On Assignment — Gaia News Brief 17 April 2016 by Reiki Doc

This image is ingrained in my soul.  My grandfather, Nannu Filippo, apprenticed to work in the orchards back home in Sicily. I grew up with a beautiful garden, one in my parent’s home, and the nicer one in my grandparent’s.

I have always had a strong connection to the land, to things that grow, and fruit is especially dear to my heart.

For example, when our next-door-neighbors would leave as a family to go to church, our family would go into their back yard, and pick the apricots.  Our neighbors never picked a thing, and most of the beautiful fruit the lovely tree made, went to waste on the ground.  Not picking fruit to us, is a sin! So we helped our neighbors, and the tree, by the work we did.

The apricots looked sweet, but in fact, were not, because the neighbors didn’t nourish the tree.

About five years later, they dug up the back yard to install a swimming pool. And nobody ever swims in that either. The tree is gone, and has been gone for years.

This wasn’t an accident, my being placed into my family.  The trees and the fruit are important to Ross’s soul and to my own.

When Ross was set to die, the last thing he wanted to eat was a ripe, juicy fig.  The tree had none, and Ross had anger, and with his metaphysical ability, made the tree die.

What I am going to say at the moment, please allow to sink in. Slowly…

Two persons died with Ross at the time of his death. All three suffered the same fate. One accepted his fate. The other cursed Creator.

That second soul, the one who cursed Creator, has been located, and is saved.  It was through a crisis, that was bringing up the old pattern, and through soul recognition, and a little bit of luck along with claircognizance, that I made the connection.

This person, who is reincarnate now on earth, was offered the information, and accepted it.

Immediate resolution of years of self-punishment as a soul, incarnation after incarnation, resolved with the reassurance that both Ross and I, and Creator, love them VERY MUCH and all is forgiven.

I am asking this soul to come forward, as their own soul and Higher Self guides them at the pace that is right for them, to share their story with the world.

It is a beautiful story of healing.

We also have another soul, recognized for some months now, who is healing too. It is Salome–the real one–again here incarnate–the one who asked for John the Baptist’s head on a plate.  The same mother-daughter connection in that life, was found present in this one. The knowledge from the past is helpful for this soul to be working things out.

This soul, I call forward to share their story with the world, when they are ready.

We already know that the soul of Judas came back in this life, as Dr. Wayne Dyer. This soul has healed, and has become a miraculous teacher and guide to millions, if not more, and died very much beloved in the hearts of everyone who has heard him.

Another soul, one who has tormented me on occasion, and I couldn’t understand why?  Ross explained the role of this one to me too. It was once our sacred teacher, back home, not in India. And this soul betrayed us both with feelings of attraction to Ross. Nothing happened. I didn’t know, but Ross assured me this. And now I too, am healing in a much needed way.

We also have located–at least for me with my consciousness–the soul of Bartholomew, who is incarnate as a man. His spirit is so refreshing, so candid, so ‘salt of the earth’! I can see why back in the day Ross and I used to spend time with him! He hasn’t changed a bit. That makes me happy.

I thank you for your patience. Now I will change the subject just a little bit. For those of you who work with spirit, you will understand.

I had need to spend the night at a friend’s house. To get away and clear my head.

This story goes way back.  She has moved. She offered us the house last year in June, for half of the selling price now. I didn’t want to move. I didn’t want to live far from my house here (it’s only ten minutes, but it extends my commute by twenty minutes).

I was overwhelmed with my life.

When my house started falling apart, this friend offered to let me rent it.

I sent a check and went to New York for my conference. (she never cashed the check–ed)

When I came back, a mutual friend and realtor informed me that the house I was going to rent was going to be put up for sale, and to keep my knowledge of this secret.  I wasn’t supposed to know, but out of respect for me, she wanted to inform me of it for it would affect my plans.

It did.

How could I relax and feel safe in a home where showings were going to happen, and I would have to move?

It would be worse than a house that was falling apart, because I’d have mortgage, rent, plus repairs on  my house, and no stability on my living situation!

So I let it go.


I didn’t understand it. The last time he said something like this, it was YOU WILL NOT DO OB ANY MORE. He said that one twice. And sure enough, within three months, I had the news. And I’m glad I DON’T do OB. It was hard on my sleep to be woken up all night for the epidurals and the babies.

I had made plans to spend Friday night and Saturday night in the empty house of my friend.

