Reiki Doc – The First Bracelets of Christmas! – November 13, 2019

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

The First Bracelets of Christmas!

I would like to share about the people who got the first bracelets. Many times some are given face to face. In this circumstance, it is my auto mechanic and his wife.

She is facing breast cancer with extensive bone disease.  She can’t get surgery or a hip replacement because the bone won’t heal. She can’t get a pain block because then she won’t be able to walk.

So she carries on. And he helps her.

She has never taken off the bracelet she was given about two years ago. It soothes her.

I had this one on still from the photo. Some of them I wear but not always. If you get a seven-inch one it might be one I’ve worn and put back into the pile. : )))  I saw him and spirit nudged me to offer. So when the car was ready I came back prepared. …read more here

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