Reiki Doc – Soul Ties and Connections Of The Heart In The Workplace, October 15, 2019

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Soul Ties and Connections Of The Heart In The Workplace

Good morning! Today’s lesson is about smart communication in the workplace, and by extension, outside the workplace too:  in the home, the market, the gym, the restaurant, the gas station, the mechanic, and anywhere else we may go.

We like this graph because it shows our interconnectedness. For with every ‘thing’ pictured in this flower graph, we know there is at least one person, possibly more, especially if you include the supplier, associated with this thing. For example, with eyeglasses, you have an eye doctor, then a technician to measures your frame and orders the prescription, and the lab who actually makes the glasses, plus the suppliers for both the lenses and the frames.

Yesterday we experienced a phenomenal case of communication that was handled with grace and ease by a neuromonitoring technician.

It was a long spine case. And the minute the patient was in position, the surgeon decided to use a second technique, the kind that needs protection for the mouth and I couldn’t put that protection in while the patient was prone.
The neuro tech said, plainly, to me, he never asked for that, it wasn’t in the consent, this is HIS mistake!
The whole room knew he was right. The surgeon had raised the level by one, necessitating the change. …read more here
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