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Possessing the ‘courage of your convictions’ is lauded as an admirable quality.  Believing in yourself, your opinions, standing by your truth and

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Fear is unreal!

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Saul Audio Blog for Thursday April 25th

You, humanity, is finally opening to Love, and thus arriving on the same page where we in the non-physical realms spend a lot of our time.  This is making it far easier for us to bridge the seemingly vast gap between form and non-form so that we can commune with you all far more easily and spontaneously.  Awareness of your true nature, the Self that is using the body as a vehicle to experience form, is rising into the consciousness of increasing numbers of you, as the felt Presence of the Tsunami of Love, which is pouring down on Planet Earth, continues to intensify.  Everyone incarnate on Earth now is feeling It, although the vast majority do not, as yet, have any understanding of what is happening, what it is that they are feeling, they just feel slightly to extremely uncomfortable, and all…

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