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This attunement was channeled by Daelyn Wolf.

“Snake Medicine—Renew, Healing Reiki
This system connects you to the spirit of the snake for healing, renewal,
and empowerment. Snakes are often used for symbols of medicine,
healing, and renewal. The physicians symbols of healing is the caduceus
which is two snakes entwined around a medicine staff. The energies of
Snake Medicine, brings to you enhanced healing, regeneration and
renewal, and speedy recovery from any illness, or emotional stress.
Working with the energies of the Snake draws in positive empowerment to
assist you with anything you choose to do.” from the manual

There are no prerequisites to receive this beautiful attunement but some knowledge about how energy works is beneficial.

Energy exchange for this attunement is 15 Euro.

Payment is via paypal (directly at paypal or via the donation button on the main page right column…

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We Have Each Other , January 21, 2017 by Reiki Doc

We Have Each Other

I worked twenty hours yesterday. I took care of a dozen cases, providing anesthesia all through the day and into the middle of the night.
I missed everything.
I missed the inauguration of President Donald Trump.
I missed Ross’ birthday.
I slept for three hours on a gurney in the hospital, and left to go watch Anthony in his basketball games well past noon.
Sadly, they lost.
Now I’m home.
I’m starting to realize some important things, with clarity.
For example, Ross had me safely stowed in the O.R. which is a restricted access environment, where I was far away not just from the riots but from the ENERGY which was going on yesterday.
I was protected.
The Pussy Hat movement, to me, with a little knowledge about Monarch Kitten programming, means a whole lot more than what the people organizing it realize. Kitten is the ultimate crime against women. I know it. In my past incarnation before this, I was one. It has taken much intervention on my behalf to break it and find my freedom as a soul again. (you may find out more about Monarch Kitten/MK Ultra on YouTube, or this link, or about me by reading this blog’s older blog posts.)
Yesterday we had an RN circulating in the room who was very vocal about her politics. She planned to participate in Downtown Los Angeles for the Women’s Walk and Protest. She hates Trump…
…She also likes watching movies, lots and lots of them, and Disney is her favorite. This fifty-year old woman was singing Little Mermaid in the O.R.  I knew as a trust builder as she sang Ursula’s ‘poor unfortunate souls’, and she said out loud to Ariel, ‘Sing!’–to join her with my singing the aria as Ariel loses her voice–on perfect pitch and timing and phrasing. She nearly fell over, out of her chair, she was so shocked and thrilled I would play with her game. (One of her favorite games in the O.R. at her old hospital was to play snippets of music from Disney movies and have the staff in the room guess what the movie it was from–the most difficult was the instrumental from Pocahontas).
She is attracted to/admires/adores Maleficent, Ursula, and even dressed up once for Halloween as Cruella De Ville.
My point is that this woman isn’t aware anything could be ‘amiss’ with her choices in ‘entertainment’, and the possibility that, in fact, her ‘programs’ on her favorite shows (BBC British are her favorites, and she plays games with phrases from them too) are in fact programming her! (I point to my temples to make a point)
She doesn’t stop to question her knee-jerk reaction and her willingness to march against Trump. It’s her emotions. She feels it. She feels it’s ‘right’…so that’s ‘her’ and she acts on it.
She doesn’t stop to critically think about her situation or perspective, and furthermore, the risk of stampede or terror attack by going to a huge crowd of people to join the march.
She as a fault, trusts what is told to her, as truth, and never, not for one millisecond, goes WITHIN to trust her inner voice, her connection to source, in quiet, away from all the activity of her daily life. She is not in relationship, she is childless, and with the exception of her pets, doesn’t explore the deeper mysteries which connect us to one another, and to those closest to us in our lives, our many GIFTS from Creator, to bless us and help us grow.
I have a friend who is a pilot. He has friends who have flown the jets for both HRC and DJT. The word on the street is that the former (HRC) “was HORRIBLY rude and disrespectful, and DJT was very kind and respectful. And THAT is a true statement that has been confirmed many times over and over.”  This was followed by a post which said, ‘I hope Donald Trump is a good president. Wanting him to fail is like wanting the pilot to crash the plane ALL of us are on.’
Perhaps our shaky situation, with some people loving the President, and others hating him, helps us to realize just how unwise it is to give our power away to Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart–the people who until two days ago were running the show in politics (they still run the media and many industries.)
Perhaps it is in our best interest, to reconnect the ties all of us have to each other, as brother and sisters here on this planet Earth–and to strengthen our bonds between us. We are stuck here, and there’s really no getting out, except…well… the old fashioned way…read more about this in lesson two of mine in the next section.
I am in the middle of some very tough lessons. Two of which are superimposed:
  • When I want a breather and some time with Ross (like for his birthday) I get absolutely slammed past my breaking point I would have had six months ago. I have horrible cases, slow surgeons, total powerlessness over my life, and extreme fatigue and lack of sleep. Only I don’t break. I keep going and going and being kind and loving in all that I do. I complain a little, about the hours and having to fetch my own equipment (in the daytime I have a tech who helps me out with the supplies and pumps and tubings)…but I deliver quality work, right from my hands and my heart and my ‘fund of knowledge’…every single time.  (I was told by Divine Mother and Divine Father I ‘passed’ this test–early this morning).
