Reiki Doc – My Argument, October 5, 2019

Saturday, October 5, 2019

My Argument

I wish I could say more about the situation, about the circumstances and everything, but privacy keeps me to the bare minimum.

There was a fetal demise. An early one. In my specialty I see everything, and it was my turn to come and help.

The first call person didn’t answer their phone. So I came in the dead of night. The family, bless them, wanted to pray before we left to the O.R. I was delighted to pray together, it felt so right. I wish I could pray like that with the patient and their family before every case, honestly, I do.

The surgeon said what a beautiful child is was. I saw it too, I agreed. It was a tragedy. Everything was perfectly formed, small, but perfect.

He wanted to put it in formaldehyde and send it to pathology.

I said, politely, if it was mewl had lost the baby I would like to see it. I really would.

He paused.

We got into the save the mother part of the procedure, so nobody put the fetus into the formaldehyde yet.

He made sure we took pictures. …read more here

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