Guidance On How To Cross The Finish Line With Grace And Ease, June 9, 2016 by Reiki Doc

You are not incarnate forever.

One day the Veil shall be lifted.  You will understand ALL, and I mean EVERYTHING.

The Veil, uncomfortable as it is, has a purpose:  to help you to get to know yourself better than you would if you were NOT incarnate!

The secret of how to make the most of this is to take your Life Lessons for what they are–opportunities to awaken more and more of yourself.

I call this approach to DIG.  I discovered it with Byron Katie. I was absolutely miserable when Anthony was newborn. His father had left me at four month’s gestation. Now he was back, but not for me–only for our son. I was falling apart. I bought something from one of my two favorite catalogs, I forget which one–either Isabella, or FeminineCreations.  As I called in my order, the lady on the other end of the line was moved after she heard my sad story. ‘Have you ever heard of the work?’ she asked. I hadn’t. She sent me the Byron Katie book for free.

It saved my life.

Byron Katie ‘turns it around’.  When I was going over and over in my mind how rotten Jared was for leaving me, and how he SHOULDN’T have left me–to apply her technique I would take it just the opposite.  He SHOULD leave me. Then you explore the feelings, and you grow.

It’s incredibly liberating.

The reason I call it ‘DIG’ is because of my training in ballet. It’s my love, and I adore it.  I have passion for dance, although you’d never guess by looking at me now. But in ballet, you stretch, you need your flexibility. And you push just a little bit more, when you are at your limit–and that last ‘DIG’ just when you can’t take it any more…is how you get improvement. When you think you can’t jump another jump and you do, it builds strength, endurance, and muscle memory. When you think you can’t possibly stretch any further, but you relax and breathe through it–you get that stretch, your line improves, and you can do the splits.

In Spiritual Life, while we are on Earth especially, we have opportunity to build our Spiritual muscles in our heart…through forgiveness, through acceptance, through love. This applies to all living things, to ourself and to others.

Mother Teresa used to say, when people confided to her their problems, ‘It is a gift’.

It really is. When you look at it through Spirit eyes.

Think about it. While incarnate on Earth, EVERYTHING in one way or another is a problem. The stapler gets stuck and you have to whack it on the side for it to disengage so you can do the next staple. Sometimes you have to even open it!  When you come home late at night post-call, and want to rest, the freeway exit to your house is closed, and you must go to the next one. Your body you live in has an expiration date like a carton of milk, and you AGE! You can’t do the things you used to do, and you have to compensate and accept and grow.  My friend the cardiac surgeon called to me across the parking lot on Tuesday. I had just had a massage, and he had finished the gym. He was once  an olympic athlete. And he said, ‘I can’t do what I used to’. We talked about how our eyes don’t work, we need glasses, and how we couldn’t believe it when it happened –him at forty-five, me at fifty.

There is so much opportunity to learn.

An open heart is the easiest way to master your Life Lessons.

You aren’t incarnate forever.  One day this learning opportunity (I think it’s a way to really level up on the karma scale and boost your ‘station’ in the afterlife after being incarnate here on Earth) will be over.  Another one will take its place, but it won’t be like here.  This is the fastest growth around, literally!  Once Duality is ended, and Time stands still, the format of Earth Academy is probably going to change.

We are SO VERY VERY VERY VERY close to the finish line–to be upgraded to 5D!

So next time something really gets to you, go ahead, lean right in, and take a look at yourself. WHY is this bothering you? Is it showing you a side of yourself you never knew you had, and were unwilling to acknowledge? Is it helping you have compassion for others? Is it perhaps something you are enduring so you may guide others who are in the same situation as you?

The possibilities are endless! So are your choices on how to navigate them!

There are no mistakes! Only Lessons! And you have all the time in the world to master them.

It’s worth it!

So next time, think very hard about your goals, and when you face your challenges–DIG!

The end is in sight!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

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