On The Edge

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So many people are teetering on the edge.  To be here, to be there, here again and there…it has become a constant battle within.  The Universe wants

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As Being, as pure Consciousness, there are no needs.

Johnsmallman's Blog

Saul Audio Blog for Thursday January 24th

As you wait expectantly for the dramatic shift in personal feeling experiences, and in outside events, to demonstrate absolutely conclusively for you that awakening is occurring in this now moment, be cheerful and spontaneous as you go most positively and hopefully about your daily human lives.  You know, deep within yourselves, that the tipping point has been reached, and that the human collective is awakening rapidly and most enthusiastically, despite all the negative mainstream media news reporting which is most definitely suggesting otherwise.  Your awakening, as you have so often been told, is a done deal!

There is no going back, and increasing joy and wonder lies before you because you are opening to your natural human state of being – Christ Consciousness – the divine state from which you can and will operate consciously and lovingly in each and every moment.  You…

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