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With the amount of effort it takes to hold onto and feed just ONE of your angers, hurts, disappointments or resentments, you could

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Reiki Doc – A Look Ahead, February 27, 2020

Thursday, February 27, 2020

A Look Ahead

Today in meditation, Ross asked me about things which have brought me joy. I remember being a kid and riding my bike or my roller skates or my skateboard, and that freedom I felt to be moving. I remember Anthony being little and our going to places like Disneyland on my days off when he was in preschool. I thought of my garden. Then I remembered the pool, and how much I loved to go floating around in there on a hot day.  I remembered fun times with friends and family, being together, and just enjoying wherever we happened to be, and also, enjoying one another. …read more here

Humanity has everything it needs to put an end to the conflicts and poverty that so many are enduring.

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  Saul Audio Blog for Monday February 24th

We are all watching with delight from here in the spiritual realms as humanity races towards its awakening!  You are definitely moving along very rapidly towards that wonderful event, when shock and delighted amazement will fill your hearts with joy, as you realize that you have arrived!  The journey has been long, and at times extremely stressful and painful, in fact, as stuff is now arising for nearly everybody to be acknowledged and released, you cannot fail to be aware that there is an enormous amount of needless suffering still being endured by millions of people all across the planet.  This will cease.

Humanity has everything it needs to put an end to the conflicts and poverty that so many are enduring, and to the extreme suffering to which that inevitably leads.  Right now many loving ones are doing wonderful work to…

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