WINGIRL — Gaia News Brief 5 March 2016 by Reiki Doc

The Endless FAX Calls To The O.R.

The only thing that is more unwelcome in the Operating Room than a hospital patient from upstairs misdialing into it (they don’t know you need to dial ‘nine’ to get out of the hospital phone system)–is the FAX.

Every five minutes, through the day, the FAX machine calls, when someone misdials it to our extension in the room.

I used to hang up the phone after I’d answer it.

Today I thought I was smart and looked at the phone number on the caller I.D. and announced ‘FAX’ to the room each time the phone rang. The frustration in the room was palpable. Something had to be done, but how could you stop it?

And then, a stroke of brilliance hit, and I unplugged the phone from the wall!

We have TWO phones in the O.R.–one for anesthesia, and another across the room for the nurses!

There was no need to have that annoyance at all, for anyone! And the rest of us had a terrific day.

On the way home from work tonight, Divine Father made a special appearance.

He had given me much comfort earlier today with this:

He told me, ‘Never for one instant let anyone take away from you your Glory.’

(Immediately after that, WINGIRL just went by on a license plate)

‘Glory’ felt like my joy of being alive.  When I was little I used to have it all the time except when I had my shots.  The first time I ever gave it away or lost it, was when my friend Jackie told me–I was wearing a pretty dress and only four–‘Pink pink you stink!’

The words stung just as much as if she slapped me.  How could anyone not want me to be in my joy? In my own happiness?

I began to cry.  I ran all the way home, because I always wanted Jackie’s love and mentorship and approval. I was four and she was six.

I never wore pink again. I still don’t.

My parents bought me the pink canopy bed and bedspread–but I always hated it.

When I could choose, I painted my room bright kelly green, and had a bedspread by the designer names Vera with a maidenhair fern pattern on it.  I had hardwood floors, and it was perfect.

I KNOW in my bones Jackie has and always will LOVE ME more than just about anyone on the planet.  Even now, I panic a little when I think that because she is older, one day I might outlive her.  We have always had an understanding. She has an awesome sense of humor, and would never hurt me in a million years now.

But you know what? It’s been a long time, but like Divine Father said–my joy is my own–and I can feel it.

You know the other day I was working on the Divine Healing Codes, and I was wistful. There is someone who helped a lot with them. An incarnate archangel. I missed her.

The next day a total stranger came and offered me some codes, just like she used to do.

It freaked me out.  Someone was impersonating her. It was the cruelest twist of fate.

I never want to experience something like that again.

For the record, if you approach me now, for anything, be it codes to give, or explanations for them, or requests, or to discuss your Twin Flame with me…I’m not sure if or when I am going to answer.  I want to focus first on my own Ascension, just like you would for a Reiki Attunement and give it your total concentration.  Second in priority is the work…all this wonderful work…with the blogs and the teams…and the Divine Healing Codes.

I’ll do the best I can…and answer as much as possible in what is ‘above and beyond’ what I give daily.

I thank you with your patience with me as I grow.


(he’s smiling–ed)  Guess how I got Carla to write after a long day at work? (he laughs–ed)

I told her to take the night off!  (from her blogging)

Carla made it over the hurdle today.  Carla was challenged by another who came into her sphere of bliss, with the audacity to say I am their Twin, that Carla is meant to share me with her for all eternity!

Carla was spinning her wheels, trying to get something–some ‘read’ from me and spirit–and there was none.  No ‘yes Carla this is correct’ or ‘no Carla this is false’.

And you know what Carla did?

Remember how I liked the part how Carla can find the one thing she likes in a whole pile of things she doesn’t?

Carla came to the conclusion that if EVERYONE thought they were my Twin, and they acted like a better person for it, then the world would be a better place!

Whether it was true or not, Carla gave us (he touches his chest–ed) –we who are Galactic–the benefit of the doubt that there may be some things she might not understand about ‘life’ while we are disincarnate…so it didn’t really matter on the subject who is ‘right’ and ‘who is wrong’.

Why didn’t this one put Carla in a tailspin like it did in the past?

Because Carla’s cup is FULL! Because Carla has been meditating!  Because Carla sees the world with her heart, and DISCERNMENT is the only way for her to decide WHAT IS RIGHT FOR HER or WHAT ISN’T.

And simply put, Carla has decided not to entertain such notions as someone else being my Beloved Twin, although I can assure you that there isn’t...

There is also no second Twin for Beloved Metatron, too.  He belongs to Ariel who is incarnate at this time. She is his True Twin.

Someone is mistaken.  I do not have black wings.  I do not only have one pair of wings. I have three, all of us in my angelic ‘class’ do, same as Carla.

So, for all the angels incarnate (he puts his hands to his mouth and chuckles–ed)  ALL OF YOU ARE ONE kind of incarnate angel or other highly advanced soul! In one way or another! As an aspect! A second incarnation! A FULL incarnation! As a SOUL GROUP!




So YOU are Holy like US, and WE are Holy like YOU, and ALL OF US TOGETHER ARE ONE FAMILY–LIKE IT OR NOT!!!  (he chuckles again–ed)

And who ‘belongs’ to who isn’t important as much as together getting all of you Home.

When you are reunited with your Star Family, NOTHING CAN COMPARE!!!

There will be someone for you! To welcome you!  Someone very right….possibly me…possibly somebody that you care about very much…your favorite archangel…

So, whatever it takes to find your way to us, call…and someone will answer you.

Call on UP to us here.

I know Carla is incarnate, and approachable…but why not try us in order to give her a break sometime?  Here it is Friday night at eight and is Carla out drinking with her friends while Anthony is at a birthday party?  Is Carla ‘living it up’?  Is she pampering herself?

No.  Carla thanked the man and gave his reimbursement back for the crystal that she had purchased in Peru.  Their post office went on strike and it took five months for it to arrive!

Today it arrived in perfect condition. It is quartz with hubnerite. Carla will give it a good home.

Once she was on the computer, with my ‘directing here to take the night free’ all of it was ‘on a roll’ from there. And there you have it!

(clap clap!–ed)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins
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