Reiki Doc – Thank You For Your Service, November 12, 2019

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Thank You For Your Service

Today Ross and I would like to remember those who have fought for our freedom, and continue to ‘fight the good fight’.

First and foremost, we would like to honor the military, those who have fallen, and without hesitation the brave soldiers who are in the thick of things right now as the Positive Military.

We could not be where we are today in the awakening without you.

Anthony wanted to watch a movie yesterday. It was called Olympus Has Fallen. Although there was graphic violence, Carla enjoyed the movie for it was ripe with positive predictions that uncannily were for these times although the film was released in 2013 and most likely filmed years earlier:

  1. An actor looked spot on like Mike Pence in the cabinet, wasn’t sure if he was the veep because Carla doesn’t always pay attention.
  2. Traitors had taken over the White House from within (soooo true, from TWDNHOBIAH)
  3. The first lady died early like in all Diz Knee films. Another ‘motherless’ film.
  4. The president had a son, Connor, who looked an awful lot like young Baron today.
  5. A character in the cabinet or advisor was actually named something that rhymed/homonym’d with ‘Grump’.
As she was washing the dishes, Carla imagined how the movie could have been re-written is the president had used the power of Ho’oponopono on the attacker, and said, with eye-to-eye contact, sincerely, I’m Sorry, Please Forgive Me, Thank You, and I Love You. Then it would have had absolutely NO action, and turned instantly into a Hallmark movie where everyone is crying and emotional and bonding! How’s that for a ‘Spin Doctor’ move on that film with Spirit? LOL. …read more here
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