The Anatomy of a Soul — Gaia News Brief 27 April 2016 by Reiki Doc

This is an Upper GI with Small Bowel Follow Through radiologic study.

It is given to someone who has blockage of the intestines, to see where the blockage is–they aren’t quite blocked up enough where they need surgery immediately, but it’s getting close and the surgeon wants to know what is happening to the patient.

The energy is shifting rapidly.

It is on schedule.

There are things I know, that I can’t tell you.

But I will let you know what is going on with me, so you will not be surprised with what is going on with you if you experience it too.

Electronic things in my hands are going bananas
The O.R. table ‘clicker’ won’t work with the ‘level’ button. It shorts out.  This happens in every room.
My phone is broken and I had to switch to backup.
My home phone is broken too–I can call out but I can’t call in.

People at my work are Cray Cray
There are factions and subdivisions in my group that are so unpleasant I keep wondering if I must change places of employment. People are angry and upset because the ones who can’t do O.B. don’t have to do it, like them, and instead they get more call assignment in the O.R.   The payor mix in O.B. is horrible–the lowest of the lowest reimbursements.  So they are losing money AND losing sleep to work there.

These people can’t even look me in the eye. I stood up to them at our last meeting. I said I am a single mother, I work hard, I take ALL of my calls (many of them skip their O.R. call and give it to another)–and to look me in the eye and let me know where I stand with them.

Ross says not to worry, things will resolve soon, and I am protected.

I am seeing a side of me I never knew I had

I wanted to know about Mormons. Apparently Peter and John made John Smith and one other guy ‘priests of the order of Melchizedek’.  I was curious and wanted to know more.

Ross wouldn’t tell me, but said he would in meditation that night.

Well, instead of the Mormons, I got the Magdalen.  My little card deck I don’t like, and ignore.

All these feelings came up. Ross wrote about them last time.

But the next night, these three cards came up:  FAMILY   CRUCIFIXION   ASCENSION

Well, that one set me off the deep end. As a soul. I am aware of my physical body and my house and my job.

I started crying and telling ‘them’–my guides–I was really traumatized by the whole thing I saw.  It’s like I have PTSD. I need help.

They asked me how I felt? What would I have done?

And I shocked myself.  That part of me that keeps everything nice stepped aside. And my soul’s repressed anger came out.

I beheaded Pilate in one swift swoop and held his head up like Judith in the Bible. But that wasn’t enough. I showed it to the crowds to shut them up. I kept holding it by the hair and bashing it again and again on the ground in a rage.

Then all of the people I heard jeering?  I had supernatural angry things out for them. I’m not the one that said, ‘forgive them for they know not what they do’.  I took it out on them. Every single one. And even now, their souls–except for one who suffered the same fate as my Beloved–are on fast track to merge with the Galactic Central Sun.

This includes the ones who organized the whole thing. Those souls are skewered through their chakras in an immobilizer, held up in front of the crowd, and THEN going into the Galactic Central Sun.

I want nothing to do again with ‘those mean people’.

I want none of it!

The whole time my feelings came up, my guides asked me, ‘how do you feel?’ and I said, ‘POWERLESS!’ and cried some more.

They did not judge. They stayed back. And I knew these feelings must have been buried for a long time, and needed to come out. (see this link for Saul’s message on similar subject).  I didn’t judge them either except they were really strong and probably not good to leave hidden deep inside.

The next day, yesterday, Ross was very quiet. As were my guides.

Last night I was told to take off all my jewelry.  Actually the beaded bracelets in the morning. I was told to wear larimar. I did. (I got a message to get my thyroid checked. I have ignored it for two years. My ENT can see it. He ordered a scan. And as we were talking a general surgeon came in and said he was removing a thyroid that next case for ‘compression symptoms’.)  You know, the blue chakra?

Anyhow, I wasn’t permitted to meditate last night. I just slept.

This morning I was just ready to wake up and I was asked ‘what is the greatest miracle you could ever experience?’

I didn’t know. Seeing Ross? But what about Anthony?

Ross asked me gently, ‘did you feel like I liked the others more than you?’  I said yes.

He asked me, ‘did you feel like I broke our marriage vows by going out and doing what I did?’

I said yes, and started crying. I kept asking, ‘why? why? why the whole thing? why the suffering for all of us here?’

