Breaking Free From The Veil — Gaia News Brief 14 May 2016 by Reiki Doc

I have locked my sights on home, and I am going for it!

It’s a vibration.

It’s a vibration and a confidence I never had, and it’s affecting me in new and exciting ways.

This morning I was called in to a council I had never met.  I was asked a simple question:  what is your wish?

I asked for clarification.  Is this for me, personally? or for humanity?

They said for me.

I want to have happiness together with Ross and Anthony–time to enjoy our lives.

Then they asked me, besides this, what is your next wish?

I said to do something I enjoy, for my work, but to have time to do other things too. Right now, I have too many professional and parenting commitments to enjoy any free time.  I like to create.

They said fine.  What else would you like for your wish?

I said I would like EVERYBODY to be able to enjoy their life and not be so enmeshed in THIS (I showed the freeway with all the cars and everyone driving to work early in the morning when they’d rather be doing what THEY want, not what their boss wants them to do.)

I was told by the Council that I will have all of my wishes come true.

I was stunned, and filled with humility and gratitude for this freedom.  I asked, ‘Why? Why ME?  Why Now??? How can this be?’

They waved their hands and said, ‘it’s the Vibration.’  (I understood it to mean that before this, the vibration on Earth wasn’t possible or compatible with such freedom, and now it is.)

The Stunned OR Staff

Queen Singing ‘All the Single Ladies’–you know who–has a concert and the radio station was giving away tickets. The callers had to correctly completely the partial lyrics of random songs by this very famous (and very influenced by Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart) performer.

Three people were finalists.

They had to pick the winner out of a hat.

Before they picked, I said the name of the one that would win.

They won.

Renee, the RN I’ve known for years, looked at me, astonished, and asked, ‘How could you do that?!’

The rest of the O.R. stopped what they were doing–I was waking up my patient at the same time because it was the end of the case–and stared at me.

I said, ‘I’m psychic. I have a certificate.’  (I do, I just got mine from Anne, I’ve completed my program, so I’m officially psychic now. LOL)

They didn’t know what to say.  We just brought the patient to the recovery room.

I knew the winner because I FELT it. In a microsecond before they announced it. I just KNEW. Claircognizance.

Manifesting Lunch

This was a double manifest.  For some reason I wanted an almond cake, single layer, about four inches diameter with no frosting. I was like, TASTING it. Right while I was sitting in the O.R.

And we don’t have almond cakes here in California. Not even almond croissants. It’s not our ‘flavor’ which is surprising because we grow so many almonds in the valley!

Apparently one like this exists in Switzerland. A friend told me and showed me a photo.

There was a huge delay, and I had to rush to start my next case. The following surgeon had been waiting. I brought my patient to the recovery room (PACU–post anesthesia care unit) and gave report to the RN.

Something made me feel like I should check the PACU kitchenette for any goodies the nurses might have brought in to share–so I wouldn’t starve.

There were candy apples and caramel apples!  The hospital had given them to the staff, and the kind nurses brought some up for those who couldn’t go downstairs.

It was CLOSE!  It had nuts, and was about four inches SPHERE, not layer.   I sliced it and ate it quickly.

When I had seen the list of things for the celebration for OR Staff week on Monday, I had thought, OH! Caramel apples! I love those! I hope I get one! (then I forgot…LOL)

That’s why it’s a double manifest.

The New Self Confidence

Doreen Virtue’s card she put on Instagram ‘surround yourself with positive people’ REALLY has done good things for me since I saw it.

At my work, it’s depressing. Some surgeons make ‘lists’ of people they don’t want to work with.

Last night when I picked for my case, I found out that I’m on that list with someone who used to work with me. I don’t know if I’m slow, or they don’t like my blocks, or what. No one says anything to me to my face. They just have my boss tell me.

The best room of the day, and the second best room, had these other similar surgeons in it.
I couldn’t work there.  Neither could most of the department.

I realized–something clicked inside me–and I thought, ‘It’s THEIR loss!’

I refused to let it hurt me, the rejection.

I realized too, that I made the decision to surround myself with positive people only. And THOSE were not exactly ‘positive people’.

They were control freaks who stress in the O.R., and carry the vibration of FEAR, which is incompatible with my Vibration at this point.

We are like Oil and Water, our energies don’t mix.

Socially, we interact at functions and the lounge.  I think they are nice people, and they are friendly.  In a genuine way.

What it comes down to is this:  THEIR OCD is NOT COMPATIBLE with MY OCD.

I work with one of the meanest surgeons in the O.R. and we are the best of friends–and colleagues. This one makes people cry. But all it took was for him to establish trust in me. I looked past the bark and the bite and saw the heart.  I wrote a prescription for pain pills for his patient, who he forgot to write between surgery and the visit to the office in the morning. The patient had refused to leave without something for pain. So the next day, my friend thanked me. We have each other’s back.

The Dormant Powers of Co-Creation Awaken

I am not afraid.

I used to be, you know, single mother and all that.

