Move On. Dream Big. — Gaia News Brief 4 March 2016 by Reiki Doc

Pioneering Work

Meditation is helping my soul grow faster and in more practical ways than I have ever experienced while I have been incarnate on Earth.

My guides are more active in guidance as well as in instruction.

Where I left off, I had blurted out with amazement how the ability to watch ‘over there’ was ‘better than a fish tank!’–because it was so beautiful, so calming, and so relaxing!

The very next day, I was greeted by at least a dozen Ascended Masters who ‘popped in’ to welcome me to work.  I was walking from the parking lot to the hospital.

Their wish was for more than to say, ‘have a good day, Carla!’…they wanted me to know–and they clearly had thought this one through very much and were proud of it–they wanted me to understand that from THEIR perspective watching us HERE, it is like the parents and grandparents and brothers and sisters who are watching their loved one up on stage who is performing in a school play or orchestra or school band function.

I felt their warmth and love, their joy in our accomplishments…

I suddenly remembered I needed cough drops. I had looked all over the house and couldn’t find them. I said to the beings present, ‘I need cough drops. Please send me cough drops. I don’t care what flavor they are, I will take anything. I need them to get through my first call here at work!’

Sure enough, while I was stapling my billing sheets together to stuff them in the envelope for the courier who comes to pick them up, the O.R. scheduler heard me cough, and looked at me the way only a hospital worker can. ‘Do you have cough drops?’ she demanded, intently.

I explained the situation.

She stood up, reached in her cupboard, and gave me a whole pocketful!!!

They were strawberry flavor!  She also gave me permission to help myself to any ibuprofen or acetaminophen or other ‘first aid’ things she has for the O.R.


I am not sure how this one began.  I know some point, Ross showed me himself in his orb form. I watched  him slowly transform from his light body into a ball like the one at the top of this page, and then back to how I recognize him.

I asked him many questions!

Ross how do you SEE? There are no eyeballs!  How does it FEEL? Does it feel cramped? Does it hurt?

What do you DO when you are an orb? Do you just float around?

He answered my questions but I do not recall the answers except that they were in general to the positive.

The next day, Michael, Raphael, and Merlin joined Ross and we played a game. They changed into their orb forms, and I had to ‘guess’ which one was which. I could touch but my hand went right through it.  I found if I closed my eyes, and used that ‘sense that someone is watching you’ feeling, that I could ‘pick up’ their ‘presence’.  I got one wrong but the other three right. (I thought Merlin was Ross.)

Ross hugged me as an orb to congratulate me.

It is difficult to explain how I can feel a hug when there are no arms. It was more like a warm blanket that surrounded me and made my heart happy because his heart was happy too.

I must admit I was kind of a chicken; I could tell by their gently showing me and guiding me, that they were wanting ME to try to get into MY ‘orb form’.

I wasn’t ready for that.

Yesterday I finally said to Ross, ‘okay, I am going to try it’.

I was a little embarrassed to have to basically learn to ride a bicycle all over again, too.

While in meditation, I felt my energy fold up like a baby in utero, in the fetal position. I fit and I wasn’t cramped.

The first thing I realized was I could SEE! I could see everything in all time and all distance at once! It was like how astronauts look down at the earth. I knew if I wanted I could ‘zoom in’ on anything I liked, but I didn’t.

I didn’t feel hot or cold. I didn’t feel pain. I didn’t feel any cramping for my body to be in that shape.

Ross was VERY VERY pleased.  I was able to be that for a short time, and then I wanted to see if I could scratch my nose, just in case if it were to itch!  My hand stretched out of the ball, my light body hand, and I saw it, kind of see through and glowing, then I pulled it back in.

Then I was a little frustrated at the whole exercise, like my attention span was ‘done’, and I popped back slowly into ‘me’.

Later, I realized if you think about it, our aura IS ‘us’.  We really ARE a ‘ball of energy’ which has a body in it, kind of like a cherry cordial candy is a chocolate with a cherry inside! I’m smiling as I write this.

