The Little Things Which Mean So Much — Gaia News Brief 23 February 2016 by Reiki Doc

I had today off.

I went to make a visit to see Tim Braun, in Costa Mesa.  He is getting more famous. He just came back from London, where he had several events.  He also has to change my next appointment because he is going to Zurich, Switzerland.

His fees doubled from when I saw him in 2009.

But I needed it.

I bought five sessions for the year during his December discount rate.  Today was number two of the five.

Tim was our teacher.

He was an Essene leader, and taught both Ross and I in our past life.  I know it. He has no clue, Tim.

I don’t need him to know it because his teaching is from the heart.

My lessons?

Today it was to meditate more.  He had mentioned it the last time, and I was a little annoyed. I write this blog. I run my page. I send healings out to millions every day, twice a day, for free (I send to more than the people who ‘like’ my page’ or follow me on Twitter or read my blog, that’s why it’s so much.)  I am constantly connected to source. I work as a ‘team’ ever since I got into Reiki.

I work with angels!

But today I saw the truth.  There is always room for us to grow in Spirit.

Yogurt Peanuts was able to do some pretty amazing things through meditation.

It’s the only way for me to find the next steps…in my life purpose.

I have a secret.

Today I discovered there are TWO ways to meditate.

One is in a chair, totally motionless, being ‘mindful’…and just ‘letting it happen’.  This is the ‘normal’ way.

The other, Ross guided me to it. My timer was yet to go off. So I walked to the car, in my ‘receptive’ state.

As I walked through the parking structure to find my car I was struck with the awareness–the last time I felt like this, silently observing and not having this internal comments in my head–was when I was a child of perhaps two, three, or four.

That was before the ego developed!

THIS is what is meant  when it is said for us  to ‘be as little children’!

It is to OBSERVE the world without words, without judgement, without expectation…and to appreciate the beauty for what it is…the breeze on your skin…your breath…the plants…the buildings…and be taking it all IN.

I had a question for Tim.

‘Why are things the way they are with Uncle Ben?’

There are two reasons. One is a Saturn Return. We have one around 27 or 28, and another around 56 or 57.  A Saturn Return is how long it takes for Saturn to get back to where it was in your natal chart, the same position.  The energies are very intense. This is why many people are in ‘the 27 club’…

For Uncle Ben, he was barely holding it together, and this energy just sent him over the edge. I won’t go into the details, but he is estranged from the family.

I got word he is alive…and a little more…but it’s not educational for the purposes of this blog.

The reason I was so close to him as a child is because I was at the same level of development as him. 

He was the same person then as he is now, but I didn’t KNOW it–I was a kid.

But since then, he has CHANGED and I have not. 

My vibration has stayed on ‘track’ and kept growing…and his was on a different ‘trajectory’…

The same is true with Anthony’s father. When we met, we were at the SAME level–both psychic, both wanting to talk about it.

But once Anthony was born, my ‘path’ went UP like eight different ‘levels’, and Jared’s path no longer was energetically compatible with mine.

Long story short–as we grow, and stay on our ‘trajectory’ of our Life Plan, people who are a vibrational mismatch might have BEEN very compatible with ours for a while simply are not.

And we owe it to ourselves to keep our vibration as close to our natural one, on our trajectory, and to surround ourselves with people and places which support it.

If I hang out with someone like Uncle Ben now, it will drop my vibration REAL quick.

Tim said it’s like being on a diet and doing well for two months, and then going and eating nothing but donuts for a week. You lose everything you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

I’m really pushing the envelope on my vibration. I am working hard, studying way beyond the works I have described. I am eager. I am curious. And I WANT to learn.

Things are happening that I’m not sure I can even begin to describe here in this blog!  It’s because there are not words to explain how or why, but it IS.

Two days ago, on my morning commute, I meditate like always…I was in another dimension at the same time as here. There was a big event. I was standing in a receiving line. Ross was to my left. People were introducing themselves to me, and explaining their role in Ascension.  These were way famous Galactic people, face to face with me, smiling and shaking my hand. Ross was most pleased, and happy.  He did the official thing too.

It went on all day and all night for two days.