  • Our association wants to cut down two pepper trees near our house. They say it ‘ruins the asphalt’. They never asked us how we feel about it, those who look at these beautiful mature trees. I know for a fact our landscapers make fifteen hundred bucks a tree, and they need to eat, and are looking for business. They are going to replace them with seven foot tall toothpicks ‘trees’ which are shorter than my Christmas tree, and very ugly. They’ve done this in other parts of the neighborhood, and it’s bad. (people on the board and the landscapers are ruining the beauty and killing acres of healthy plants and trees to ‘update’ things…)  I hate it. Anthony and I took the ‘please don’t park here’ signs off the two trees, and we saved their lives for one extra week. The rain yesterday saved them for today, and the weekend). I have anxiety over these trees going to die. I feel powerlessness. I recall how in my Berkeley neighborhood on Francisco Street in North Side, we had wild peacocks running all over the neighborhood.  I used to love them AND their noise. They are LOUD!  They were thriving. Well the neighbors hated it. They wanted to ‘relocate them’. I was like, ‘Hell no! They live here too! They have rights!’ So, for all my years in ‘Bezerkely’, the only protest I ever personally participated in was ‘Save Jacques the Peacock’. I made a picket sign, and marched. Only it didn’t make a damn bit of difference. I felt powerless then, too. Afterwards, it really WAS time to move, and off to medical school I went. My neighbors on my block couldn’t understand the JOY of nature and the wild, the noises, the mystery, the beauty of these magnificent birds, and how special they were to live with us. Well, back to my trees. They aren’t human. They have no fear of death. I know, I communicate with them. They are like pets who are very sick. They don’t complain. They know their time is near. They don’t question their fate. They know they are not going to ‘die’, they are going to go back to Spirit Realms and are perfectly okay with it. And these two pepper trees reassure me they will always be connected with me. (Does this remind you of a certain somebody we know? Hmmmm? Can you see why I have a problem with someone I love who is okay with being put to death? yes. my point exactly–and it’s my hardest lesson.)  So, in this limited time left, I hug these trees. I put up yarn round them, and signs like, ‘Allah help us!’ (facing the Muslim neighbors) and ‘Jesus LOVES this tree!’  and ‘God help this tree’.  I enjoy the peppery smell of their bark. I wrote a horrible nasty email to the association. (I really want to fire them, but I can’t. They are so unresponsive and I’ve been paying them $328 a month on time without fail since 2003).  And I’m practicing letting go. Letting go of the attachments. Letting these tree beings go to Heaven where they are glad to go. And letting go of all the hummingbirds who nest in these trees, who will lose habitat.  Ross told me not to move, even though I am upset enough to FLEE from these monsters who run the association. And just today, I got the idea to buy my own pepper tree and plant it next to my house. F@#% them! right? You see, long ago, while I lived on Francisco Street in Berkeley, I was just getting to know my guardian angel, and work in partnership with him. His name, is Laetari which means ‘Joy’. One of his special connections he made for me, is with the pepper tree. He said he would always be in one, when I needed him, and when I saw one, it was a reminder he was thinking of me. He did this with the cosmos flower too. This is why I can’t stand to see anyone willfully destroy a pepper tree. And I must learn to accept it, and master this most difficult lesson.
I have reason to believe that the events described, above, and others between those in my inner circle, are why this post came to be.
Also, Laetari is Ross in disguise. Ross had a lot of work to do to get me to accept him. It took him years upon years and many incarnations. I absolutely adore Laetari (Ross changed his ‘look’ when I saw him, so I didn’t recognize him). It wasn’t until just last year I found out the truth, Ross is both my Twin and my Guardian Angel.  I think you should know this. And also, that my childhood nickname is ‘Gioia’, which also means ‘Joy’.
I created a shield for Anthony’s biological father, Jared, out of the kindness of my heart. It is the Loving Embrace of Gaia shield. He was sharing with me about a reading with a psychic he went to with his lady, who isn’t as open to Spirit as we two are. The information resonated with me strongly that he said came from her. He is a healer. He has a lot of energy. And one of his guides is a Throne (Anthony is a Throne too. Throne is a rank of angel…just below Seraphim.)  Jared told me his soul-Higher Self’s name is David, and I went ‘Aha!’–some of you will understand this information more than others–inner circle??? that’s you!….and also, a guide of his is Michael (big smile from me on that one too.)  He is to create a business in two years to help people spiritually and guide others to the other side (both the dying and those ghosts stuck here)…he is to help them adjust because religion is a ‘lie’ (his words, not mine)…I shared with him my article on the Science of Breath and gave him the shield in exchange for the two ebooks he shared with me that this psychic gave to him.


I am your pepper.

I am salty too.

A little ‘salty dog’ because I was in the navy (just kidding but I enjoyed very much the water and navigation).

I am here for you.

I am also here for Carla.

It is my belated birthday gift to me, to have the enjoyment to pamper her today.

It is nearly five o’clock, twelve hours from when Carla went to sleep early in the morning.

I had Carla go with me to the grocery store. I bought her Dr. Teal’s foaming bubble bath, Relax & Relief. I want her to go take it, and get some rest.

I had her buy herself a small salad that is pre-made (Carla’s favorite is the fake crab louie with the hard boiled egg and thousand island dressing), and some other things which did not require cooking (a smoothie/juice thing in a carton, and some pre-cooked beets–meat is not good for her right now at this time, not for her aura, as it is decidedly weakened from the lack of sleep and overwork).

I didn’t buy her flowers, which is something I typically do. That’s for another time.

clap! clap!

I also asked her to write this for us, starting since yesterday morning, which she has faithfully given while ‘on duty’ for us–all of us, me and you–with her heart, her hands, and her mind…as the loving healer and wife my beauty is…I’m going to enjoy her for a little while and then I will share her back with your loving souls.

I know you enjoy her almost as much as I do.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins–the Illuminated Twin Flame Souls–the Couple