Again, I have many more questions I pester Ross with:  as an orb, what do I DO? what do I accomplish? how can I have a ‘to do’ list without being able to hold a pencil?

With a gentle smile, he explained the advanced technologies make this possible.

What I ‘get’ is we can take either form, at will, however it is convenient and pleases us.


Carla teases me I look like this.

This is how I tease her back:

Yesterday Carla did a powerful attunement. Since she is still healing, I wanted her to go eat.
Carla didn’t know what she wanted to eat.
I told her she needed to go to a place where they have real plates and silverware–no paper or plastic fast food. It had to be a sit down lunch.
Carla went to this place.  A vegan restaurant in a part of Newport Beach that she has never been.
She didn’t have the greatest experience.
First of all she had to park one block away, it was so crowded. And this was not a city street parking–this was in a typical Southern California parking lot.
She had trouble finding the entrance and how to be seated.
The hostess wanted to seat her inside between two parties that were too big for their tables, and talking animatedly. Carla felt the energy and cringed. She asked politely, may I please eat outside?
Carla was the only ‘table for one’ at the whole place.
And the hostess seated her next to the dog bowl. I kid you not! She seated Carla in the chair next to the dog bowl the restaurant offers water for free, at the the farthest edge from the place, and handed her a dirty menu.
If it wasn’t for the rave reviews of her friends, Carla would have excused herself and not come back.
The service was terrible. It took forever, and about four different people interacted with her.
The ‘gimmick’ about the place is each menu item has an ‘affirmation’ name. And the server says it out loud as they give you the plate.  Carla got the ‘Celebration’ appetizer, which didn’t have the delicate flavor balance she is used to from Chef Ito. Her meal was Glorious. And her server said to Carla, ‘YOU ARE GLORIOUS!’.  For dessert she had Mystic and Joy.  The water carafe had the word Love etched into it too.
What I like about Carla, and I told her, for the first time, is she is able to enjoy a part of something that has some negative experiences with it.  For example, she enjoyed the walk across the parking lot. She enjoyed walking past the boutiques, many of which she had never seen, and enjoyed checking out jewelry from ‘designers’ that was low price, affordable, and inexpensive.  Carla saw her own work is comparable to them, and was encouraged with her art.
Carla also had a good time taking photographs, many you will see when she posts on our daily blessings we send out. But there will not be one of the Cafe Gratitude.  Carla didn’t like the place. Part of her was embarrassed to be with the trophy wives with their plastic surgery and fashion which made her feel uncomfortable. Their energy was too low, and the energy of the establishment seemed ‘forced’ as in ‘let’s all try to be vegan’.  Basically the LOVE in the food wasn’t as strong as at Au Lac, or where she is accustomed to eat. Even at the local steakhouse, the proprietor Mike has so much love for his work and his staff and his guests that it overcomes the nature of the meat. It is a positive, loving environment that is ‘without affirmations’.
Carla asked, in her mind, ‘how come this place exists?’ as she looked across the restaurant yesterday, with the ‘overdone’ makeup and fashion.  She FELT that this is the ‘top of the food chain’–the people who work long and hard, for the company, so the owners can reap the fruits of their labor, do it for their children and their wives and their homes! This is the energy Carla picked up on, the Illusion of ‘Success’ in a financial ‘measurement’ or ‘social’ one.
And Carla was told, ‘it’s the APPLESAUCE’.  Whatever it gets them to ‘eat’ of something ‘spiritual’, the better it is for everyone in the long run.
Cafe Gratitude is for the lower vibration souls to come home to Creator of All That Is. It is just their speed, and the workers are doing a good job of it catering to this population. I thank them for making it ‘palatable’ and for saving the animals as possible through their philosophy….
(he brings his hands together in gassho/namaste pose, and slightly bows)
Aloha and Mahalos,
Ross and Carla
The Twins
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