Reiki Doc – Tantalizing Tidbits for Tea : ) – October 26, 2019

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Tantalizing Tidbits for Tea : )

We thank Caitlin for her empowerment of our fellow tea guests, in speaking of how to care for the dead, your own dead.  We would like to add that in life there are etheric cords which connect us in a tangled web of energy, from heart to heart, and from aura to aura everywhere across the globe.

When one of our loved ones dies, these etheric cord connections are severed in the physical/aura/energy planes. This is because the deceased no longer has moving chakras. They stand still and all the colors turn to shadow. Their vibrancy is no more. So what we experience as the loved one Transitions is a hole in our aura where the connection once was healthy and strong.  In time this wound of the energy will heal over. In the meantime, be good to yourself, be kind, and gentle. Be certain to get both plenty of fresh air and sunshine, and also plenty of rest.

So as not to disappoint you, there still remains a very strong filament of cord between your two souls. It is from the energy signature of having shared mutual life experiences together. And THIS is never cut, and cannot be taken away. …read more here

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