Thursday afternoon, I had time, I drove there, and got the pass for the gated community. I didn’t see a lock box on the door. I tried to relax and connect with the land. My Reiki teacher Anne has said, ‘you are intuitive. Just try to stay around the house for a few hours, and you will know if that house is right for you.’

This house is in escrow. But I have Ross. ; )

At the last home I really loved, that Ross showed me, I saw people make an offer that day. But it was still on the market! I had driven by the house a lot. I stopped in. It turns out the person’s husband lost his job that day they made the offer!  I made friends with the spirit of the mom who used to live in the house, Liz. I asked her if she was okay if I lived there?  I loved the OPEN views to the outside, and the yard. I hated the neighbor’s huge RV’s. And I also suspect the house is full of asbestos, and also, the central heating creates carbon monoxide–and this is why Liz was ‘crazy’ and her two sons were autistic.  There was a room in the house I would have adored to have for my bead hobby. Liz and Ross said they would help me find something better. And Anthony says ‘I think there is something bad with that home nobody can see but it’s there.’

Last Thursday, Ross and I had a heart to heart at my friend’s yard. I told him I didn’t know what to do, I couldn’t afford it, I couldn’t figure my way through this situation.

He said, ‘Will you allow me to offer you a gift of where to live?’

I said yes.

So I have stepped aside–it could be this home I own already, with construction to make it safe, it could be anything. I don’t know. I just know my man is looking out for me. This makes me thankful.

Well, Friday night at eleven I made it home from work to my friend’s house.

Only the padlock that was hidden had the wrong combination. I had my sleeping bag in the car, and my pajamas. I was ready to ‘spend a few hours’.

That home was a fortress. I could not find my way in.

So I slept in the car.

I smiled inwardly, because the soul who cursed God is terrified of being homeless. And in Divine Empathy, for one night, I was like them. It was uncomfortable in the back seat of the car, but I was warm, and drifted off to sleep. I was too exhausted to drive home for my own bed.

At three in the morning, I had to pee.  Even though I had toilet paper in the car–just in case the empty house was EMPTY–there was no way I was going to pee on the property.  There are cameras everywhere, and plus, it would stink. No one would fault me, but it wasn’t the right thing to do.

So I drove home.

I gave up.

The next day, I was washing the dishes, and Ross said, ‘Carla! GO! Go now to that house!’  I stopped and left the dishes in the sink.

This time I had the right combination, and I went in.

So many memories flooded me as I set foot in that house.

This was my refuge.

After a long day, I could come here and find my friends, and Anthony, if it was a Tuesday.

I can’t even begin to tell you the warmth and love of that house, the joy, the welcoming I felt after a long day of dealing with the sick and the dying and being yelled at by surgeons and everybody to ‘hurry up’.

It added an extra hour to my commute home–but always, always it was worth it.

I went from room to room through the house, as Ross guided me.

I got some texts, and I knew my friend’s security camera must have picked me up. But I let them be.

I went out to the yard, and was overwhelmed at how lush and healthy the fruit trees and vines were. Every time I used to come over, the daughter–all thirty pounds of her! A total warrior, who was good at martial art, gymnastics, had no fear whatsoever, and also enjoyed the small spiritual gifts I gave her, like Chef Ito oil and a pendulum…she would, just like my Nannu Filippo, take me to see every one of her plants.  Even at nine at night.

I sat next to the kitchen, on the outside, and Ross asked me where I would plant my fig?  I have had a tree since 1996, when it was a twig. It’s in a container. I’ve never planted it.

I told him I would put it to the top and the right by the fence of the neighbors where you can see in.

He asked me where I would put my lime tree?

I showed him that too.

He had also asked me earlier what I would do to the house?

I said I would open the kitchen so you could see it from the door. I would also decorate the house in Japanese to honor my friends. I would research what a real Japanese kitchen looks like, and put it in. I would make the decorations and furniture be Japanese. Not those sliding paper doors, but to honor them, for to me it would always be ‘their’ house, in my heart.

Then he told me it was time for us to help souls cross to the Light.

I knew I wouldn’t have been tested so much, and so drawn to the place, without some good reason.

So I and Ross, together with four more Archangels, did what we know how to do.

One soul, the first one, was peculiar.  He didn’t go right away.  Most souls are like, ‘Yippee! I’m out of here!’ and run.  I felt his presence, it was heavy, and old. His face looked–kind of like the old guy in the well at Pirates of the Caribbean. If not him, with the narrow set eyes, well, enough like most of the people in that ride.

