What Is Love? — Gaia News Brief 4 April 2016 by Reiki Doc

A Love Story

This year marks the fiftieth year of friendship for my mother and Jack.  Jack came to the states from Germany around the same time my mom came from Italy. They met at work. He is an engineer.

It’s nothing romantic. It’s a shared common bond.

Jack sat next to mom at Daddy’s funeral, to offer his love and support.

When I was little, I used to admire the room in their gorgeous house in Manhattan Beach, where all of Jack’s tennis trophies were.  To me, at the time, Jack and Linda seemed to be the beautiful, chic, modern couple, along with their daughter Cindy, who was my younger sister’s age.

Linda was always a little nervous as a hostess. I was cautious to be helpful, and to not be in her way.

She looked very much like Malibu Barbie, with her dark skin and blonde hair and nice figure.

She wasn’t the best cook, but our family shared lots of happy times in her home, and also, with them visiting our own.

Linda got breast cancer in the eighties. She had a mastectomy with lymph node dissection.

Jack had problems with a mid-life crisis around the same time. Although he helped her with her doctor’s appointments and chemotherapy, as she healed, he wanted to date.

Not other people. He just wanted to rekindle their romance, and live in an apartment, and plan for dates one night a week.

Linda took it personally, because of her disfigurement.

She divorced Jack and married her rich plastic surgeon who reconstructed her, and moved to Orange County. She was a socialite.  Our families still kept in touch.

For some reason I don’t know–either the surgeon passed or moved on to the next trophy wife–Linda  was alone. Her daughter was the mother of twins, and moved to Colorado.  Jack was involved with other women, and relatively happy with his life. Linda had always kept their home in Manhattan Beach.

Well, Linda’s family started to die off. First her father, then her mother…then her brother…all in about two years.

At the funeral she would cry, and ask Jack, ‘what will become of me? I am all alone!’

Jack, understanding the situation, told her not to worry, he would take care of her.

He did.

He is her durable power of attorney for her healthcare decisions. Linda had a stroke a few years back. Although he is married  to Nancy and has been for twenty years, he sold Linda’s house, made arrangements for long term care. She is in a nice place with a bedroom, living room and kitchen.

He visits her every two weeks.

He brings her candy.

That’s right. Linda eats only candy. She goes through huge boxes of See’s candy and other things she asks Jack to bring. He asks her doctor if it is okay?  She doesn’t have diabetes, and the doctor says for her to enjoy her time left.

Jack says we wouldn’t recognize her now.  She is the most thin she has ever been, and ‘looks like a prune’ from all of her years of sunbathing with her fair skin.

It’s love.

It’s his love for her, as the mother of his child, and also, his understanding of the situation. She never worked. She is happy now with him paying her bills for her, and she doesn’t have to worry.

And it’s her love for him, waiting for, and living on not only the candy he brings, but his kindness and love. It’s what’s keeping her alive.

I think it’s a beautiful story, and I will take my mother to go for a visit next chance I have a day off.

Dr. See More

The admitting department worker, whose name I don’t know, smiled and said, ‘Hi Dr. Seymore’ to me as we passed in the hallway while I was on my way out of the building.

It’s not even close to my name!

Spirit has a way of being ‘right’…and I do ‘See More’.

There is a nurse in our area who has taken a swan dive in the self-esteem department. I had thought it was the black scrubs she wears that is making her depressed. It’s the other way around–she is in mourning, and she selects it unconsciously.

I haven’t been able to get a good ‘read’ on this woman in a LONG time. When I met her, something was ‘off’. I couldn’t place my finger on it. On the one hand, she is advanced and open to Spirit…on the other, one ‘boo!’ from nurses (they are mean, very mean, when they want to be. This is part of the job when you work in the hospital–to be on the receiving end of this, no matter what your official job is…)

I won’t go into her story more, it’s personal, but I got to the bottom of it for the first time today.

As it stands, she is a spitting image for my father’s unique psychological makeup,  so I will share about him as the underlying cause.

