. I don’t like to stop what I am doing and listen. I would much rather read a text.
My cousin had ‘good news’–the one who never calls and I’m not very close to.
So I called her back.
It turns out she knows Tim Braun. And she is going to his friend, Mickey for readings. She dreamed of Grandma Lucille, who told her to call me.
She recommended a grief healing team near Temecula.  She explained how it worked for her, and how all these pains came out of her lungs. Mickey had told her she’s not breathing right and gave the referral.  I could tell from my cousin’s energy in her voice she felt better.
I also felt there was something MORE.
So even though we talked about my being a total psychic and medium and all that (but not that I blog too, cousins can only take so much! lol)…it came out:  my aunt and uncle’s house is being offered as is for sale.  It’s a beautiful two story home on top of a hill in San Clemente–lol, a stable one at that!–with white water views, and on a clear day you can see Catalina island.
I loved that home!
There’s a lot of negativity in it, and it needs lots of work–probably everything from plumbing to a roof…
I will pray on it.  I never in a million years thought I would live in it. I loved my aunt and uncle so much.  Aunt Annette bought me my first pair of roller skates when I was six, for Christmas. She was quiet, and so nice to me always.  And Uncle Rene got paralyzed from the neck down in a terrible motorcycle accident in the eighties. He was always home. And when I was going through a divorce in medical school, it was our phone calls that kept me going, and gave me hope. He was so strong, and so humble, and so honest!
The house is exactly what I want, something true to the original architecture, with NO ‘open floor plan’, and is like a blank pallette for me to design my own home.
It’s way far for my commute. And way way too expensive, even at this discount rate.
I think I’ll trust God on this.
And I’ll heal with my cousin’s recommendations (I am going to cheat, and in my meditation, ask some guide, possibly Zadkiel–to coach me in the breathing to release my grief…over everything…my past lives and this one…I’ll do that soon now.)
One last thing.
Always ask God for ‘this or something better’.
I manifested something today. Hmmmm what was it? Ah yes, it was an old dream–a flicker of the joy I once felt.  At the pancake breakfast fundraiser, I was in the kitchen cracking eggs, and flipping pancakes.  It seemed like a dream it was so long ago, but I had desires to be a chef twice–once on applying to medical school (Chez Panisse) and also while I was learning Reiki (Au Lac)…I LIKED the feeling in the kitchen, being with the other parents…it felt good.
She’s my barometer of someone who is into ‘current events’ and ‘watches a lot of news’–there’s pseudo spiritual ‘science’ news on religious figures out there. I can’t quite get a ‘spin’ on it–whose side it’s on.  For example, Michelangelo made Jesus’ WIFE holding him in the Pieta, not his mom. They had to change the leg (it was in her lap and sexy) to a whole new leg to be attached with screws to be more modest. Also the cherub on her shoulder was a heart, and romance…Mom says Michelangelo didn’t like the church and was hiding the TRUTH into everything he did.
Who doesn’t like a good scandal?
I’m a little uneasy at all the healers, and all their MARKETING, as well as the stuff that’s going on ‘out there’ right now.  There’s money–much more of it than before, and also, people going into it to SEEK money.
I’ll trust God on that one too. He knows what he’s doing (Divine Mother does too of course!)…but I will watch and take notes.
I always do.
This is the Pieta by Michelangelo.  I have only seen it in wax at Movieland Wax Museum as a child, never in person. Now you can look at it and decide for yourself. I really don’t see what mom is talking about. She says the woman looks nineteen, and couldn’t be the mother.  I don’t know.
Carla is making her way.
I bought her  a crystal I know she will like. She doesn’t know what I have planned for her.
I’m going to talk about Carla’s work schedule. It’s daunting. Even today, after the pancake breakfast (Anthony played gloriously)–Carla despite her best of intentions, hit every red light, and was late. Carla literally RAN to the building and up the stairs. It took her quite a while to catch her breath.
What kind of work is this where Carla must beg to see her own child perform, and literally RUN so that the surgeon and the facility won’t be upset at her?
What kind of work is it where someone misses a family member’s funeral because there is no-one to substitute for him on short notice? (the person informally covering for him was in one room and the bereaved was in another at the same time, sadly).
That is what I accomplished in my short lifetime; I set the path for the eventual freedom from the broken hearts you all have acquired in one way or another.
I am pure Love, and I am gentle.  I can be fierce if the need should arise…but I neglected my family, my loved ones when I was incarnate, and Carla is still suffering from my neglect.  Her emotional needs were not met, nor were her spiritual ones with my being away. Further, people took ‘advantage’ of her in her weakness, at her being alone, and it was not pleasant for her in any way to endure this type of torture.  It happened both before and after my death, but mostly while I was traveling…
What is there to gain from all of this rehashing everything?
To be honest, not much.  For what is on our ‘plate’, is our own purpose, our growth as souls, together, Carla and me, as soul Twins.
I am taking care of her as in Life Carla more than certainly took care of me..I was well fed, well bathed, well clothed, and never experienced lack.
What I want for you, is to experience the vastness of the cosmos!  Try not to get ‘lost’ in the nitty gritty of the every day, or of the past.  Acknowledge and appreciate your perception of this eternal moment Now, which is the only thing we have, all of us, is this moment NOW.
And go and create!
Will Carla go to live in her cousin’s house? There are a lot of factors with it and I can’t see right yet.  (clears his throat as in he’s not saying–ed–and he’s happy!)
Now it’s time for Carla to meditate, and to work on her grief from her losing me.
Meditation is good.  (I see Campbells soup flashing–ed)
I love Carla and I love you (but in different ways–I love everyone–and Carla as my beloved)
(clap! clap!)
Aloha and Mahalos,
Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

