Animal Empowerment (9 different animal attunements) available now!

The silverplatinum flame


Copyright of the picture by deviantart.

This attunement packaged was channeled by different channelers and the manuals packed together by Catherine Hand.

This attunement package contains 9 different attunements:

– Bat Empowerment by Elizabeth Hibell

– Dragonfly Medicine Empowerment by Wanda Roufner

– Great Horned Owl Empowerment by Wanda Roufner

– Butterfly Empowerment by Wanda Roufner

– Dolphin Breath Initiation by Wanda Roufner

– Spider Medicine Empowerment by Elizabeth Hibell

– Jaguar Initiation by Wanda Roufner

– Dragon Empowerment by Elizabeth Hibell and

– Crow Empowerment by Elizabeth Hibell

It is not that you choose one ot of it but you will receive them all.

There are no prerequisites to receive these attunements.

Energy exchange for this attunement package is 50 Euro as a special offer. Usually energy exchange for one of such an empowerment is 15 €.

Payment is via paypal (directly at paypal or via the donation…

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