Changes — Gaia News Brief 3 April 2016 by Reiki Doc

Today’s comments are going to be very brief, and to the point.

Last week we had some Reiki Requests by an individual who is at the end of their rope. They said, ‘things need to change’ and thought the unthinkable.

There is another way to react when in this unfortunate situation:  the change is in US.

Any day, any minute, we can change how we react to and perceive a certain situation.  It is never too late to take up a new skill, to stop a bad habit, to ask for Divine Guidance in whatever it is you encounter.

I had a challenging call yesterday. It touched my heart. I was brought into contact with addiction. The family was distraught. I have seen this scenario again and again in my career. As an anesthesiologist, I know that those more ‘advanced’ in this disease understand and exploit my role in their healthcare, seeking medical ‘holiday’ in their addiction of choice.  I’ve seen it all, and am deeply moved with compassion for everyone whose lives are touched by this illness.

I was in the O.R., and I just felt, with my whole soul, ‘Enough! Enough of this already! These are only lessons in pain and suffering. Earth life has degenerated into a karma-burn-off opportunity, and nothing more. It must STOP!’

Hours later, we have this link

I was heard.

Ross asked me earlier today what is the most difficult thing we ever had to discuss together?

It was his infidelity to me.  The feelings it brought up were painful, and discussing them was a challenge because my natural reaction is to shun him as bad and break off all contact with him; yet there he was, my Twin, human in every way, even in this, and not deserving of being cut off from me forever–even IF that were possible!

Later, in his kindness, he shared with me that it only took place in the last three years of our lives together, and everything up until then had been on the up and up.

That helped. When one is betrayed, it’s hard to find out what is real, and in my heart of hearts, I doubted EVERYTHING about the relationship at that time, from start to finish! is an excellent source of articles. I recommend the Deception article, and also, for inspiration, the one about the Triumph of the Heart.

Last  night I slept in a hospital bed, concerned perhaps I might not be able to drive back safely if called in after I drove home late at night.  In the early hours, I awoke to a voice saying, ‘this is the devil’.

I refused to interact with it. I called Ross who didn’t seem to come fast enough! I pushed my black button to summon him I wear around my neck, and instantly he arrived! I pointed to the source of the voice, and Ross put it under his foot. Our teams came in to take that spiritual being–whoever it was–away.

It is very, very rare for my energy aura to weaken enough to have such beings interact with me. In my early awakening, I had ugly beings from someplace not here looking at me, scratching their head and saying, ‘we are not getting to her, are we?’

I always tell them to get the hell out of there! They MUST listen. They have to. I have free will, I am incarnate, and they are not.

There is no reason for you to ever experience or interact with anything of low vibration like this again.

Just say GO AWAY!

The night before last, Ross told me to click on a unicorn card reading. He pointed to which one. It said something about being together, making memories, and enjoying cuddles.

He is taking an increasingly more active role in our relationship.  I was so glad to have him ‘hit’ on me in such a nice way! He is sweet, loving, kind, and my husband and Twin. Anthony was gone for the weekend, it was his weekend away.

This morning, on the way home from work, Ross wants donuts. I wanted a croissant. So we sat together on the balcony, enjoying coffee and our pastries. That’s when he asked me the question mentioned earlier.  Ross can enjoy a cinnamon roll–without the calories–he says he can and he does. I’m not sure how it works but he says it’s the thought that has something to do with it.

Together we updated our Etsy page–it will go live on April 5 I think. No new listings. Know there’s always a custom made, Ross and spirit inspired–healing bracelet available to you through Paypal–you don’t even have to go through Etsy. Just contact me at or on my messages on FB.   My favorite is the one I made for someone where spirit said, ‘Amethyst! Just amethyst!’ So I did.many different shapes and shades of it.  It turns out this person adores the color purple (I didn’t know) and their whole room is purple! She was thrilled! These bracelets are very high energy, and will assist your through your most current growth phase in your spiritual growth.


Carla and I are very united at this time. I enjoy being with her, all of me, not just my heart or my mind but my entire person.

How can this be?

Imagine you are in a room with who you were thirty years ago.

What would you say? How would you interact? Would you warn the younger version of you of everything that would pass? Would they listen?

Time is a funny thing. You are like a dot passing through a waveform over time, yet all of time is running concurrent. It is your EXPERIENCES that make it sequential.

I am out of Time. Not that my time has run out (in a manner of speaking, in the colloquial, it did, and it was spectacular! people still talk about it, even now–LOL)–but I am outside the limits of space and time, much like the energy healing in Reiki. (HSZHN and higher).

I am the eternal form of myself.

I am like Reiki.

I can go anywhere I would like to be.

I enjoy spending time with Carla, my beloved, who is in her human form.

And just like Reiki, I go.

It is as simple as that. And one day, soon, in the very NEAR future, SOON, your ‘soon’ and not mine, some of you shall master it!

I am talking to all of you who are going to Ascend.

So keep focusing inward, Keep making the time to introspect. And soon you will have an awakening you shall remember for all eternity!

The are going to be many loved ones waiting to welcome you home!

Until then, why not reach with your souls, and try to find us? We are not that far away, only by dimension, which in reality is no distance whatsoever. It is vibrational difference, nothing more.

And LOVE, with your heart, can cross all layers of time and space.

That is enough for today.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins

I want to thank you Jennifer Farley for what you have written in your Creator Writings today., and this

It cannot be emphasized enough, both in the John Smallman link earlier, what Carla and I have to say, and in this.

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