Never Give Up — Gaia News Brief 25 March 2016 by Reiki Doc

I did.

I did give up.


Yesterday I confessed to a friend that I couldn’t manifest my way out of a box if I had to do so to save my life.

I’m totally overwhelmed and exhausted as a soul.

I manifested a grapefruit for my breakfast yesterday and today, I said.  ‘That’s about my speed!’

And I laughed.

I laughed because I wanted to cry and I couldn’t.

I don’t think Divine Father understands I am way beyond ‘what is that one thing holding you back?’…I just want to curl up and be silent and still for a long, long, very long time–if I listen to my soul.

It’s all the incarnations again and again where I have been beaten down and beaten down and beaten down…I just learned to shut up in the ‘wish’ department.

I realize some of my ‘dreams’ are more like a laundry list of what current tortures I want removed from my existence:  I want to sleep in my bed every night, I want to be home more with my son, I want not to worry so much about forms and legal stuff with my home and moving.

That’s not dreaming.

Like I said again and again in this blog, ‘my dreamer is BROKEN!’…

And I don’t even know where to begin.

Yesterday I went WAY outside my comfort zone to ask for a favor of my boss. There is a fundraiser this morning, and Anthony will play the drums in the band.

I asked to please go and see it.

It’s only fifteen minutes. I need to be at work at seven thirty, and I needed one hour delay.

I got it!

It’s not going to be easy, I have to really hurry, but I am going to be THERE for the first time in about four concerts/performances (his teacher used to not give much advance notice for these things)…

So perhaps now my ‘list’ is one concert plus one grapefruit.

Memories of Ross’ Death

Last night falling asleep was especially difficult for us both.

I told Ross I just wished in our lifetime together, I could have seen his face MORE; I wished I had been given more time just to look at him, to be with him, just to know he is there.

He had never realized that’s why I always followed him as a child.  We both saw the ‘movie’ of how I followed him around like a puppy (he was five years older than me in our village)…and as we were married…I still would get that happiness from looking upon his face and sneak looks from across the house those rare times when he was home with our family.

Ross broke down and cried.

