The Magic Of Everyday — Gaia News Brief 15 March 2016 by Reiki Doc

Every time we wake up in the morning, our Creator gives us the opportunity to learn, to grow, and to love.

This is true for all of us–if you are alive…then there are no limits to what you can create if you accept that ‘can’t’ is no longer a word in your vocabulary.

You take what comes, go with the flow, and work with spirit to get through your many lessons, and co-create the life you wish to accomplish.

Sometimes in the area of great personal difficulty, it takes dedication, openness, and willingness to learn, to try something new, to make changes in your life that are all important.

In my life, clutter is a natural byproduct of being a single mother who works full time in a job with an unpredictable schedule. I am doing the inner work through the Daily OM course I am taking. I am behind about two weeks in the lessons, but I no longer judge myself on it. I know that the inner work takes time, and spirit is blessing me through.

For example, yesterday, I was out of the O.R. by three.

Ross wanted me to go to the gym.

Instead, I stopped by a flooring specialty shop, the one that was closed on Sunday, and made an appointment for measurements in the house. There was a nice lady Miriam who is the owner. I talked with her candidly about the situation in my house, and my dreams for it to be beautiful, with a Spanish theme–classical, timeless like the old rancho adobes–for the decor.

I came home, and dressed, and went to a class at the gym.

Ross said it is to ‘raise your vibration even MORE!’ I enjoyed it, and my stomach isn’t as sore as it was when I went about six months ago. My body is not the dancer’s body it was ten years ago. I didn’t push myself into positions it didn’t want to go, but I moved something through every exercise in the class.

I feel good.

Today is another day.

For some people, their everyday is more of an achievement than the usual.  Here is an example of a foundation I have worked with in the past. All of the children in our county who are institutionalized are in this place.  All of the developmentally delayed who need full-time care and the parent’s have to sign the child over to the state to afford it.  All of the juvenile hall kids. who break the law at an early age All of the kids who await adoption and foster homes…These children always come prepared for their surgeries, with documentation of their records and daily medical care, and are CLEAN. Even the ones who are not mobile do not have the bedsores. And I watch the caregivers. They genuinely LOVE their wards, and are concerned for their well-being. No matter where I have worked, it is always the same when I give anesthesia to children from this organization-people in unfortunate circumstances who are loved and given the chance for an optimum life that would not be found any other way.  The new programs you might like to explore are the stories on Trafficking, and also, the Scholarships. One is going to be a Chemical Engineer like me, one student, and it’s incredible the turnaround this individual has achieved.

Here is a woman from the state of Illinois who has a remarkable story of how her  everyday only had one ‘rule’–never to use the word ‘can’t’…I hope you enjoy it.

