Sometimes Fire is Healing — Gaia News Brief 25 April 2016 by Reiki Doc

Because I overslept I must keep this short.

Yesterday, I took all the ‘shred’ mail I had kept in a bag for about three months, and took it to our back yard. There is an old gas barbecue that no longer is functional.

Anthony and I had ‘science’.

He also burned one of his summer projects with popsicle stick ‘houses’ he made last year, while he was unhappy with the summer program.

We added more and more unwanted things–things that weighed me down. Why is it people send credit card applications in the mail, and for our own financial security, we must guard these and shred them?  It is mail that is ‘intrusive’ into my home.  I can’t toss it in the trash. Not any more. Back in the eighties I used to.

What is fascinating is I have zero fire signs in all of my astrological chart. Not in any one of my twelve houses.

Yet I choose fire to cleanse in this way.

My mother, on the other hand, IS a Sagittarius, and is FIRE in every way, every single way!

And for HER, she chooses water to destroy her mail like this.  She soaks it in a bucket until it’s all pulp.

We both hate to use the shredder, even though I have one and she doesn’t. (I put all the shred into the garden as compost when I do have the patience to use it.)

We also cooked on a different grill last night. It was the first time I put corn on the barbecue. Did you know all fresh ears of corn from Trader Joe’s is non-GMO?  I just let it singe for a good long time.  It was delicious.


(he taps the microphone–ed–tap tap tap and blows into it) Do you hear us? (he implies him and all of his teams up where he is–ed).

I bought Carla flowers yesterday.

Carla ‘sensed’ I wanted them for her, and as they walked up the steps into Trader Joe’s she told Anthony I wanted him to help me pick out a bouquet.

When they took two steps into the store, Anthony said, ‘I know which ones are for you mom. I don’t have to decide.’

There were bouquets of roses, one dozen, for $6.99, and he went right up to the red ones and gave it to Carla, saying, ‘aren’t they beautiful mom?’

In many ways this trip to Trader Joe’s was an answer to Carla’s unspoken prayers in her heart!

I insisted on the flowers, because the last two trips to the store–they were different stores–I had offered and Carla declined. She had some lemon verbena from the garden in a vase, she said, and she didn’t need it.

But today I had the flowers, and Anthony was excited about one more thing!–the ready made lunch items.  So for this week, all of the work Carla has to do in the morning is a little less. Instead of making lunch Carla is ‘assembling’ them. Today Anthony has turkey wraps and tomorrow of all things, low calorie Chinese chicken salad. It’s what he likes.

Carla on the other hand has quinoa lemon and arugula salad, with beets, and is delighted to have saved a little work on her part.

Last night Carla had a little assignment on her private time with me. It’s not what you think, or how it sounds–Carla meditates. She has a little spot all worked up in her closet, with a meditation cushion and last night she wore the mantle that was made for her by the incarnation of Archangel Raphael. It is green and very soft, and it soothed her sore shoulder. (Carla did some playing catch with Anthony, and it ‘talks to her’ at the end of the day).

I had Carla do a reading for herself.  From two decks.

The first was from Doreen Virtue’s Archangel Michael deck. I told her which card to pull. She was puzzled as she read the prayer at the bottom to invite Archangel Michael to talk to her in her dreams. Carla was like, in her heart of hearts, ‘why the formal prayer? don’t I speak to him like this already?’

(he holds one finger up–ed)  But Carla obeyed! Carla read the words, and did as I invited.

The second deck was the Magdalen Oracle cards. Carla had bought them just to take the last one off the shelf from the crystal shop so no one would look at them.

And in all these six months, even Carla hadn’t in her own home!

Carla was highly critical of this deck! It was entertaining for us as we monitored her remotely. I was taking ‘reads’ on Carla’s reaction to the perception others have of this figure–as she looked through the deck, with all the dark, red,  early Picasso-like drawings, Carla wrinkled her nose. At the ‘Intimacy’ card, the ‘Sacred Sex’ card and  the ‘Lovers’ cards, Carla was offended. The old label of the ‘whore’ was ‘updated’ but still in effect, even in this.

The only thing that Carla liked, and that was just a little bit, was the quote in the commentary at the beginning of the little book, that says, ‘Magdalen is the Archetype for the neglected Feminine principle’.

That one was a little ‘close’ to home.

One last thing.

Carla moved all her furniture out of the living room, in preparation for new carpet that is to be installed this week. Right before bed she saw Anthony sitting on the floor with a toy and all the screwdrivers in the house.

She helped Anthony change the batteries on the little turtle that puts the stars up on the ceiling. He has had it since he was five, and can’t sleep without it in their home.

Anthony had been independent and trying to open the little battery compartment himself. He had the tools, but not the right size one, and had stripped it.

Carla went through every screwdriver.  Carla did not blame Anthony but instead said she had stripped it halfway the last time, and he had finished the job. It was not his fault.

Anthony rolled on the floor in agony that his turtle was not functioning, and would be gone.  He asked if they could buy a new one, and Carla said, ‘these things are a fad, and they go. We could buy something similar but not a turtle.’ And in her heart Carla cried to ME for fatherly assistance, as the ‘man of the house’.

Carla told him! She said, ‘if this works it is Ross who fixed it but not me.’

Then Carla got up, got the needle drivers from the O.R. she has kept since residency–and grabbed the screw from the outside, clamping it, and spun the turtle to unscrew it.

While she was doing this I told her it was a lesson to Anthony about growing up and leaving the baby things behind–just a short introduction lesson.

And Carla understood!

Once the battery compartment was open, she let Anthony exchange them. But he needed a little help, and when he asked, she helped him on that too.

Both were surprised to see how much brighter the turtle light shined.

Carla commented on how as you use it the battery dies so slowly you can hardly perceive it (he taps the side of his head–as if this makes a HUGE connection to the Matrix–and how it is being replaced by the Higher Realms–ed).

(clap! clap!)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

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I am not only a single mom but also a sirian starseed and a lightwarrior, incarnated on Earth for this time to help Gaia and Humankind during Ascension. I know my true origins, that I am the true incarnations of Lady Maria and Archangel Gabrielle. As my beloved Twin Flame said in his message, the time for me to be hidden is over.

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