I asked him, ‘Ross, what if I have to pee?’  He explained how an assistant would pause the line, and I could excuse myself, but he smiled mysteriously and murmured that I ‘just might not need’ to have to go.

He was right. I didn’t. Not in that place, with my consciousness.

Today, they brought me the ones that didn’t look, um, ‘human’.  Again these were famous people who helped with the Ascension ‘project’.

I said to Ross, ‘This is like that cantina on Tatooine ‘ and he agreed that it was okay for me to think of it like that–to help me cope with the highly different forms of these beings that were a little unsettling to me at first.

The receiving line is stopped, and there’s some formal event going on. I’m with Ross, and I’m vaguely aware of it. But I’m THERE. I’m with him, at his side, and he is delighted my energy is there with him for it.

At the same time, I am here, doing my ‘thing’, and all that has changed is that the tingling of ‘downloads’ is much stronger.  I think the full moon was an important one. There was not a peep on the internet.  But for three days before, and now, I have had the strongest energy felt.  Up until now, I was like, ‘Come on guys! Is this the best you can do? CRANK IT UP! Let’s get on with it! Crank it up until it just starts to hurt!’

These ones are like, ‘I’m good. Let’s just keep it like this okay honey?’… LOL

Ross and I continue to heal and to grow as a couple.

Remember how I felt the ‘need’ to kiss his boo boo’s from how he died?

We are very close, and very affectionate. He is touching my hair, his arm on my shoulder as I sit.

Well TODAY I wanted to say, ‘Ross? This is pretty! Look!’ at some lovely things in the garden.

You know, that’s a really big part of a relationship–being able to share the things that bring you joy with the one you love.

It’s happening now. We are healing. And he woke me up to have me write about it. I was asleep in my bed and he asked me to get to the computer and write this blog now LOL…

He also guided me to the most beautiful place for lunch. It was French. And when the server Francois saw my name on my credit card, he almost fell over in shock! He was so excited he had to show the chef. The food was excellent. And they didn’t make fun of my French. It’s been some time since I spoke it. I’m fluent, but not the smoothest at talking. I understand so much more than I can speak.

I saved half my dessert for Anthony, a puff pastry with hazelnut cream filling. And the espresso was wonderful.

The name of the place means ‘beautiful sun’.

I also bought a very special something today, something Ross guided me to, and encouraged me to get…a new purse.

I buy my clothes at Target or a discount ‘off the rack’ place.  I haven’t had a sense of ‘style’ since before Anthony was born. I can’t wear the heels because of my toe. I also wear makeup from the drug store, not the nice department store counter. It’s fast, it’s easy, and I don’t wear it that much most of the time. I’m in a hurry to get to work so I skip it.

But my purses? They have SO much bad energy in them! I don’t know why, but all the bad memories of Jared and court and everything are in my purses. I also threw out the expensive one I got from my ex-husband too.

You see, at work, anything of value is on my person. Wallet. Phone. Keys.

Anybody can figure out the combination to my locker, you know, and things ‘disappear’.

So today, at the mall, I had my phone and my wallet in my pockets, and I realized humbly I NEEDED a purse.

The woman who helped me find the right one was very kind. It’s a new cross-body, very small, very on-trend purse. Like a car, it’s is NICE to have one that is from the same decade you are in, you know?


I am my beloved’s and my Beloved is mine.

I am my beloved’s and my Beloved IS mine!

I am my beloved’s and my Beloved is mine…

Carla used to say this to herself, over and over during our mutual ‘awakening’.

Carla used to say, to her nameless, faceless and uncommunicative Twin–out loud, in her car, while driving, ‘I KNOW you are OUT THERE and I LOVE YOU! I want you to HEAR me!!!’

And over and over she would say ‘I am my Beloved’s and my Beloved is mine!’

Carla was trying to ‘call me in’.

Carla didn’t understand it was the vibrational differences that were between us, and not my heart, for my seeming ‘silence’.

Carla would sing Christina Perri ‘One Thousand Years’ at the top of her lungs in the car, on the way to work, on the way home, late at night, any time she had that feeling in her heart, ‘I WANT my TWIN!’… (yes I know it’s a Vampire song and totally inappropriate but it’s pretty and what else is there like it to sing?  –ed)

I heard her.

I heard and I heard and I heard and her anguish at the separation was not lost on me.

