Love Wins! — Gaia News Brief 6 April 2016 by Reiki Doc

This is what we are!  Human embodiments of love.

Our entire cell structure, our very core of our essence, our energy signature–is composed of building blocks of LOVE, which is the energy of our Creator of All That Is.

Even those who hate, who despise, who contrive to keep away from God, are only immersed in an Illusion because these very thought forms of Creation are only BORROWED from Creator of All That Is who is LOVE.

We who are on Earth are Love Incarnate.

We are bodies that are filled with Life, our Consciousness!

This too is BORROWED from Creator!

So long story short–there IS no story–Love is everything everywhere, and because of this, we are One.

Just like in the picture, above.

The energy field IS us!  The feminine and masculine forms are only projections from the Consciousness of what is Divine.

They feel solid! And the Illusion is very real while it is being experienced, only it is just that–a sequence of tests and experiences to make us who we are.

No matter what we are DEARLY loved by our Creator–both Divine Mother, and Divine Father.

There is no room for interpretation on this. It is no ‘subjective’.

It IS!

And I AM THAT I AM is why we exist; without it, there would be no us, no Gaia, no Reiki–nada! (nada is Spanish for ‘nothing’–many of us in Southern California speak Spanish…it’s part of life!)

I know you are hurting. I hurt too.
I know you are worried. I have my concerns.
I know you are trying to get by, and ‘make it through’.  I have my plate full…in a big way. I understand.

But there is a way out of this struggle, this nightmare…and it is simple and yet difficult at the same time…and so profound!

It is to keep the promise to yourself every minute, of every day, to be LOVE in everything you do, no excuses, no slacking, no ‘days off’ or ‘I’ll get to it later’.


And marvelous things will happen!

Tonight, I thanked Creator for the music of Anthony’s breathing while he sleeps. He fell asleep so fast when I tucked him in.  Come to think of it, my breath is an endless musical source too, as it the beat of my heart…even the blinking of my eyes as I write this to you…is a miracle!

So are the glasses that help me to see. I need them now. That they could be fitted to me, and made, just over at Costco! Is a blessing.

I had to make a tough choice tonight. Money or love.  My boss cautioned me. There had been changes in the schedule, and I could make double the money if I changed my room request.

Love or money.

Money or love.

I chose love.

I chose to honor the commitment to my friend and neighbor, who I had asked to take Anthony to school when I had an early start assigned to me. I had backed out on her twice before–due to changes in plans. I wasn’t going to back out on her again. She was looking forward to it, and to making breakfast for Anthony. And she really needs the money.  I can’t back out on her like that again, not three times in a row.

My boss thinks I am an idiot, I can tell.

But he doesn’t have to rely on the kindness of others and their availability to get to work.

I do.

I am a single mother, and child care is everything–it has to be good, and your caregivers have to be content…

I’ve had two amazing days, back to back, where I came home at a decent time,  picked up Anthony, and made him a snack after school.  I cooked dinner both nights!  He commented how if only I could come home every day by two thirty, how much better our lives would be!

He is right. And as I tucked him in, I prayed out loud giving thanks to Creator for our time, for our happiness, for our being a family, for our meals, and for the chance to enjoy our home.

I’m also giving thanks because of the road block that is easing for me in my personal life. I was hit by the house situation at the same exact time I am due for reappointment on staff at the hospital (every two years), which is on a computer now instead of forms. I had so many little things to make sure were right and to do! I even had to call and check with the places I went to conference for the CME.

Tim Braun sent a newsletter out–about how Spring is an excellent time to clear the mind, by clearing the home and office of clutter.

It also is an excellent time to clear what is holding you back, inside.  For me, my duties are so jumbled I can’t even make it to my environment! LOL. I’m doing meals and laundry and dishes and working ‘part time’ which is full time availability on their schedule needs. It’s not like before where I had Tuesdays and Fridays off every week.

But with LOVE, both in my heart, and for Ross, and in all that I do…I am making it step by step…

You know, I saw a lady today, who in one glance as a physician I knew she wasn’t going to make it.  It’s not yet to the point where it is obvious to the family. I won’t say more, but it sure puts things into perspective, and makes me filled with gratitude for the gift of Life that is in me, in every one of you, in my family, in my colleagues (even the ones who are a pain in the gluteus!)…in the little birds…and the flowers…and the trees.

I am also letting go.

I know Spirit has greater plans for me than what I am busy with at the moment. My work with my crystals has really become Light Years ahead of where I was last year, last month, or even last week. I don’t want to talk about it all, except it gives me joy. I apply my crystal healings to all of the people who are open to receive my Reiki and Ross’s too. You have no idea what amazing things I am putting into your vibration, and that of the collective!  It is very very GOOD!  And as I learn more, I share–the benefit of these high vibration stones–with you, without saying a word because I don’t have to!

The energy of this healing–just like Reiki–knows just where to go and what to do.

That’s why I like to work with it!

I have a request.  I’d like to totally change topics.  In June in the State of California an MD will be able to prescribe a lethal dose upon request. As it is, there must be two verbal and one written request in three week’s time.

I can’t shake the feeling that I smell a rat about three chess or checkers moves on the board from Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.  I don’t know why, but it’s that hearing from a woman in the state of Oregon or Washington or wherever, that her insurance would pay for these lethal pills but not for her chemo…

Can you imagine the cost savings for Kaiser Permanente and Medicare if people embrace these lethal pills–welcome suicide—at first…and then…two generations out it’s not a choice like it is right now for us?

So I ask for Divine Guidance and Protection over the whole thing. It’s a fair enough concept if you take it at face value. I just don’t want any cost benefit to ever come between a patient and their doctor at the important end of life decisions.

I’d like to ask you to ask for that too. Please join me. For the LONG term–not just the here and now.  I mean to ask for Divine Guidance and Protection in the eternal HERE and NOW, if you know what I mean. This request is for all the people and families who shall be affected by this change in the status quo, a deviation from the Hippocratic Oath I took in medical school, ‘First Do No Harm’.  I know it’s very personal, what to some people constitutes ‘harm’…but for a doctor to take this step it’s a really huge thing.    So for the doctors, the patients, and their loved ones–may LOVE be the guiding principal through EVERYTHING, and may Spirit make itself known for what is the Highest Good.

Thank you.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla

(Ross says there are no words from me, for there is nothing left to for me to say. )  BTW he looks content. He smiles and waves…pauses…and then clap! clap!

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I am not only a single mom but also a sirian starseed and a lightwarrior, incarnated on Earth for this time to help Gaia and Humankind during Ascension. I know my true origins, that I am the true incarnations of Lady Maria and Archangel Gabrielle. As my beloved Twin Flame said in his message, the time for me to be hidden is over.

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