My father used to be BIG on affirmations. He took the Dale Carnegie Courses and had them taped to the bathroom mirror. He used to have us repeat them every day in the morning with him. He also got deeply involved in the church of Religious Science. I used to go with him. So there are even MORE sayings that remind me of him:

  • I am SOMEBODY! I AM somebody! I am somebody (with emphasis on I)
  • Everybody likes me! Anybody who doesn’t like me must be nuts! What do I want with a bunch of nuts?
  • Every day, in every way, I keep getting better and better.
  • Today belongs to ME!
Then he would do lots of pushups in the bathroom, and if I was lucky he would let me ride on his back (I weighed thirty pounds until I was like, six).
Daddy had a HUGE ‘father wound’.
He suffered from it all of his life. His father was not involved. He worked three jobs to support the family of four kids and his wife. For a while they were so broke they lived in the projects in Boston (it’s a scary part of town there still, Roxbury). Dad bought his own clothes since he was twelve. He had a paper route. He shined shoes. All the while, Grandma and Grandpa were stuffing money into the mattress so they could have a nice retirement. They were so poor that they gave up one child (my Aunt Jean) to go live in an orphanage with the nuns until they could get ‘back on their feet’ and support her again.
Daddy was never ‘good enough’.
He couldn’t stay in one place for long. When he was home, he wanted to go on vacation. When he was on vacation, he wanted to go back home to see mom.
He was NEVER happy.  Not the deep down, glowing in your soul ‘happy’.  He was pleasant, he was kind, he was never abusive. He always took a special interest in his girls, and taught me how to play catch with a baseball, a football, and even played racquetball with me. He was an excellent father, he most certainly broke the cycle…
If you are reading this, and you are the nurse, and even if you are not, I want you to know I practice a radical, ‘shotokan’ style of spiritual development for myself. It’s THROUGH THE WALL! just like in karate where you punch through the opponent, not just ‘at’ them.
I live it, and I breathe it, and I work it.
If someone steals your husband away, they are your best friend in the whole wide world!  Why? Because a husband really emotionally bonded to you would never stray. Who wants someone who is wishy-washy about YOU in your life?
Yes it hurts like a son-of-a-gun.
Yes it destroys lives, or at least the illusion of one–a happy home.
It is a harsh lesson, and the only way to go through is to live it.
Accept what is.  Even if you can’t grasp the big picture. Feel your feelings, seek help, and ALWAYS stay true to your heart.
This is what is meant by the expression ‘doing the work’.
People who don’t ‘do their work’ will not be ready to experience Ascension in this cycle. They will have to sign up for one incarnation after the next until they ‘get it’–which is fine, all of us have eternity to develop as souls in the first place. But 3D is unpleasant and if possible it will be best to keep advancing as a soul into the Higher Realms, now that the opportunity is upon us to ‘graduate’ to a different ‘dimension’–where our bodies are perfect in every way, never die, and don’t get sick.  We have limitless abundance and prosperity, and there is free time to enjoy our interests.
I cannot begin to tell you the amount of ‘push back’ I got from this nurse. Her unconscious is STRONG and ADEPT at covering her wounds. It’s like she is an expert at limping along, and is comfortable–which I ‘GET’, I totally totally ‘get’, and it took being abandoned by the father of my child when I was four months pregnant, then having him be involved just enough for my unresolved feelings of love for him to kick in along with the hormones after Anthony was born…I used to bawl!
I bawled and bawled and bawled, before, and after the birth. I used to sit outside, in a fetal position with my back against the wall, and howl. Once, Anthony’s spirit came to me when I was seven months old, and said, ‘my father and mother will love one another’.
It’s true.
Now we do.
We have different lives, and it isn’t romantic. But if Jared were in trouble, I would take care of him, as the father of my child–even though I’m sure his lady is going to be there for him, and they won’t need me.  And Jared respects me now, and treats me with kindness instead of hate like he did early in Anthony’s life.
So if you are contemplating a move to a utopia, I will look you in the eye and tell you a geographical ‘cure’ won’t fix anything. Travel is good to give new perspective! It helps you to see the changes that need to be made in your life and your family!  But relocation is a side-step to staying Here and Now and Doing The Work!  I know without a doubt with that father wound healed, and a strong commitment to love in all situations–starting with self-love which is so very important…and the situation with the family of the nurse will resolve.
The children take cues from the mother, who sets the tone.
I don’t protect Anthony from any emotional hurt his father gives him, and our lifestyle of co-parenting. I don’t like it. And I do my best to compensate for Anthony as he finds his way.