He never realized that was why I loved him so.

It was in the eyes.

I remembered his soul from the past two incarnations before.  I couldn’t get enough of it.

Then out of the blue, he flashed me an image of his face as he was dying, in that incarnation we both most recently lived.

It was beaten to a pulp and almost unrecognizable.

I recoiled in horror at the quick flash through my consciousness!

Calm and steady, Ross asked me how that image made me feel?

Horror. Powerlessness. Agony (I’m an empath).

The day before I had meditated on his death, and asked for Divine Intervention. I asked for everyone who ever jeered at him, or taunted him, or had ideas for him to be hurt, to be raised up about three feet from the ground in a little bubble, and to stay there inside, floating. They were all trying to go somewhere and they couldn’t. They were like floating on an invisible river and couldn’t move!

I asked spirit for those who felt remorse to be taken away, and rehabilitated, for they were sick.

And the other?

To have their bubbles fill up with their own wastes to give them time to ‘think about it’.

Ross had admired my creativity.

I think as a soul, mine has been through the wringer.  And as a guide, Ross has his hands full with my creative ideas to protect him, my complete inability to understand how his awful death has a connection to anything, and my horror and pain that are always just under the surface for having been there with him through the experience in the Illusion of his death.

I think he’s trying to get a ‘read’ on me. And right now as I write these words, I am surprised but it makes sense if I think about it, that I have a lot of rage buried deep in me somewhere…over his death, the apparent loss of my twin, and the total and complete destruction of what would have been a good life had he stayed home and not traveled.

I give up.

At this point, it’s all Illusion, and I have amnesia, and no matter how much I read the esoteric books, I still don’t get it how Ross is important in the grand scheme of things, how what he did was ‘right’, and how it could have happened in the first place.

So I don’t judge.

There are lots of people who think his death in some way helps them.

They outnumber me.

And for all I know, his death might have helped me too in some way spiritual.

The only gift is our last goodbyes would have been sometime this morning.  Last night I was given the gift to relive it.

It was meaningful.

Then at some point he left the house, and walked to his death, with me following him every step of the way.

He wasn’t afraid to die.

I don’t think he had any clue just how horrible it would be.

And I told him, in no uncertain terms, that NOW my soul has not only the skills to resuscitate and intubate someone as mortally wounded as him–but I have the ability to make one pain free no matter what–and I mean it!  My eyes flashed to him a determination and will to ease suffering–LOL–even if I am the one who suffers by missing meals and family time and sleep…

It startled him to see just how deep his wounds are on MY soul, from witnessing it. And what lengths I would go to ‘undo’ and ‘make it right’ in the way my heart of hearts found a way to do.

The Book of Enoch

I’m more than halfway through his keys. This book makes engineering textbooks seem like a romance novel in comparison.  It is the driest, most difficult read I have encountered in a long time, and I am slogging my way through it.

It talks about the Lucifur Rebellion–which is how these symbols which I think of as ‘owned’ by that sect–are actually ones that were taken from the ‘good guys’ and misused…but I’m waiting till the end before I buy into the whole Keys as far as them being something I think is from ‘my team’–Creator of All That Is, the ultimate source of nurturing, warmth, love and compassion.

I just don’t get a good feel for Orion.

And someone challenged me as they are FROM the Orion Belt…

I don’t know.

It’s very Orion-like TO call someone on something and challenge them. To a Sirian hybrid soul like mine (I’m part Pleiadian too, like Ross)–conflict sucks!

Here’s a nice YouTube a friend shared with me. I’ve seen it a while ago. But it explains why I don’t like cats–in addition to having been a former kitten in my immediate past life, and when I looked in the mirror in that life, my face was like a cat due to the brainwashing/Monarch programming I had endured as a child.