There is another group of children, who are in this world, who are taught every day they don’t matter, that they have no free will, no future, and are controlled through elaborate programming that was designed by the Nazi ‘physician’, Mengele, who was ‘Doctor Green’ to a large group of the two million individuals who are estimated to be Monarch Mind Control or MK Ultra victims.  If you look up on the tab ‘Shhh!’ above, there is a link that will lead you to ‘Shhhh! ;)’, and one of the links there will give an overview which can be read in about ten minutes, which describes what I am talking about.
Yesterday was a revelation.  Yesterday was a revelation to my heart about this tragedy:
  1. There is great need for healing in these victims.  (Roseanne Barr is one who ‘broke free’)
  2. There is great need for healing in the sadistic ‘handlers’ who often themselves are victims too, who moved further ‘up’ on the ‘cycle of abuse’.
  3. These souls are greatly troubled and are accustomed to very low, the lowest of the low, vibration.
  4. The organizers behind this ‘system’ are desensitizing us to their ‘agenda’ through mass media (for example, exposing us to their symbols–I have seen both Bindi Irwin  on a video in a car for Dancing With The Stars, and a four year old girl in a car commercial, both the most wholesome of all people, flash the ‘horns’ hand sign used in ‘rock and roll’).
  5. As healers, the best way to start, is to simply be aware of what is happening, and put the entire situation into God’s hands. Creator of All That Is, the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, the one who runs the Universe with unlimited love for all of Creation. And to trust that karma will be just, fair, and swift to the whole system of victimization of many souls who have been traumatized and fearful of their very survival, who experience torture of the body, mind, and soul every day as a way of life.
That’s all I have to say on the subject.
Just because my everyday is not like your everyday, and ours is perhaps not like those less fortunate, doesn’t mean, that they are loved by Creator any less.
With the love of the Divine, all of us can seek wholeness in our hearts, our minds, and our souls, our bodies, and our wills.
It is never too late.
I have tears in my eyes. It is beautiful what Carla has written for us today. It is from her heart. It is from her reflection on many problems that in their way, are lessons that are extreme…no one is to ‘judge’ until the answer is complete on everything.  How can one ‘see’ without the perspective and wisdom of Creator, or those of us up here who are outside of the Illusion, and see it for what it is?
I can see ‘trouble with a capital T’–you might remark to yourself, just like Carla has done since July 2012, trying with all her might to ‘wake people up’ to the ‘wool that is being pulled over their eyes’.
Carla and I have been at it again and again, with her seeking justice, and awareness, for those suffering–for the masses to awaken and to bring calm! nurturing! warmth! love and compassion to those who have NONE and have been denied it since the day they were born, or ‘hatched’ for some of them are raised not unlike chickens in small cages that are stacked up from floor to ceiling where they cannot be seen…
It is a horrible awareness to be like in a zombie movie where some of the characters know they are ‘not right’ and ‘something terrible is happening’ and nobody seems to care not one whit about anything besides ‘feeling really great’ and ‘acting spiritual’ and ‘taking care of number one’.
In fact Carla was accused on the Justice Scalia ‘share’ –WHAT DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH REIKI?!
To Carla, it is EVERYTHING to do with healing something which is unchecked (not any more) and terribly wrong on her planet!
My response to Carla, with all the patience I have, and I have infinite patience on this subject, is the same I give to you, ‘Carla, the population is hypnotized!  The system is working! The mass media is controlling them! It is not their fault they are asleep.’
Carla, upon learning that the funny design with the pyramid and the eye that is on the back of the one dollar bill, was put there in the early 1900’s by Franklin Delano Roosevelt who was a thirty-second degree Mason and WHO ALSO permitted the creation of the Federal Reserve!!!–simply put Carla wanted to throw up with disgust at the betrayal of the people by this man who was honored and an inspiration to all through three terms in office!
It was so blatant in homage to an old system which has ties to the religion of Atlantis!
Carla could not believe it was so OBVIOUS and yet in all her years as a citizen of the US Carla did not know.
She remembers as a child seeing that sign, and saying to herself while she was examining the money, ‘this is not good’.  On some level, she recognized the symbol and remembered it.
If you get a chance, on this website, from time to time–I’m not asking you to read anything like Carla is always asking you–but, perhaps, take a look at the pictures titled Pics Of The Month on this link
That would be enough for me, and all you need to know to awaken enough to lessen the grip this institution has on the majority of the population. If you can see with your eyes enough to be aware of what is happening, you won’t have to be inconvenienced, you may live your life looking out for all of your ‘interests’, and not be bothered with anyone or anything that doesn’t make you feel ‘light and free’.
Carla and I will thank you for it.
(Clap clap!)  Carla has a long day at her work! Although who is to say in the long run, that THIS isn’t her ‘work’, and her activities in the Operating Room are her ‘day job’? (he smiles–ed)
This is what you get from an extra twenty minutes of meditation twice a day on Carla’s part…I hope you enjoy the clarity and the foresight she demonstrates from here on out in her ‘written outreach and healing’ WORK. ❤
Aloha and Mahalos,
Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins
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