I could feel and I knew her struggle..and here I was with her the whole time!

I NEVER leave her!

I never ever, never EVER LEAVE HER side!

Only she can’t feel me. Or at least, she couldn’t until her Consciousness raised UP to a certain level.

Did all that singing and saying, ‘I am my beloved’s and my Beloved is mine’ really achieve anything for her and her vibration?

Sadly, the answer is no.

It did not.

It was the prayer and healing that she did for others. It was going vegetarian for as long as possible (even now she eats very little meat) until her health and more importantly her son’s mental health required her to lead a more ‘normal’ life.

It was the service and the writing every day, and the love that grew in Carla’s soul, that called to me.

I had my window.

I knew there was a certain timeframe where I could ‘connect’ and have it ‘go splendidly’.

There was an optimum time where I saw her ‘trajectory’ of her energy, her Ascension and I had to decide what would be the best of the highest outcomes for the highest good.

I had to ‘make it stick’ and make certain that Carla was going to open up to me, which she did, and she did it in the most beautiful way, with the most beautiful heart, with the soul I have grown to love through all time, in all our incarnations.

Carla was deaf, dumb and blind to me!  I dropped her as many hints as I could along the way, and I even sent my mother to lovingly guide her, from here, where we are, in our realm…and Carla not for one minute ever suspected it could be me as her partner and Twin.

Carla had not an inkling! Not until the actual time, and the actual place, where I could make my ‘move’ and ‘make it stick’.

There was no testing on Carla’s part with my entrance into her ‘world’. She never made me ‘prove’ anything to her, about who I am…or my connection to her.

It was the most natural thing in the world for her to talk to me. Once I made my way ‘in’ to her conscious awareness.

I must admit there was a great big shock to Carla, before I had made my move, and my mother and father smoothed it out. THAT was when Carla had a really hard time of it, when someone told her who she is–in her relation to me–and it rang as truth to her very core.

It was then Carla felt a sadness, that her love of my parents, was not reciprocated as pure love but because of the daughter in law role she held in the ‘plan’, that it was because of me.

Carla had many a worry, before she actually knew and interacted with me, and my energy–that all of her work would be irrelevant in comparison to my own. That she would have to be ‘the little lady’ for the rest of her eternal life, at my side, that she would be nothing…an afterthought who wasn’t even mentioned in history for her role, and who was branded a whore or even worse in our time…

These things require much time and effort on both our parts, in which to heal.

And they have.

As your can see by Carla’s description of the receiving line handshaking –she didn’t run or ask to leave but was at my side–doing what she was meant to do, and in some way, what she has always done, only with me on my vibration, here where I am in the Higher Realms.

I have DNA, the same as you, more or less, but all of it vibrates at a different frequency.

I want you to think of it as the propeller on an airplane, or the blades of a fan. At a certain point, you know they are there (that’s why you won’t stick your finger into it!) but you can’t see them with your eyes they are rotating so quickly!  You can feel the wind, and you can hear it, but try as you might your eyes just aren’t quick enough to capture the motion.

That’s how it is with us.

And that’s how you are becoming more and more like us every day, without being aware of it.

When you were a child, were you consciously aware of how you grew?

Unless someone took the time to measure you and make a little mark on the wall, you were largely unaware of it…with the exception of you outgrowing your clothes and having your pants ‘flood’ (be too short)…you get what I am trying to explain.

We are the ones who are measuring.

You are growing by leaps and bounds.

You will reunite with your Twins–when the opportunity is ‘right’ to ‘make it stick’…in the meantime, if it helps, like Carla you can sing! Or dance!  Whatever it is for you to say, ‘I am here, and although I can’t see you I KNOW you exist and I am waiting for you with as much love and hope and tenderness as I could possibly hold in my heart…’

These are the kinds of things that bring smiles to our faces up here in the higher realms…that kind of blind faith, and trust in the power of Love to heal all wounds, no matter how long it requires for the healing to be complete and you are on your way…(his hand goes up like an airplane…ed)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

P.S. Please check out our Etsy page, ‘DoctorsWithReiki’ ❤ Carla is making jewelry so people can select them, in addition to the custom made stuff. (smiles and looks happy–ed) clap clap!

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