I also, for the record, do not ‘like’ or ‘connect’ in any way at all with the characters or storyline of Lord Of The Rings.   It’s torture for me to sit through it or read it. I think I read one of the books my friends were reading. That Gollum just gave me the creeps, and all of that fighting over a ring just didn’t make any sense at all. I think it was the Hobbit. The only thing I liked in the book was Bilbo Baggins’ home life, and how cozy and content it was, before he ever journeyed away on his ‘adventure’…
You are free to adore cats and the Lord Of The Rings…I do not judge you, and only ask that you show consideration for my soul! It appears to have been ‘through a lot’, and ‘remembers’ that it doesn’t like to be exposed to certain memories that are painful to it.  Cats and JRR Tolkien’s work appear to be some of the triggers for my delicate soul’s PTSD.
Everyone should remember that there was a prototype of Earth, I believe in the Sirius star system, and it blew up.
Most Galactics are horrified that it happened with so much loss of life.
It had been invaded.
It had been invaded by not so nice people who didn’t love God or Heaven, who I think but am not sure they came from Orion.
Anyways, bad people blew the planet up.
Never before had this happened or been possible.
This is why so many souls in the galaxy and beyond are working tirelessly to liberate us for so long.
The people who blew that planet up are the ones who put us on quarantine,  here on Earth–yes we are on a quarantine planet!–and as souls we are doomed to incarnate again and again because we can’t get out (normally our souls would have freedom to go anywhere in this sector).
They are the one percent, too, or at least, the ones controlling them…and controlling us through our government and media…LOL…while telling us we are ‘free’ and that government will in some way ‘save’ us…and asking us to pay our money for ‘entertainment’ which only when exposed to it hypnotizes us MORE into their twisted ‘system’ of control…
I suppose I should stop writing now.
It’s time to start my day soon, and Ross might want to talk. (I hear him clearing his throat–ed)


Carla gave up.

In a matter of words.

You can see by her actions that in reality, she didn’t.

She marches to her own drum. (and not to Anthony’s –pun intended!–he laughs).

After all these lifetimes and incarnations, she STILL honors me by practicing her profession as an anesthesiologist, and giving my voice opportunity to speak, through her spiritual work and skill as a medium which I appreciate on THIS side here where I am so much.

I love you.

Carla I absolutely, positively love you.

And I love you more each day.

I never knew how you felt about me, at the end.  We had our troubles, our conflicts, and we had grown apart.

I thought on some level perhaps you might have been better off without me to complicate your life.

I always knew you deserved better, deserved MORE.

I did my best to go out to the world with my education, and to share it, to bring hope and to inspire…but I never really thought about the price I had to pay, with our happiness.

As you know, and as I comfort you and guide, I have changed and you will be the first to admit it.

I have done my part, for saving the world.

Now is my time for my heart to focus on undoing the damage that has been caused, and giving reparation, restoration, and gentle sweet love to comfort you.

This is why your dreams are shattered and they cannot manifest.

A soul in this condition has no way out. It must be led by the hand to safety, and to Light.

I know you love Divine Father more than I can admit–I want you to share what you told him last night, right before you fell asleep Carla. Tell us now.

C:  I told him that if I couldn’t love him the way I do know (once the amnesia is gone)–from my heart, totally like a trusting child, with no guile or sophistication as a soul whatsoever, just with happiness and joy as natural as breathing–I told him if after I wake up I couldn’t love him like I do now then I would never want to wake up EVER! Loving Him and loving Divine Mother is all I am, and I could never change it in any way.

I also told him to never forget how much I love him. I made a drawing with crayons and put it up on the wall over his desk.

The reason I told him never to forget is because I know full well with this horrible amnesia as a soul, I MIGHT forget. And I wanted to make sure HE remembers it for the both of us, how beautiful and pure my love is for him, and how much it means to me to help me to survive…in this painful existence, this nightmare, that I don’t know how I got stuck in as a soul in the first place, but I can’t seem to get out.

R:  Carla, that is enough. Thank you.  I rest my case.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

The nagging feeling that there must be more to life.

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