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It may be challenging to release preconceived notions around new experiences when a similar negative scenario has happened in the past.  Each moment

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Reiki Doc – Enjoy The Day, September 30, 2019

Monday, September 30, 2019

Enjoy The Day

When something goes right, it is good to take note and see what you can do to make it happen again any time you wish.

Yesterday was one such beautiful day. A baseball game at a park where there was a view of the Pacific Ocean. Shopping with Ross and Anthony, and Ross had it planned. I was looking for firewood and to use my five dollar off coupon that expires soon. Instead of firewood, we found lovely plants on sale. Strawberries and cabbages and lots of peppermint which rats do not like. We will surround the strawberries with peppermint. I also found much to my surprise, a kaffir lime tree.

We ate lunch at one of our favorite places.

Once home, Anthony watched the football game. I played a little Pokemon Go, and enjoyed a little free time. I went to an open house in the neighborhood. I’ve been wanting to buy racks for firewood for winter. There was a nice set of them there. I left my number so if the family wants to get rid of it I will buy it from them for less than if I bought it new. Their garden was lovely.

Then I cooked. I made this amaretto cheesecake. I whipped the whipped cream by hand, I whipped the egg whites by hand. It took all day, really, but it was fun to try something new.

Our dinner was hot Italian sausage on the grill, and grilled eggplant, zucchini, and radicchio. We had bread, and burrata salad with tomatoes and basil from the yard. Ross suggested I find a chianti, I found one in the storage area, the kind with the basket woven around the bottle. We had sparkling San Pelligrino water too.

I arranged cyclamen and impatiens and begonia into planters too, for a little color in the yard.  … Read more here.

Reiki Doc – Unsustainable, September 29, 2019

Sunday, September 29, 2019


Yesterday we went to the local recycling kiosk near our grocery store, and were surprised to learn that it was closed permanently. The two closest ones were in a town about a thirty minute drive away…in kind of a bad part of town.

Last year Anthony had decided for us to keep our CV we pay. Every can, every bottle, the state charges a nickel (five cents for those of you outside the states) so if we return it we can get our money back. We used to do this years ago as a child, collect bottles to bring back in a wagon to the local liquor store, so we could buy candy.

Now it is difficult to get that money back. Somehow it went from something we did as a kid, that worked,, your local liquor store or grocery store would give you back the money the state had them take if you returned the bottles and aluminum cans,  to something we have always done but you could  only redeem at a local recycling center, and now you have to spend time and gas money to go get your pennies back. A huge car load of recycling, for us, would give about seven dollars.

I can put the recycling into the recycle bin like I always did, lose the money, and have less around to attract rats.

Instead, I am going to research ways to reuse and recycle. And to avoid bringing the packaging into the house in the first place. Our transition to carton milk or glass bottle milk is a start.

Everything is interdependent. China doesn’t want our recycle. And we haven’t yet developed the technology to burn our trash for energy like in some of the nordic countries.

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Love of a magnitude never before experienced in human form fills each one’s heart.

Jesus through John

Jesus audio Blog for Saturday September 28th

Constant change is an aspect of the illusion which is constantly being demonstrated by the “passage of time.”  Time, too, is an aspect of the illusion; in Reality there is only Now!  That makes no sense to beings in form because you have clear memories of times that have past, and you have ongoing expectations, moment to moment, that show you that in the future certain events will probably occur, and that other, as yet unknown events, will also occur.  Time and change are two facets of the same material environment in which you experience your existence as humans in form.  Most clearly seen and acknowledged as your bodies grow, strengthen, and develop emotionally and intellectually from infancy to adulthood, then maintain that state for a number of years, followed by the aging process that leads to bodily death and decay.  And your…

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Reiki Doc – Enjoy The Show Friday, September 27, 2019

Friday, September 27, 2019

Enjoy The Show

Thank you rat.

Thank you to the literal ones, around the house.

Thank you to the figurative ones who helped set us free.

Thank you for growth and lessons, which is the way of eternal life and life which is incarnate.

Thank you.

Ross and I had our concerns about a certain platform. We felt torn. We have our connections, our star family, our relationships which arose and flourished on this platform.  But many a wise one has left the platform altogether. What can we do? What action will serve the highest good?  read more here