He said, ‘You know I love you.’

I said I did. But I’m blind! I’m so very blind to the whole thing. Here he is married to me, in this incarnation, and I can’t understand anything of the spirit.

He said, ‘If you were blind I would put the little bumps on the stove so you could use it, and I would make all the safety features for you.  If you were blind I would see to it your happiness (I saw him carry me to a field of flowers where I could feel the breeze and smell the fragrance).’

So here I am feeling like his disabled spouse (galactic wise)–and here he is clearly accepting it.

(I don’t wear the jewelry when they want to get a ‘read’ on my energy. I also know WHY he had to die, there was no other option–it was to save souls but I won’t go into that. I also know a little more but I’m not saying.)

I kept saying, ‘Why?  WHY?’ and being miserable.

That’s when he told me to reach for the sugilite.  It’s very good for moments like this. He told me to wear as much as I can in my pocket for today.

My baby daddy’s dismay

One would think that an ex would be that–an ex.

I spend so much time talking to mine by text. It’s really frustrating.

Anthony was to be with him last night. I was driving home early, we hadn’t confirmed, and as I got near to the school I wanted to double check to make sure I could go home and not worry.

He got miffed.

And when he gets miffed there are lots of texts.

My life is totally insane in the scheduling department. Even my world-class breast cancer surgeon yesterday said she could never do my job. She said, ‘you never KNOW when you will go home!’

I thanked Jared for being organized and dependable, because it really helps.

But there was misunderstanding about my work schedule and his weekend because there was a wedding he needed to go to and he wanted me to watch Anthony when he went in the afternoon, but I have to work.

I didn’t make excuse. I explained the situation–my work requires I work on some weekends, so I schedule my work when Anthony is with him. That’s why I’m not flexible. That’s why I scheduled the weekend with my mom–so the cousins could play.

This all went through four hours of texting.  Off and on. Even through dinner.

I asked myself WHY once more. And I know Anthony is worth it. It’s just a little too complicated for me sometimes. And we are both cordial and nice to each other–there’s no anger–it’s just a lot of work.


Carla got a workout.

The sugilite gave her kundalini a surge, and helped her get her balance.

I recommend always to go to the kundalini when everything seems to be falling apart.  It is the best stabilizer we have, and sugilite is exceptional for this. It goes in from the crown down, and stabilizes everything.

I have been watching Carla and taking everything in.

Both of us know, and so do all of you, that in the movies, when they want to hurt the hero, they kill the family members and torture them in front of the hero.

They don’t just kill the hero and let the family members watch.

They don’t kill to ‘make an example’ in front of a crowd.

They terrorize and break the soul of the deceased’s Beloved.

Carla has been reliving those days without me, while Carla was still incarnate in that life, experiencing the full realization I was gone from her for the rest of her life.

She does it in her sleep, and in her half-awake state.

I won’t go into it now, but I can assure you it was a lot less fun than what you were told in your catechism.

Carla didn’t like my going away. I am never coming back the way I was–she knows it–and it’s still true.  I am never going to be alive in a physical body like you.

I have my Light Body.

It’s close but it’s not the same.

Yours are approaching ours in the physical vibration–there is a moment when all will uplift–and your bodies will be more like mine than they have ever been, while still being your own.

You shall not exchange them.

You shall be able to modify them as you see fit, but not totally exchange the one for the other. Not at this time.

Jane, Carla evaded your question because of the situation. I will be glad to speak to you for us both, about our relationship, and who I am, and who Carla is, too. It isn’t just an anesthesiologist, or psychic, or Reiki healer…Carla is with me, and our souls go a long way back.  I wanted you to understand because you asked most sincerely, from the heart, and Carla, due to her lack of work, and the others who were present in the room, was not free to answer back to you from her heart, although she would have liked to.  Jane, you are doing a wonderful job with raising Julia. You deserve to experience the joy of motherhood, and I wish you a fantastic Mother’s Day in a few weeks.  I thank you for taking care of all of my sick both in body and in spirit that I sent to you. You are an excellent healer–and it is more than your mind and your hands! It is your heart!  Thank you for your acceptance of and support you give to Carla here. Your comments about her thyroid, coming from you, meant more than you will ever know…to us both.

(Clap! Clap!)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

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