Right Action — Gaia News Brief 29 April 2016 by Reiki Doc

Today I am going to share with you about my good day. Ross was intrigued by my answer to his asking me about my day, and invites me to share.

Today was a Carla-style good day.

It was simple.

We had strawberries and toast for breakfast. We were on time to school. I even got a little blogging done before breakfast.

There was no chaos or crazy rush.  I was not yelling.

Today I brought a Costco ‘Kirkland’ container of peanut-butter filled pretzels to GI where I worked.

It gives me great joy to share with them, because no matter what this team is always happy to share with me. And I eat a lot more of their food than they ever do of mine!

I gave hugs today too, and one of the newer nurses made it a point to give me both a hug hello in the morning and goodbye when she left for home in the afternoon.

One of my patients I’ve taken care of before, and they were back and look so much better. This warms my heart, to see someone who is happy with my anesthesia care relax and let go when it is time to have a procedure again with me.

I wore my favorite fragrance for Stephanie. She is intubated in ICU, but I remembered she likes it. Her mother remembered too, and was happy for my thoughtfulness. She is making steady improvements but it is slow, and she has a long road for recovery.

I ate lunch, and had a morning snack. I also stopped by on the way home at my favorite sushi place.  Ross teased me that I like sushi so much is because of all the Reiki!!!

The best part of the day is how through Right Action and Trust my angels took care of me.  At my work, there is a perception that first call is ‘the king or queen’ who can take the best cases as they please. But that rule has changed. Highest call relieves lowest one next to go home–even if it’s a not-so-well-paying assignment.

I stuck to my rule.  Even when a big juicy, very high paying case came in.  My colleague thought I was stupid.

I went home early.  I couldn’t relieve this colleague–it was too unstable–the high-paying case.  And my name is nowhere on the chart!

Spirit saw to it I got home and spent a little time with Anthony before bed.

There is one other thing Ross wants me to share with you.  I asked him about the physical changes mentioned in today’s Creator Writings. I asked, ‘Ross will you please explain them to me, or at least so I won’t miss them you will point them out while they are happening?’

He smiled and said, ‘Yes!’.

Then he did the most brilliant thing for me. He pulled out some cue cards. Held them right in front of him. (When I took my oral boards, the question I aced–there are two–was the one where they held up little index cards with the questions on them for me. The first room had a neuro question asked by a New Englander, and a Texan, both with REALLY thick hard accents for me to understand. I kept saying ‘what?’ the whole first question.)

There are HIGHLY unusual cue cards. They are very high tech. There is actually, only one. And it’s kind of silvery.

There are no words on the cue card.

I ask Ross a question, he smiles and holds it up, and in my heart I sense the answer! I perceive his words in response, but don’t see a thing on the cue card. I feel them in my chest. But ONLY when I look at the cue card.

So we had a conversation. Just like that. He wanted me to share that with you too.

One person I know had a gap of three hours pass in what would have been ordinarily forty five minutes.

It’s time to talk Karuna Reiki.

When we are attuned to Karuna Reiki, it’s higher dimensional energy.

During the time around attunement, and also, once in a while after that–we adapt to be able to transmit all that energy.

Time distorts. People are late. They think it’s the wrong day and don’t show up. (Ana Maria missed out Karuna class! like that).  Time moves faster or slower.

Distance distorts.  People go to pour into a glass and miss. Walls seem to bend and stretch. Some people can visualize the space between atoms. My teacher Anne was like, ‘Time? WHAT is …TIME?’…

Many emotions and stuff you thought you have ‘been through’ come up to clear, but then you’re done. You can have physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual baggage to process. It’s simple–you just acknowledge it and it goes away, but sometimes even dealing with it is unnerving.  For physical, you might get a cold or flu–that isn’t really a cold it’s just the Karuna cleansing out your dormant energy pathways or ‘pipes’ in your energy body.

A dear friend also felt ‘floaty’ all day. I’ve had that too. Remember–when you get floaty–drink water, take a bath in salt water, bare feet go on the ground, eat things that grow IN the ground–and it will help you to GROUND the energies. You’ll feel better. I think my favorite is getting direct sunlight (about ten minutes a day minimum no sunscreen) and being in Nature.

With each upgrade, once you assimilate the energy and adapt and process it, life gets normal again.

The funniest thing for me with Karuna energy–once I was attuned to it–I felt BETTER for the first time in my life, like an ugly duckling finding out they are a swan! I fit in! I didn’t have any symptoms at all. Ever! Except maybe one small wall warp so I would have something to share with the class.

Ross also counseled me over some mean people and stuff going on at my work. He said to wait until I respond. My hours are being cut–again–and the two single women in the department are being the target of the cuts.

Ross asked me on the way home if I could have anything I wanted to eat tomorrow for lunch what would it be?

I wanted a nice french baguette in Paris with ham and swiss cheese, warm. And a little tomato on it. I want it from Bechu. And I would like Ross with me.  I told him it would be for the snooty servers there–and Ross laughed at how human I am…

Why he would ask, I don’t know. I guess it’s just to work on the manifesting. I really enjoyed there–and I want a salad and a little coffee espresso to go with it too.


Carla has had a long day. And a good one. For Carla lived it with her heart and her soul.

Carla smiled.

She is seeing more of the avarice in her compatriots. This is disconcerting to her. But again and again Carla makes the choice not to give in to fear, and to trust in what she can’t see–down the road ahead for her–or sense what is coming down the pipes.

This calms her, and keeps her more grounded.

The habit of doing Right Action is like pedaling faster on a bicycle–it can take the bumps in stride and wobbles much less and goes straight (gestures with arm bent at elbow and open hand and straightens it straight in front of him–ed).

Try to get in the habit, as soon as possible. There is nothing that is going to help you more during the changes than being plugged in with your mind to ‘what is right’ (not WHO is right, okay, although a lot of you are going to be fighting the urge to say I TOLD YOU SO–he laughs–ed) and by GROUNDING to the earth below your feet.

All is Well!

(clap! clap!)

Aloha and mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

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