Reiki Doc – On Those Who Are Fleeing Medicine, November 14, 2019

Thursday, November 14, 2019

On Those Who Are Fleeing Medicine

“It’s crap” my colleague told me, in describing our working conditions and why she is leaving the group. “I understand why you are geographically tied here, but…it’s crap.”
She and another colleague fell in love, and are moving to Indiana to be with her brother. The pace of life is “much slower there” and “it’s a much better opportunity for the children”.
Remember the colleague I told you who had the six thousand dollar a month house payments a few years back, and how I was concerned because that was unsustainable? Yes. This one used to babysit my boss’ kids before he went to college and medical school. He could have been the next boss had he played his cards right. But apparently, it’s not worth it. …read more here
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