Molasses — Gaia News Brief 11 May 2016 by Reiki Doc

Sometimes I feel as if I am stuck in molasses with my energy. It just won’t GO at my usual speed. Thoughts are slow. I can’t myself to do much of anything, only the bare essentials.

I have learned to adapt to it.  It’s energy upgrade, or something.  I’d love more explanation sometimes about ‘things’ in Spirit, but I don’t ‘get’ that opportunity much.

Yesterday I wanted to pick up Anthony from school early. But one thing after another got in my way. He was a little upset about it. I remembered he needed new shoes, and we were able to buy him a replacement pair for the ones he enjoyed so much.  We are friends with the manager, and she and her assistant were thinking about us earlier in the day (5D anyone?–they have no clue, yet they ARE indeed showing signs of it!).  We saw photos of her amazing trip to Morocco to run with her daughter. I saw the Sahara, her on a camel, and some areas that were really beautiful. They reminded me just a little of the planet Tatooine, too. I’m not sure why.

I have come to the realization that much as my ‘cup’ seems ‘filled’, it has to be in tip top ‘shape’ for me to get out anything Spiritual. I have some certificates to print up. I have bracelets on the table ready to box up and send. Next day off I can work on this, and I feel like it will ‘flow’.

It’s funny how even my bracelet-making seems to come with the full moon. I get a huge burst of creativity…

Last night Anthony’s project went well. He is a very slow gluer of popsicle sticks, but he was engaged. We had bean dip for dinner. We add a little ‘stuff’ to it. Our house is such a mess there is no table space clear, and Anthony’s needs superseded my ‘cleaning’ time. So we had a ‘picnic’ in the entryway where we worked.  He was so happy, delighted, and thrilled! We even forgot the chocolate covered strawberries for dessert.

On our vacation, the woman who watches our pets came to the house. I saw THREE signs of not cool things. None were her fault. The first was I think she gave corn cob bedding as food (she gives fresh green produce too so the bunny was fine). She just didn’t find the pellets. The second was that a knob fell off the birdcage, the one where I keep water bowl. I noticed something was unscrewed. I calmly went upstairs, got a screwdriver, and fixed it. Now it’s as good as new.  The last was the fish tank. The poor fish was overfed, and in toxic water. Most people don’t know you starve betta fish. He eats the plants six days a week, and then a few specks of food on Sundays.  I cleaned the tank, gagged a little at the smell, and everything was fine.

There was no judgement. Only a note to self to have written instructions for our longer trips.

Our betta is four years old…

We do okay.

Storms are blowing out of the way now.

  • at work the final solutions from the partners only takes away one ‘first pick’ day from me versus full time. I still have eleven calls per quarter. For the amount of time I need to ‘sort things out’ my income is good.  I rode that one out well.
  • my reappointment application person couldn’t read my CME’s. I was able to cut and paste and send just this morning.  I was calm (this is the one that took me several month’s delay to complete)
  • my wrist is much better. I have the bandages off. I held a crystal to it last night, Ross’s suggestion. Today I work with my friend the hand surgeon, and I will make sure all is well with it. It still is exquisitely painful to the touch.
People are in mass exodus as souls.  I am seeing walk-ins switching left and right. Stephanie isn’t doing so well.  I’m glad I spent the time with her mother. And my niece has been admitted to the hospital where I used to work. Her electrolytes were off. She needed hydration. My sister and brother-in-law are holding up well. She says ‘the hospital is slammed’ and I believe it. I think we are at the last ‘push’ before the changes ‘hit’. So hang in there. Time will tell.
As I meditated last night, I saw the ‘flower’ of my ‘gift’ at the location I described yesterday. Ross says it will become a healing center. In time people will associate the healings with the location, and will flock to it just like they do other spiritual places of healing.
Ross also gave me his arm. We paid a little ‘visit’ to the woman who was tormenting me. Her higher self…she made fun of Ross. She didn’t believe in him. She is muslim.
He showed her her deceased mother. It took a while for her to believe in her own mom. But her mom nodded to Ross, and said he is more than just what people say, it’s okay for her to interact with him. They exchanged some close conversation, and I overheard the mother telling her daughter just how proud she is of how she is raising her grandkids. What a good mom she turned out to be.
Then the soul came back to Ross, and spoke with him for a while. Then he introduced her to me.
That she didn’t believe too.  She was like, ‘Carla?! That’s just a woman I know at work! You’ve got to be kidding me! I would have KNOWN if she was something like what you say.’
So then Ross put me UP. I was like in a big ball filled with grids way up in the Heavens. My arms and legs were kind of on the edges of the circle. And I was connected to many things. All this energy was flowing like rays through the grids not just in me but connected to all space. I didn’t know what to do, I just smiled and nodded. I didn’t have arms free to wave.
Then she fell to her knees. She said, ‘OMG! and Oh my F-ing God!’
Next I knew, I was me on Ross’s arm. He asked this woman very politely to be kind to me. Not nice like a best friend, but kind and respectful like she would to a patient. Would she agree?
She said yes.
And then she was gone.
It’s time for Carla to get ready for work.  (he lifts finger up and smiles!–ed)  There ARE no dishes in the sink. Carla has kept up on something.
And her car is washed. It was a mess. But on the way home from school, Carla was able to fill the tank and go through the car wash at the gas station.
Everything is connected.
Sometimes we have overwhelm.
This is a natural part of the growth process.
We just have to ride with it.
There is a lot for Carla to prepare for this day. The lunches are practically made, but there is a lot of food to prepare for breakfast.
Carla slept well. There was no insomnia on her part.
Everything is coming along nicely.
I want for you to read this: and know everything is turning out correctly.
Even if some people ‘come and go’ out of your lives (for example, Stephanie) they are never ‘lost’ to us–or to you–there is always a connection. I want you to respect this, to count on it.  For all your life!  And TRUST! that everything is happening like gangbusters for us.
(finger goes up–ed–the smile)  That is not to be confused with ghostbusters–for there is a lot of THAT paranormal activity going on too.
(clap! clap!–ed)
Everything happens for the best.
Aloha and Mahalos,
Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple