Overcoming Resistance — Gaia News Brief 25 February 2016 by Reiki Doc

Overcoming Resistance

Is this page turning ‘religious’?


This symbol pre-dates Jesus.

Its significance is ‘overcoming resistance’–the small cross bar is ‘overcome’ by the upward movement represented by the large vertical bar.

It has everything to do with successfully navigating the ‘lessons’ which one encounters in Duality, or ‘3D’…in preparation for consciousness in The Higher Realms.

The Wall

Since two days I have experienced increasing resistance and potentially frustrating experiences.

At work we even had the electronic anesthesia record go down mid-case, requiring me to enter the values into the record by hand. The data stopped feeding in. Equipment broke. Cases got cancelled.

Even with the free celebration hamburger I didn’t get to go stand in line and get it–there was no time!
(but a buddy took my badge and got one for me, and hid it in my cubby–a cold one was better than none at all, right?)

Anthony has been sick.

I caught it.

I have fevers and chills. It’s been ‘going around’.

Today I had to work. Go in late for one case. But by the time I got there, they didn’t need me. I drove in to work–paying for gas and a babysitter at the end of the day–only to give a free lunch break to a colleague.

I got things done. I forced myself.

I wanted to crawl into bed and hide (Ross is spending much time healing me, and I am using Reiki and the codes)–but I got our prescriptions, called to coordinate meetings, paid bills…

Then I had to face the music.

By some freak reason of  which I have no clue, I have booked only ONE night, instead of two, for our big family reunion with the cousins. PLUS even though I work late Friday, and booked the room, no one could get into the room without me AND my credit card being physically present.

Anthony was sick, and me, and so were the two kidney transplant people in the family, my mom and my niece….

I spoke with my sister and together we made the decision to cancel.

Anthony was devastated.

Yet in his heart, he knew it was the right thing.

Just like my taking call for the widower was the right thing…and my giving the lunch break today was the right thing.

With three households Spirit said ‘No!’ on our plans.

I was calm and surprisingly so was my sister. We figure we are being ‘protected’ from ‘something’…

American Exterminator

I looked on the freeway and this giant bald eagle face on a truck was staring at me.

It looked scary! Like it meant business!

I thought about the name. Although it is supposed to come across as super patriotic ‘pest control’–I don’t think they appreciate the double-entrendre of the name.

Oh well.

A Word To The Wise

Right now we are going to talk about ‘angel ways’. I called it something more coarse but thought against it.

I have been working with angels–unseen forces who help me through my Life Plan–for a long time.

Sometimes, they ‘hook you up’.

But to get from ‘here’ to ‘there’–a lot of really random and unpredictable things happen.

At first you are like–‘what is going ON????’

In time, you get used to it. You just wait for the result. And sometimes the ‘result’ isn’t for a long long very long time–that you recognize it, however the benefit is apparent as you go.

There is also something to be said for taking that first step, ANY step, to get things moving. Then the angels have the ‘go ahead’ to assist.

With my house, absolutely NOTHING has happened since the executive board meeting, on their end.

The house itself, has not halted the continuation of the cracks.

So I’m taking Bold Steps.  Right or wrong, it’s action, and shows to all involved I am not content to just sit with the status quo.

We’ll see what happens.


I won’t talk long because Carla is miserable and she needs her rest.

I used the flowers like this today to guide Carla in the passage of time.

The road by her house–the main parkway–was absolutely FILLED with these flowers two weeks ago.

Now they are all leaves.

The little baby green leaves of Spring.

I asked her, ‘Carla, where are the flowers?’

They had gone away with her noticing the leaves were coming soon, but she hadn’t actually stopped to THINK about the significance that now they were officially gone.

We thank the reader who gave our first order on our store on Etsy.

Carla was thrilled to find it!

Carla had to fight the printer to get the label to print out correctly–but all is well and your treasure is on the way.

Thank you Tom, too, for trusting Carla with the repair of your bracelet. You won’t be disappointed in our choices for you on your next one I shall make custom for you in addition to the repair. Carla will listen as I direct.  Carla works with Merlin and a lot of other Ascended Masters from up here where I am while she makes them.

It’s a good thing she has ears and listens to what I have to say, and also, to my colleagues.

Carla has a fever, so I will stop now.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins

P.S. Carla took sterile precautions not to contaminate the package that she sent too. Just wash your hands after you open it. She never touched the bracelet it was in a pouch the whole time since she was well.

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