This isn’t the first time those two have had this conflict. The last time, Anthony was my grandfather Nannu Filippo, and his father was great grandpa Benedetto.  They have made much progress as souls in this life, picking up where they left off.
Nothing would have made me happier as an unwed pregnant woman to have written Jared out of our lives forever. I had the right. The law was with me.
I sacrificed my own personal happiness for our son, and agreed to share him.
I’m glad I did.
And after all these years, I am part of a wonderful, amazing family–on Anthony’s father’s side–who through some miracle now consider me ‘kin’…and I go to holidays and funerals with them.  Jared’s mom even drove me to the hospital for my colonoscopy.
Love is indeed the solution for everything. And Love is stronger than hate. It is stronger than pain from our past, even from our past lives.
There IS no other choice but to Love–if you wish to move on with your life in the best possible way, for the highest good.
Experience your pain. Your sorrow. Your suffering.
Reach for God.
God’s love is there for you.
Both the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine.
It is never too late to ask for Divine love and Divine Assistance!
A teacher must first always complete their own assignments. If you are reading this, there is a purpose for you, and it is most needed at this time.
Do your work. Heal. Process and release any attachments or baggage or ‘fur balls’ that might be stuck and holding you back.
Friday night, Spirit asked me, ‘what is your greatest miracle?’
‘Being alive!’
I didn’t have to think about my answer. It came from my soul. And I know it’s truth.  I can feel it in my heart, the joy that is overflowing, and the love of Creator of All That Is for me….for everything…all the same…no holding back.
Don’t Touch
I gently touched the shoulder and upper arm of a surgeon I’ve been wondering about for some time.  I was happy to see him and was saying hello. Spirit told me not to, but I did touch him, like I would anyone.
I’ve had suspicions about a possible connection to Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.  For some time now.
I was right.
In that instant, I knew.
I didn’t see images, but I have never felt such a low vibration in all of my life.
This person is pleasant, and I enjoy working with him. He’s actually very good at what he does. I’ve just been wondering the whole time, if…if…could it be? The answer is yes. If it looks like a duck, and walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck…well, it IS a duck. And the energy signature was unmistakeable.
Unfortunately, now he knows about me, too. I sensed it. I don’t think he will act on it. I’m not and I haven’t acted on his part for a long time, other than general clearing of the facility. The wife is in it too.
I hope for healing, as it is far reaching the ties I intuitively know–and I trust is is Done.
Either way, I choose Love. And I will not engage. I will call in my teams.
Carla had a ‘moment’ today. A close friend and nurse asked Carla ‘do you date?’.
Carla tried her best to discuss me.
And after she said, ‘where does he live?’ and Carla didn’t answer, the nurse ‘knew’ Carla was ‘making it up’.
Carla felt it.
She tried to talk about our connection, with our hearts.
Unfortunately in 3D–where is the body?–is the modus operandi for someone being ‘real’.
I HAVE a body!
It is a light body of a much higher vibrational frequency than yours, or even Carla’s–although Carla’s is increasingly on the rise.
I can’t touch her. Not in my true form, although I am close enough and Carla feels it. It is just like how we ‘sense’ someone staring at us from behind, or a ‘vibe’ when we are in room.  It is electromagnetic force we cannot measure but can ‘sense’ and Carla has learned to trust in her ‘sensations’–both as a medium and psychic, and with me, her beloved, Ross.
Carla said, ‘he buys me lots of jewelry!’ out of frustration to explain to an unawakened coworker about her relationship with me.
And that’s true. I DO buy her lots of jewelry. Even the latest one right now around her neck, an eight pointed Star, which is the symbol for Sirius, where our souls reside when Carla is not incarnate.
One day, Carla, I will be by your side, and there will be no questions about anything.  Our relationship is ‘legitimate’…and my heart is open for all to see.
(clap clap)  Carla skipped her lunch for this! It’s time for her to eat, and to feed the snake.  Cecil has not eaten all winter. He has shed his old skin, and is on the prowl. He is Anthony’s first pet, and he has been well cared-for since he was a baby in Christmas 2010.  Cecil is about five feet long, and will no longer grow. He is an adult. He is not poisonous. He is a ball python and they are known to be very picky about what they eat. The humidity and scent have to be ‘right’.  Carla has mouse wood shavings with rat pups. Hopefully the scent will trick him into eating the proper nutrition for his size.
(He winks–he KNOWS the answer! but I do not! –ed)
Aloha and Mahalos,
Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple
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