Helpmate — Gaia News Brief 21 April 2016 by Reiki Doc

Today I was asked by Ross to share with you some of our conversation.  As I sat down to write this, Anthony, who I had just tucked into bed–came and asked me to rub some lotion on his dry feet for him.

He said, ‘I tried to do it on my own but I messed up, Mom.’

I said, ‘Sure, I would be happy to put it on for you, no problem!’

And we were both glad. Now MY dry hands–they get that way from washing them so much at my work between patients–feel better as I type too!

The conversation Ross wants me to share just was a ‘welcome home from a long day at work’ conversation between us.  The part I recollect, is how I said to him, ‘I never feel like I am helping you–I can’t tell honey.’  I showed him a picture of a farmer going to work, and how the wife knows by doing certain chores she is helping him and the family to live a better life.

He understood.

He said actually, I help him every day. Just by being kind and helping others, and from opening my heart.

It was a good ‘reality check’ for him, in a way, to see how I need to feel ‘useful’ in a relationship.

I also confided to him I would like to be able to make him a gift that’s really a surprise, and no fair peeking into the future! No using all that advanced whatever it is they all have up there to figure out the gift!

He set me straight.

Candidly, he shared how my loving him like I do is the greatest gift of all.  He said that things that have been taken away increase in their value.  With my free will that chose to come back to him, and love him–every day I share the feelings of love I have in my heart with him–is a wonderful, priceless gift he does cherish deeply in his heart.

The other one–and I am not sure if all couples do this because I haven’t had the best outcomes in 3D couples here on Earth–is how when I say things now like, ‘I need you, Ross.  I’ve had a long day. May I please have a hug? It is most comforting to me, to have your presence.’….Ross starting today, has shared, ‘I feel the same way about you.’

Closer and closer we grow in our relationship.

Tonight we had hot chocolate together as a family, in our good china, and the hot chocolate in a huge teapot. I make it from scratch, with two tablespoons cocoa and two tablespoons coconut sugar (low glycemic index) per mug of milk.   We had some leftover PEEPS marshmallow candies, and I put an egg shaped one on Ross’ cup at his request.

Anthony teased Ross about it, and said it was not the way to do it.  And quick as lightning, Ross shot back–through telepathy–‘you don’t know how to eat!’ (with good taste). Ross was giving Anthony a hard time, and Anthony LOVED it!

There isn’t anything more Ross wants me to say.   I have an early start tomorrow. I’ll see what he likes me to write now for him.

He also wants me to share with you I have my certificate as a Psychic now. My psychic development teacher Anne’s program–I’ve completed now with her. I am a certified Healer, and Psychic.  Not that I need the ‘little piece of paper’ but it’s nice to add to my CV (CV is a doctor’s resume, a Curriculum Vitale).


(sigh)  What can you say?  I am HAPPY and CONTENT with life, and all there is to go about it.

That is what you get, after all the ‘stuff’ you have to release, gets released! Carla is feeling it. Carla is delightful in her work.

(he wants me to share this story with you, and it’s making me cry a little to share it. There was an eighty something year old Vietnamese woman for a procedure. I can’t tell you what, but she told me she couldn’t sleep for two days, she was so worried about it. I smiled, and told her I am ‘Bac si no dao’. This means Dr. No Pain in Vietnamese-English.  She gave me the most beautiful smile of relief, and said, ‘when I saw your smile I KNEW I was going to be all right.’  She couldn’t believe it when the procedure was over. She said, ‘I felt no pain. I thought it was going to hurt. But I do not have pain.’ –ed)

That is my girl.

Carla has a lesson. I am smiling as I write it. A friend and patient of Carla’s is very sick. Extremely sick, and according to one entry in the chart ‘has a very poor prognosis’ (I see him smiling with a challenge to that author–ed).

Carla is brilliant!

Instead of ‘accept’ or ‘reject’ on the critical state, Carla ‘obeyed’ with just one ‘modification’ on her lesson:  Carla said, ‘Ross, I want you to prepare me and assist me if it’s her time to pass.’

(he pauses–ed)


Carla found a new way to get through the lesson, and modify it to make it more acceptable to her!

(he is rubbing his hands together –he’s happy and excited–ed)

It doesn’t HAVE to be ‘win or lose’.  It doesn’t have to be ‘win – win’.  It doesn’t have to be ANYTHING that ANYONE has ever experienced in this life!


This is exactly like saying to yourself, as some people did when they were in medical school with Carla, ‘I do not like to wake up early in the morning. I will study at home, and buy the lecture notes that are sold for the class. I will do my best to learn the material in my own way so I will be able to pass the test.’

These students didn’t go to lecture like they were supposed to, and they wrote their own rules, but they PASSED the tests!

THIS is how the way things shall commence when we are in 5D all of us together.

I want to spend a moment writing about Prince, the entertainer and musician–he has met his own fate. Although his music was divine and all of us like to listen to it, this did not save him from the fact that at the end of his life, it was Him and His Creator, face-to-face, with the following question:

Do you wish to heal? Or not?
Do you wish to recover what you once had, as a soul, before you were incarnate? Or just let it pass?

These are VERY IMPORTANT questions! I do not wish you to underestimate what I am trying to say!

It comes to a point where, after all this (waves his right hand at the Illusion–ed) each individual soul (waves hand side to side–ed) it is between THEM and CREATOR with the Free Will that is always honored and respected, to search for the answer from their heart when posed with the question, ‘change and grow? or stagnate in your own filth of what you make it?

Some souls–not every one–but some are BEYOND the opportunity to ‘go back to the safe 3D planet to work out their lessons’.  (he taps the desk twice with his hand–ed).

STAY or Grow?

Do you wish to STAY where you are in your current state of development?

Or do you wish to get back to where you once were, and restructure your lesson plans to fit your needs? And move past the location and vibration where you are today.

I won’t answer the question about Prince.   I won’t let Carla either, although she knows like I do.

(he smiles mysteriously, and shrugs. He is so very adorable and articulate, is he not? –ed)

(clap! clap!)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple