Reiki Doc – Vengeance, November 23, 2019

Saturday, November 23, 2019


Today was a fascinating day. I slept all night while on call. I spent an hour reading and relaxing before I went to Anthony’s game. I also have taken a new tack with his dad, and I am truly being nice to him.  I am open, honest, not guarded, and genuinely interested in his life, for example, his recent trip to Hawaii with his girlfriend and her son.

Life is easier that way.

Just like the reason I don’t lie is because it’s way easier not to have to remember what you said…being a mom, being Anthony’s advocate, our lives are easier when I just let things be.  Before, I used to appease his father. But now, I am grounded, and totally emotionally detached, so I can be friendly and in truth, a friend to him. For example, there was five dollar cash admission to the game. I’ve paid sixteen dollars (one bottle of water and three games) just to watch Anthony play. His dad had to go to an ATM. I said–and I meant it–just text me and I’ll cover for you, you’ve covered for me in the past, it’s no big deal. …read more here

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