Discovery January 26, 2017 by Reiki Doc

These are nespoli (loquat is the American name for them). They are delicious, and ripen in the spring, as one of the first fruits of the season.

I admire the shade of brown in the seeds, it has a beautiful sheen to it.

These fruit are something most people wouldn’t know, and my sharing this with you is a discovery of sorts, yes?

I’ve had many discoveries lately.

It was two days before I found the ribbon designating for cutting on our pepper trees that I was so captivated by their beauty that I photographed them and used the for the daily healing photos. Then the story went on. There was a remarkable outpouring of emails and calls, so the project to ‘renovate’ has been put on hold until Monday. I have work on Monday. I will have to drive from work, to this meeting, and back, IF I get coverage…it’s so difficult. And the trees are much quieter to me now too, not as ‘talkative’. I give thanks for each day I have with them. I long to hang a hammock between them and just relax.

I’ve had a week off from work.

Here’s another discovery…I need to clear a lot of old papers and stuff to move forward. My ‘freedom’ had a huge burst yesterday with me going through lots of mail and figuring out how to file some things. The biggest ‘aha!’ moment was when I threw out all my old billing information from my billing company/group except for 2016.  I had stuff I’d been throwing in a drawer since 2009, and also, stuff I’ve kept because of a friend’s lawsuit. You know, I love helping my patients, and I hate how my group decides how I work. I have to be always available (that’s why I take vacations out of the country or on islands, so they can’t call me back in when they are short). I can’t call in sick. I have to trade calls to go to last minute events. And I have no control over my hours, on any given day, or even when my day off is going to be. And the others get better cases and more money than me. Some, almost double, for the same amount of work. I really don’t like it. And that’s why throwing away the reminders makes me feel good.

Yesterday I looked at Anthony and thought, ‘wow! we’ve been this far this year and he’s not been sick!’ (I have). That night, he felt weird, and there’s been a bug going around at the school. So today, he’s been home with me. Now I’m starting to get the same chills and headache he had last night…you see, the Universe hears everything but ‘not’, and just like with the pepper trees, I’m existing in a realm of manifestation.

My sister Vanessa, bless her, at the last minute invited me to go with her future mother in law to her dress shop to try on wedding dresses. I left Anthony at home, and went to the White Dress in Corona Del Mar (it’s not too far from here). It was a magical thing, I’m so glad to have been there to see it. One she was so beautiful in it brought tears of joy and pride to my eyes. Her mother in law is super nice too.

I came home and fixed lunch for Anthony–he was up ready to vomit at the toilet from two in the morning to three, and woke me up–but he had toast and tea for breakfast, and I made him a cheeseburger and tater tots for lunch. We watched Saint Vincent, and also, Kung Fu Panda Three (one I’ve wanted to see for a long time)…it was nice.

Then I didn’t want him to get behind on his classwork. So he started that and I started this, then he clicked on something and inadvertently installed something he didn’t want on his laptop (all classwork is by computer these days)…so I went and fixed it. I was starting to stress because this day came and went and I didn’t accomplish much at all, and I feel like I’m coming down with something.

But back to Kung Fu Panda Three–that bull sure reminds me of Baphomet. And how he was in the spirit realm, and sucking up the ‘chi’ of people…yikes!  I’ve wanted people to awaken to the influence of that horrible creature, and how many people in the public eye secretly worship him.

It’s scary.

I see ‘connections’ I’ve been looking for and grateful they came my way yesterday. First was a photo of three women who protested the president, in compromising positions (Madonna masturbating, Miley Cyrus ‘simulating?’ sex onstage with Simon Cowell, and Lady Gaga with her legs spread wide open) demonstrating what Beta Programming (‘sex kitten’) looks like when it’s on display.  All three of them are. This goes back to the MK Ultra/Monarch I’ve been telling you about, that’s in the ‘Red Pill’ link I gently encourage you to read and have been doing so since I first read it in 2012.

Then came the real one–a YouTube of what a Masonic 33rd level initiation ceremony is, with hidden camera. It’s from Turkey, but there’s subtitles. I have in on my YouTube channel under ‘Truthseeking’. THERE I heard the three knocks–I’ve had my concerns about ‘Another One Bites The Dust’ being about ritual, and it’s the same knocks as the ones in the song that are in the ritual–and the knocks go right before the sacrifice on the altar. I saw how they are sworn in to protect one another, Masons first, and political and war and everything else take second place to helping their own kind. I also saw the threat that goes to those who tell the secrets (a sword to the chest)…I wouldn’t be surprised if this footage cost someone their life just to get it.   I’m glad it’s on film, for those who need some kind of ‘proof’ like that instead of reading some long ‘Red Pill’ article like I read.

I also find songs like Bohemian Rhapsody (Bohemian Grove Rhapsody?) and Hotel California (they stab it with their steely knives but they just can’t kill the beast) to be inspired by things they have seen from these ‘secret societies’…hidden in plain sight, where nobody would ever think to guess it.

It’s pervasive.

One day people will wake up.

Until then, I enjoy and pray for my two California Pepper trees…keep in touch with Ross as much as possible, and I wait for better things to come.

I think we will have soup tonight for dinner. There’s a Campbell’s chicken noodle with Star Wars noodles. Anthony loves it. I’m sure that’s laden with secret messages–the whole Star Wars everything–there’s really no place to turn to escape it except perhaps in a forest somewhere–what can  I do?

I’m so glad Ross did what he did, and is who he is, when I think about the Baphomet and all those scary things. Ross is a wonderful soul, who works so very hard to free us from all of that, and the veil, and everything else so we can be free and enjoy our birthrights again…


I am a lucky man to have Carla working tirelessly at my side.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple

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