Reiki Doc – The Prophetess, October 29, 2019

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

The Prophetess

Yesterday the coolest, coolest thing ever happened. My friend Michelle had asked me about two weeks ago to make another bracelet for her on the first anniversary of her father’s death, October 15.  At the time, my office was a mess, there were materials everywhere. The father came through and had told me to make one with diamonds and pearls for her, because that is what she means to him while she was caring for him after he had had his stroke, and eventually died. He wanted the biggest ones I had!

She said that sounded a lot like him.

Then, I made it. Her mother’s spirit came through too, and I added one little pink bead because she had passed of breast cancer when Michelle was in high school.

The bracelet was beautiful, and excitedly I gave it to her yesterday afternoon.

She had me show her how to put it on, there is an S-clasp. The fit was perfect. We were so delighted.

Then she looked at me and asked me, ‘you know my mother’s name, right?’

No.  I didn’t.

It’s Pearl. …read more here

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