Something To Contemplate– Gaia News Brief 12 June 2016 by Reiki Doc

I am well. So is Anthony. My family is all at home from the hospital. There isn’t much to say about us.

What I witnessed yesterday with my own two eyes, however, is fascinating!

I was at the baseball game at Angel Stadium watching our team play. Anthony was right next to me.

It has to do with Mike Trout, our star player, number twenty-seven.

He hit the ball, and third baseman  Uribe for the Indians fielded it.  Uribe faltered, dropped the ball, and fell onto his stomach. All the medical support came out to the field from the Indians team. They checked to make sure everything is moving–both legs–then they rolled Uribe over onto his back.

He was down for a long time. One of the Angel’s coaches came out, and waved for the ambulance golf cart (not the real ambulance) to come take Uribe.  It took six men to pull him to his feet and help him ‘walk’ to the sitting part of the cart. I noticed he didn’t lie down on the stretcher.  All the fans cheered for Uribe as he waved and went out of the stadium.

From where I could sit, I saw the entire bullpen for the Indians come to the gate to check on him as he drove by.

Mike Trout stayed on first base and didn’t show any remorse or emotion with his body language the whole time…perhaps he had said something?But he hit the ball which caused significant harm to another player. He didn’t even go once to check if Uribe was okay.  The man was felled by his actions. It was a little creepy to see so little compassion displayed–Mike looked concerned but that was about it. (I don’t know the rules of baseball if Mike would have been ‘out’ if he left the base–it’s probably just that).

The game continued. Our team was doing poorly. There is no cohesiveness to the team. Whoever the new manager is, it’s like our players are disposable. If they don’t perform, they go ‘back to the minor leagues’ for a few games and then come back. I’ve never seen anything like it. There’s been over forty different players in sixty games. It’s strange.

Later in the game, Mike Trout came to bat. He had a really great play a little earlier where someone hit a home run but he was able to jump up and catch it, making an ‘out’. I casually commented to my son how Mike Trout is the whole team and if anything were to happen to him our team would be really bad, wouldn’t it?

Two pitches later, Mike Trout jumped up and around, the team doctors came out, and he was pulled out of play.

Apparently his right thumb had been hit with the pitch.  X-rays were negative. He will likely play Monday.

The pitcher and the catcher from the Indians showed very little concern for Mike Trout, even though it was the pitch the catcher called, and the pitcher threw, which led to Mike’s injury and removal from the game.

Why would it be, that the only two people injured had a connection to one another?

Why would a casual comment like we make every day, lead to one person doing exactly what was said? (Mike left the game).

What energetically was making this happen?

A whole stadium, and Anthony too, saw it.  With their earth eyes. My challenge to you is to use your Higher Consciousness, and SEE. There’s something ‘more’ to it. I just can’t quite describe it.


Carla can’t get enough sleep. Today is a big day for her. It is going to be. There is a school play tonight, and Carla has already traded places with another worker to find the time to be able to go home.

Where she is located, for her assignment, there is a chance Carla is going to be  late for the play.

Carla is going to have to ‘make a deal’ with another of her colleagues. She had mentioned it before on Friday–‘if there is a disaster will one of you be willing to take my call so I can go to the school play on Monday night? Anthony sings!’.

Last night, while Carla was washing the dishes and ready to go to bed, Anthony noticed a text on the phone.

There was an early start.

The night nurse had notified Carla–without speaking to her directly–of her need to begin at seven in the morning instead of eight.

Carla’s heart fell! There is significant work to find someone at the last minute to take Anthony to school! (The school opens right when Carla has to be at work on an ‘early start’–and the hospital is twenty minutes away from where she lives).

So Carla had to check.

Her new iPad–to make up for the one Carla dropped–wouldn’t allow her to log in to see the schedule.

So Carla used her cell phone to look at the assignment. Sure enough, it was a different anesthesiologist in GI in the other of the two GI’s who should have been given this assignment!

Carla called the house supervisor nurse, who didn’t pick up. Carla left a message. Then Carla called the other anesthesiologist, who didn’t pick up the phone. Then Carla texted.  Carla called back the house supervisor, again there was no answer, left a text and asked her to follow up with the other anesthesiologist.

She texted yes. The other anesthesiologist texted her confirmation too.

Carla was on the hook the entire time to have to come in for that case that wasn’t hers all because of the Clinical House Supervisor’s mistake in reading the schedule. There were two GI assignment line ups–one in the hospital, and one in the surgery center. 

This is the kind of example of why doctors like Carla are getting burned out.

To her right from where she is right now, Carla has privileging forms–all of which are ‘due yesterday’–for not one or two but THREE different facilities! They must be resubmitted every two years!

At this point, Carla is rather sick of forms, and wants to play.

Some advice person, Christel Nana, RN, who is a good source, said, ‘If your thoughts about things are I should be doing x and y and z’ then you are probably functioning under tribal beliefs…’

But what about reappointment? And deadlines like taxes? What about those things which are imposed upon individuals by the powers that be, and take away all the free time someone like Carla has left?

What about the calls, which invaded into the sanctuary of Carla’s house on a Sunday night, late?

What about the lack of sleep? From the worry?

All this is going to ease!

All of it!

Simply all of it, all of it, all of it!

Carla go and do the laundry the load is done.  And get ready with Anthony too.

(clap! clap!)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

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