A Day of Rest — Gaia News Brief 16 May 2016 by Reiki Doc

I haven’t left the house for two days.

It’s been delightful!

For a person who commutes, not being in the car for two days is a treat.   It was nice to have some time without Anthony. I miss him. I’m glad he is with his father, and enjoying some special time with his side of the family.

What was the best was I relaxed and watched the baseball game last night. It was a huge win, and I know Anthony was watching it over at their house too.

Last night, I was apprehensive to go to sleep. I slept in my clothes, and what is unusual for me–I prefer to sleep when it is dark in my room–I left the light on.

I didn’t want to have a rerun of the night before.

Thankfully I didn’t.

I have some feedback from people about the last blog post making them upset.  A wise and gentle reader said, ‘It is her story, and she is trying to heal. If it upsets you then perhaps you have some things deep inside to face and heal too.’  I am thankful for her perspective.

For me, what caught me the most off-guard, was seeing the glory of the Archangels, and the healing energy, full strength. True to their word, the memories are gone and haven’t bothered me since, the ones from my immediate past incarnation, the one in which I lived prior to being born in this life.

The memories and working through them give me greater understanding of those who have lived similar experiences. I have compassion.

It also gave me the ability to detect similar ‘activities’ here in this life, and to focus and achieve the missions I was sent to fulfill.

The last part is my soul gives an eyewitness testimony from inside their organization…for all to see.

I finished all of the laundry. It’s folded but not put away.

Ross wants me to share about Anthony’s project.  He is building a castle, for his Renaissance project. It involves popsicle sticks and a glue gun.

The child needs lots of ‘direction’–almost to the point where I apply the glue on each piece, put it in his hand, and help him assemble it.  So far I have found the images of the castle layout, found the materials, drawn it to scale as an outline, cut the popsicle sticks, found the toilet paper roll and cups for the towers, and held things as he glued them.

I got a bad burn on the index finger of my left hand today. I almost cried. I couldn’t cook. I was going to make spaghetti and my blister was so huge and painful. I had lesser burns on my right hand. Anthony had to pull the burning glue and wooden stick off my hand.

I had us switch to Elmer’s white glue, which is cold, and doesn’t hurt. It sticks just the same.

We were able to finish the pieces for the castle and the walls. Next time we will assemble them to complete the project.

We spent three hours working on it. I wanted to go to dinner at Souplantation. I wanted to go there before, and he didn’t. He wanted In and Out burgers. So that time we didn’t go. That’s why this time, I wanted to get my turn and go there tonight.

This time, he wanted ‘something quicker’. He wanted extra time to play with his toy soldiers.

I was bereft. After all the time, after neglecting my bills and other correspondence, and after getting BURNED! (my wrist is better from the bleeding after baseball last week but it’s still painful and not all the way healed)…

I didn’t want to go. I didn’t want to eat. It was eight o’clock, time for bed, and what’s the point?

I have this weird thing where if I have to fight over where to eat to get my way–I don’t want anything, and I lose my appetite.  We have very little food in the house–and I offered to make a salad.  It’s cold, it wouldn’t hurt my finger, and even if he doesn’t like it, it’s good for us.

Anthony decided to make us peanut butter and jelly for dinner. He said he would do all the work.  I had a Capri Sun, then a ginger ale. He had a pepsi. We had peanut butter and jelly.

It was enough. And his caring helped.

We rested, and he played with his toys.

I had two major stressors one before dinner, and the other after…remember how we have new carpet? It’s cheap but really new, and nice to look at?  Anthony spilled. He spilled taking an empty cup from his smoothie upstairs, and since he thought he only spilled it on him, he didn’t need to tell me. Well, the stairs have spots everywhere. I did my best to clean them.  After dinner?  I looked at him and he had a ‘toxic oil’ version of Slime that had been in with his toy soldiers. It was all over his white tee shirt, his light blue shorts, and the carpet.  I couldn’t believe my eyes! Ross had just told me to ‘chill’–and lie down and ten seconds later there was this mess. I have told Anthony over and over NO LIQUIDS OR FOOD ON THE CARPET!

But I didn’t yell.

I cleaned everything up.  I asked him to take off the dripping wet clothes in the kitchen.

New carpets don’t stay nice forever. That’s why later you need to buy new carpets again.

People are human. Anthony is a boy. He’s growing up but even grownups spill.

He LOVES having the living room empty of furniture. We only have a piano, a bean bag, a sofa and a chair. Now the carpet is filled with his soldiers, the little green men.

I haven’t seen him play like that for ages.  I even took a picture.

I relaxed and read a book. Then I tucked in the animals for the night, giving them food and covering the ones who need to be covered.

Anthony asked for Reiki.

I used to practice on him every night. When I got to Reiki three he would fall asleep before the end of his treatment. He was ALWAYS hard to get to fall asleep! In this Reiki was a godsend! It also was a godsend too, because with the co-parenting, I could tell by his energy shifts in his body and his chakras if perhaps something had happened and he wasn’t telling me.

I gave him Galactic Reiki, and Gaia Sophia Reiki. Ross was on the other side of the bed, helping. Anthony watched the whole time. I told him Ross was helping and he said, ‘I know’.

In time, I will teach both of these to students who are interested. They are not widely known yet.

What I will share, is that the next-to-last symbol in Galactic Reiki, is the one that I automatically did on Anthony all those years while I was practicing my beginner Reiki, Reiki 2, Reiki 3, and above on him.

It’s his symbol.  It’s the one between a mother and child, a blessing.  It came to me–I don’t know how or where, but I always did it.

He’s sleeping now. Soon I will be too.

Never be afraid of healing the things that are unpleasant and uncomfortable to heal–from this life, and from past lives.

It’s worth it.


I don’t want a photograph.

There’s so much to be said, but isn’t.

I want you to read between the lines of my Beloved, of what Carla has written.

Even Carla can’t see it, on her own, without my pointing it out.

(he shows his hands making ‘footsteps’ in the air–one hand in front of the other–ed)

This is how we grow.

This is how we crawl, and walk, and then RUN!

It isn’t without falling.

Carla is very brave for taking her message to the world!  Carla has courage that she never thought she had.

(one finger up–ed)  But she does!

And so do you.

You aren’t crawling around like when you were a very small child. You aren’t skipping or jumping rope.  You are climbing a trail to reach the top of a mountain!

You will arrive!

And all of us will have a grand welcome for you…when you join us.

I will take care of my Beloved. She has had a long day. She will open her eyes to greet me in meditation for a half hour, and then, close her eyes and sleep.

I have much to talk to her about…Carla is smiling with interest as she hasn’t expected it!

(clap! clap!–ed)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twin Flames

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