Gradually, ever so slowly, I realize just because I am a single mother, and financially responsible for EVERYTHING for both Anthony and my lives–I don’t have to let myself be treated like crap.

I don’t have to ‘suck it up’ and ‘take it’ so I can keep my job, if people are mean to me.

Spirit is nudging me to a new possibility, but not rushing it. It’s SLOWLY. And what’s reinforcing it are the thoughts, ‘I WANT to have weekends! I WANT to sleep in my own bed at night! I WANT to do something MORE with my many gifts…and not be stuck in the O.R. until I retire.’

I like medicine, I adore the science and the art of it.  I love helping people.

But if there is ‘something new’ for me, I’m not going to fight it like I would have in the past. I’m going to welcome it.

Beyond My Old Crystal Shop

Prices for the crystals are going UP.  Everything is $444 or $888 or strange numbers now on the crystals.  I stopped by today. They are remodeling. The energy of the place has really changed. A LOT.

Every time I go, there are ‘seekers’–seeing psychics, buying crystals. For example, a woman walked in and said, ‘my sister is getting married in six days. What crystal can I buy for THEM?’

Instantly I knew the biggest piece of Amethyst geode, particularly the cabinet size deep purple one from Uruguay…would have brightened the space of their home…made it fast ‘forward’ for them…it MATCHED and I never met these people.

I didn’t say a word. I was in my scrubs. And the clerk said, ‘Rose quartz is good. Or emerald. Anything pink or green’.

And I cringed.  This clerk had no idea what he was doing with the energy of the crystals. And the woman was looking at the tiny little crystals for use in grids.

Earllier I had gone to the jewelry counter, and looked at the earring display. That’s how for years I learned the nuts and bolts of the crystals.  For my mean heart surgeon, I wore black tourmaline earrings when I was scheduled to work in the heart room.  I also had a prehenite ring.  I’d buy the stones that made me feel better–and the little card with the earrings told me what they meant.

Ross’ first ones for me were white topaz and rainbow moonstone. He knows how to pick them!

Today I had in my hand earrings of moldavite, sugilite, blue topaz, and one other stone–fluorite–earrings.  I used my pendulum (Ross are you THERE? Yes! )…he guided me to the antique angelite ones that were only thirty three dollars (I kid you not!)…

From the crystals, I wasn’t FEELING them.  In that section I was shocked at how poor quality the large ones were–many cracks, chips, holes in them–for really huge prices.  There was one I wanted that was $888 and I found it on eBay similar for $99.  I know my crystal prices now.

That’s why I’m outgrowing the place.

The ones I thought I would buy, with the pendulum–were all a NO GO.  I was told to blow on them and bless them for the next person, and put them back.

The one for me was ‘above my nose’.  I was told to look around the store.

The pendulum said, ‘you are not to find it’.

I realized the crystal that wants to work with me will find me.

I have a cathedral. Very small. Only fifty dollars.

It is a powerhouse. It’s going to help me find the Akashic records, according to this

It is a teacher crystal–I feel it. And it wanted me to wash it. With soap and water. I normally clean crystals other ways. This one is guiding me, and wants to work with me. So I washed it.

I look forward to working with it in meditation.

I guess I had a lot to say.  I just feel BETTER.  There was a lady, a Filipino, sitting and asked me ‘what are you going to do with that crystal?’

I told her I am going to work with it.

She didn’t understand.

I said, ‘I am a psychic, and a healer, and I FEEL the crystals. I work with them in healing. I am also a doctor too.’

She asked, ‘what kind?’

I said, ‘An anesthesiologist’.

She smiled politely.  I think she thought I must have smelled too much anesthesia gas in my career–the poor thing!

I smiled and asked her if she comes to the store often?  She said it was her second time…

That’s why I need a new place to go.

I’ve outgrown it.

I selected this image. The one of the motorcycle.  For you are learning how to fly.  You don’t have to keep your hands on the handlebars for ‘safety’.
Just like when you were a kid, and would ride your ten speed bicycle down the street with no hands.
And some of you could ride unicycles!
Think of what you will be able to do, when all of this is functioning (gestures with hands, like putting pieces together–ed).
Think of the places you shall go!  (he points up, and smiles so brightly–ed)
Welcome Home.
Welcome to the Higher Realms.
They are with us.
Everyone is going to feel them at the proper place and time, whatever works for them. It is individual.   Each experience is unique as you are! I want you not to rush it, but to keep raising your vibration and doing all your hard work at acknowledging and releasing what is holding you back.
One day it is going to happen.
You won’t fall off the bike. You will no longer fall while wearing the roller skates and skin your knee.
You will enjoy the ride, and the ability to move beyond the third dimension.
(clap! clap! )
Aloha and mahalos,
Ross and Carla
p.S. for the assignment in the study hall–the official answer is ‘none of it is true’–it is twisted beyond comprehension.  Just wait and our teams will explain it all to you–from the BEGINNING.  (he’s proud for our discussion, and our hard work)
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