A Test Of Awareness — Gaia News Brief 5 April 2016 by Reiki Doc

photo attribution for gym ones is to Dolgachov on 123rtf

The Test

Ross is becoming increasingly present in our lives. He is encouraging us to be healthy, which isn’t easy with our busy days.

When I was home, post-call, early in the morning, I went to the grocery store, and he directed me to a corner where whole chickens were on sale, marked down, whole ‘natural’ (almost organic) ones.  I bought three.  Yesterday I cooked one while Anthony and I went to the gym.

I had a little resistance from Anthony, who wanted to watch the Opening Day for our baseball team, the Angels.

Anthony said, ‘Ask Ross mom if we can stay home?’

I did and Ross said, ‘Do you even need to ask?!’ (implying GO to the GYM instead of SIT and WATCH SPORTS).

As I was changing my clothes, Anthony said Ross said he could play a little games on his video console…

I was like, ‘what?!’

I went downstairs in my exercise clothes, and saw Anthony was standing on our balance ball thing, the one that increases core strength–which is the point of our whole exercise class–holding his controller and playing the game!

My heart melted as Anthony explained this was the condition Ross said for him to be able to play, and I was filled with love and gratitude to Ross for his fatherly advice to our boy!

At the gym something was different.  The music wasn’t like usual in the class before ours. And as we waited in the back of the class Anthony and I couldn’t help but notice two young people, teens or early twenties, who were in just about as perfect condition in the body as can get. There was no fat on them, just lots of muscle. Anthony remarked he never knew anyone could ever look like that.  (the music was from their iPad, they seemed to know the teacher? She had it connected to the speaker instead of her music. It was strange.)

One was of color, and had hypertelorism (eyes very wide apart, sometimes a sign of fetal alcohol syndrome).  Anthony asked the boys after class ‘what sport do you play?’  They said, ‘we used to play football and now we work out at the gym.’

One wanted to slam dunk our basketball, and we let him borrow it. Well with six tries he couldn’t get it in.

The vibration of these boys was energetically, very low, very dense, not high intelligence, and chemical. I wasn’t sure if it was steroids, pot, or something more.

Well they left and came back into OUR class. But they were extremely disruptive. They didn’t do what was asked. At one point, the boy of color went right up next to our teacher, laying right near her on the mat, as she taught the class.

I didn’t like it.

When they left I was happy because I wasn’t sure if I should have taken the emergency exit during class–they seemed creepy.

They came back and started playing with the barbell, the one you put the weights on, like here:

In the back of the class they were swinging it, and throwing it to each other.

And here I am like this with Anthony at the back of class:

A million thoughts were going through my mind! I wanted to ring some alarm, and get those boys OUT of our peaceful class.  I knew in my bones not to think fear, because it would only feed the energy of those boys.  I was carefully editing my thoughts, and blocking out fears of them bludgeoning Anthony and me and the rest in the class. I kept saying, ‘trust the teacher, trust the teacher, trust the teacher’ and did my best to ignore those boys.

Then I gave up.

I said, ‘This is Illusion, I’ve lived a good life, I’ll go to Ross, and if this is it for me and/or Anthony, I accept’. I knew it would hurt, and it wouldn’t be pretty, but if it’s how I’m supposed to go how can I fight it?

Then they went away.

They totally stopped. They totally left.

I think there is connection to this article:  https://johnsmallman.wordpress.com/2016/04/04/you-are-always-completely-supported-by-your-divine-source/

This test had made me realize that THIS–our happy soul–is STRONGER than those ‘punks’.  And as a group–our class–our energy was united and STRONGER than the energy of the two boys who disrupted class.  Our WISDOM as a whole (the teacher laughed because the one hit on her in front of everyone–he told her her ‘body was perfection’ –and they guessed the boys were sixteen and didn’t have a ride because it was ‘so obvious’) led us to non-action and ignoring the undesired behavior.  Our end result manifested.

I had even asked Anthony, ‘Do you want to leave?’ during the time of disruption, and he said, ‘no’.  We actually enjoyed pushing ourselves in the class, and had a really good night together. When we went to sleep, the score was 9-0 Cubs…in the top of the ninth inning. I don’t think our team won. But in our hearts, Anthony and I did–we exercised and had fun.


When Carla was having her test, her trust in ME was tested.

When Carla relaxed and ‘gave up’ within the Illusion, her test resolved.

In that short span of time between her giving up, relinquishing her ‘fight’ (which the whole class together wasn’t as strong as those two men, even the elderly men taking it), and waiting for her fate to be sealed–no matter what, live or die…I was carrying her.

I was carrying Carla with my love to a higher Realm, another vibration, one of Peace and Respect and Gratitude and Harmony.

The OUTCOME of that test had not been set.

Carla could have been on the news as a statistic, along with Anthony–after all, it is Illusion, and in this case it would have not been like the video games Anthony plays where you instantly come back again and keep playing. Carla would have been in our ‘game room’ going over her life review.

By letting go in love (‘losing her life’) and TRUSTING in the Divine Process, and letting her ego basically die, Carla said to me,  her primary guide and friend, in addition to being her Twin Soul–‘Ross, even if I got myself into this and it was a bad idea, I have no clue how to get out of this situation safely, and I need you Ross–I TRUST you will take me safely through to the conclusion of this no matter how it turns out–and thank you for Anthony ‘(the miracle of her life with him, my gift, was the last thought on her mind before she gave up).

It wasn’t Doctor. It wasn’t Healer. It wasn’t Mystic, for that’s what Carla IS although the term is not very popular in the modern ‘thing’ on the internet.  It wasn’t Daughter. It wasn’t ME (Twin, etc.).  It wasn’t Friend.

It was MOM that was the closest to her heart; there was a sense of responsibility in her, for as she watched Anthony on the mat next to her, he was oblivious to the ‘dangers’ and completely trusted her as his mom and guide to take him to someplace that is SAFE.  She felt awful if she were to die, and to leave him, or if they were to be maimed or what.

She wasn’t ‘done’ with that most important core relationship in her life.

Carla is ALWAYS giving Anthony to God, and to me. She never knows with her situation with the father when Anthony is ever coming back–anything could happen at any time to the school, the team, the friends–ANYTHING.

Carla’s heart is filled with love and acceptance for What Is.

And YESTERDAY, was the first time Carla realized, in Real Time, that Anthony’s Life Script is NOT the same as hers. Whatever was going to happen IS going to happen. For her. For him. For us.

Carla passed the test beautifully.

This is what all of us do up here as your guides. We guide and direct and assist the soul through a series of tests, not unlike what you call ‘Boot Camp’ in the military. (he’s really proud of the analogy–and smiles–ed).

It’s almost time for our ‘Boot Camp’ to be complete, and you will discover how strong you are as souls in a very short time.

(clap clap!)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

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