I felt a pressure in my chest near him.

He stopped, and said, ‘You do not know me, but I love you.’  He said this solemnly, making sure I paid attention. Then he kissed me goodbye, and went up.

I had concern the new owners would not love the plants, and they would die.

I cried.

I sobbed for everything in my life that had been so beautiful, and was gone.

I thanked God for it, for the beautiful memories which remained of these happy times.

I prayed prayer after prayer of blessing for the new homeowners, that they may be happy and share the good times that this place had so lovingly provided once for me.

Then I contacted my friend.

It turns out the new owners are Japanese, and they like the fruit trees. I relaxed.

It also turns out they had a ghost. The son could see it when he was a baby. It used to hang out in the daughter’s room.  It was a man.

We couldn’t figure out who he was, so together my friend and I called him the Indian Cowboy.

(many many other souls were escorted to the light from that general region, too. The angels were coordinating it.)

I no longer felt the need to stay in the house.  I know my friends are only a short flight away, and I am always welcome.

I know and trust Ross is taking care of my housing needs. I know the horrors of my house right now will resolve for the highest good. I’m doing all the right things.

Yesterday, in meditation, I did something I’ve never done before:  I submitted as a soul to that of my Twin, to honor him. As you go ‘up’ the ‘angel scale’ in Vibration, this is a sign you are ‘getting close’–you just want to lie on your belly and give honor to a soul worthy of this honor. I’ve had beings come and do this to me, and I was always like,’GET UP!’ because you know, I am American. We don’t do that here! So as culture goes, I understood its an ‘angel thing’ and I just waved it off.

This was the first time I did it.

So–for one week now, the five souls I didn’t know who they were holding us back are free. (Divine Mother incarnate took care of it with Divine Father, at my request.)

And these, eerily, echo my own life activities:

One last thing. After I came home, I lay on the couch, and was called in by the Council. I spoke with them. But there was one new man present in spirit. He was ‘heavy’ too, and reminded me a little of the one who had been guided to the light. He offered me his blessings. Hands on my head, he was blessing and blessing me, in front of the council.
I wracked my brain trying to figure out who he was!
He said, ‘You don’t know me?’
I didn’t.
Later, I realized, this spirit who I had never met, was the soul of Abraham.
I asked him, ‘why are you blessing me? Am I family?’
He never said.
I’m thankful for the blessing, all the same.
Gaia is not going to code. (Planet Earth is not going to Code Blue).  This is a message for a reader who is insightful about the chemtrails and the rest.
Gaia is not going to code.
‘Not in my O.R.’ (he winks at me–that’s my saying I have with MY patients who are very sick and might die–it’s not going to happen in my care! — ed)
Now to change the subject.
Anthony wants to ride an alpine slide in a place like this.  Carla is making her plans for her summer vacation.
It is expensive.
Carla wants to see her family in France.   It is a long trip. But there is a little ‘something extra’ I am working on at the moment.
It’s going to be fun.
And it’s going to be VERY far away from her concerns about work and home.
(raises one finger–ed)  Carla is very good about shouldering her lack of stability in her work. For anesthesiologists, ‘every day you work might be your last’.  Groups come and go. Positions come and go. Carla has had a nice long run at her work, where she is, since 2009 summer. It has been seven years. There is a trend towards nurse anesthestetists running the O.R. There is also a drive to make anesthesiologists employees of the hospital. A lawsuit is going to court against her contract holder (boss) in June.
(waves hands in front palms down like washing a car–ed)  Everything can change!
That is why Carla does not plan to make huge purchases in a home.  (raises finger again–ed)  Carla does NOT live in a ‘doctor’s house’–both on the outside and on the inside.
(raises finger–ed)  But Carla is smart enough to know a LOT of realtors in the area live where she lives, there is excellent VALUE in the area.
I love her.
I love Carla and I can’t wait to be with her, to reunite.
I told her this today.
Go outside, Carla.
Try to enjoy the sun and a little of your garden before you start the rest of your day.
(The worms are happy–Carla has lots of ‘life’ back there in her little space).
And for you?
Gaia is not going to code!
Not on my watch!  (he moves hands like he’s washing them–ed)
It’s time to scrub (for the surgery–him donning the gown and gloves just gives me the giggles–I can’t help it–okay Doctor Ross! — ed)
Aloha and Mahalos,
Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple
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